Shiba Inu – SHIB

Shiba Inu is the Number 16 Cryptocurrency in the World.The 8.5E-6 symbol is SHIB and Market Cap is 4993038552 Dollars.SHIB ATH Was 8.616E-5 at 2021-10-28T03:54:55.568Z and ATL was 5.6366E-11 at 2020-11-28T11:26:25.838Z.

In the last 24h, SHIB high was 8.75E-6$ And the low was 8.36E-6$

Shiba Inu info:

  • Name: Shiba Inu
  • Symbol: SHIB
  • MarketCap: 4993038552$
  • Rank: 16
  • Price: 8.5E-6 USD
  • Categories: BNB Chain Ecosystem, Meme, Ethereum Ecosystem,
  • Original Network : ethereum

Price Info

Shiba Inu Price Info

Today Price 8.5E-6$
ATH Price Percentage Change To Now -90.15164%
ATH Date 2021-10-28T03:54:55.568Z
ATL (ALL TIME LOW) 5.6366E-11$
ATL Price Percentage Change To Now 15053602.91559%
ATL Date 2020-11-28T11:26:25.838Z
Market Cap 4993038552$
Total Volume 109334035$
High 24h 8.75E-6$
Low 24h 8.36E-6$
Price Change Percentage in 7 Day -0.19096%
Price Change Percentage in 30 Day -14.00098%
Price Change Percentage in 60 Day -25.48615%
Price Change Percentage in 200 Day -11.78102%
Price Change Percentage in a Year -27.41663%

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What Is Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a decentralized, independent, and community-driven cryptocurrency. It was created in 2020 as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, with the goal of becoming an inflationary cryptocurrency, aimed at providing a decentralized digital asset. Shiba Inu is a type of Dogecoin-like digital asset, with the mission of creating a fair and open economic environment. The idea behind the project is to create a coin that is independent from other cryptocurrencies and allows people to store value in a secure and private way. The asset has been gaining popularity in recent months due to its low fees, speedy transactions, and strong community support. Shiba Inu has been growing in popularity due to its unique approach to cryptocurrencies. Its main goal is to become a deflationary digital asset, rather than an inflationary one. This means that the coin will have a limited supply, and the more people buy it, the more expensive it will become. The project also has a community-driven development model, with users participating in the growth and direction of the asset. The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is currently available on a number of exchanges, including Binance, and is supported by a range of wallets, including MyEtherWallet and the Trust Wallet. The asset has also been gaining in popularity due to the development of the Shiba Inu Network and the launch of SHIBA tokens. This platform allows users to create their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as well as providing liquidity for the coins through a decentralized exchange. The Shiba Inu Network also allows users to access services and applications, such as wallets and trading platforms, in a secure and private manner. This is especially useful for those who are looking for privacy-focused applications, such as those used for secure and anonymous trading. The Network is also aiming to become the leader in the NFT space, and has already partnered with some of the largest NFTs around. In addition, the Shiba Inu project also has other interesting features, such as its staking system, which allows users to stake their SHIB tokens in order to gain rewards. This is an interesting way to earn passive income and reward loyal users, and could potentially help drive the price of the asset higher. Overall, Shiba Inu is an exciting new cryptocurrency that is gaining in popularity. With its limited supply and deflationary model, it has the potential to become a viable alternative to Bitcoin and other established digital assets. Its staking system, the launch of its own NFT platform, and strong community support, all make Shiba Inu a project worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Understanding Shiba Inu (SHIB): A Guide

Shiba Inu (Shib or SHIB in short) is a decentralized, independent, and community-driven and Dogecoin-like digital asset, that was launched in 2020 as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain in order to become an inflationary and deflationary digital asset. The project was created with a goal of providing an open economic environment and allowing users to use the asset to store their digital value securely and privately. In this article, we'll explain how Shiba Inu (SHIB) works and everything you need to know about it. The idea behind Shiba Inu is to create a digital asset that is independent from other cryptocurrencies, with a limited number of total coins that will increase in value as more people buy it. This provides users with an opportunity to store their digital value in a secure and private way. It also means that the asset will have strong community support. It is currently available on a number of exchanges, such as Binance, and is supported by a range of wallets, such as MyEtherWallet and the Trust Wallet. Furthermore, Shiba Inu is an open source project which means it is free for anyone to develop Dapps, wallets, and tools for the asset. In addition, the project's developers are highly involved in the development of the asset, contributing to its growth and direction. One of the most interesting aspects of Shiba Inu is its staking system, which allows users to stake their SHIB tokens in order to earn rewards. Staking is a process wherein users put their coins away in order to earn a certain return on investment. This encourages users to purchase and hold the asset, which helps increase the overall value of the asset. In addition, users can participate in the growth of the asset through the Shiba Inu Network, by providing liquidity for the coins and creating NFTs. Overall, Shiba Inu is an interesting asset that has been gaining in popularity in recent months. It has a limited supply, deflationary model, staking system, active developers, and strong community support which makes it an attractive asset for investors and traders. Additionally, the asset is constantly evolving with the launch of its own network, applications, and other services.

Benefits of Investing in Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is an independent and community-driven digital asset that was launched in 2020 as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The asset has since been gaining in popularity due to its low fees, speedy transactions, and strong community support. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of investing in Shiba Inu (SHIB). The first benefit of investing in Shiba Inu is that it’s a deflationary asset. This means that the more people buy it, the more expensive it will become, which can create upside potential for investors. Additionally, the asset has a limited supply, which ensures that it will remain rare and valuable. The second benefit of investing in Shiba Inu is its active developer team and strong community support. This ensures that the asset is constantly evolving and improving, with new applications and services being developed. The third benefit of investing in Shiba Inu is its staking system. This allows users to put their SHIB tokens away in order to earn a certain return on investment, which provides a passive income option and incentivizes users to purchase and hold the asset. Finally, the Shiba Inu Network also provides users with access to services and applications, such as wallets and trading platforms, in a secure and private manner. This is especially useful for those who are looking for privacy-focused applications, such as those used for secure and anonymous trading. Overall, Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency that has been gaining in popularity in recent months due to its low fees, speedy transactions, and strong community support. Its deflationary model and staking system, as well as its active development and community support all make it an attractive asset for investors and traders alike.

Exchanges List. where To Buy Shiba Inu SHIB

Name Trust Price Link
MEXC Global green 8.48E-6
BingX green 8.47E-6
BitMart green 8.4718E-6 green 8.4755E-6
Coinbase Exchange green 8.48E-6
Binance green 8.48E-6
CoinTR Pro green 8.47E-6
Biconomy green 8.475E-6
LBank green 8.4764E-6
TokoCrypto green 8.45E-6
Txbit green 8.46E-6
BTCEX green 8.47E-6
Bitget green 8.4758E-6 Exchange green 8.472E-6 Exchange green 8.475E-6
MEXC Global green 8.4721E-6
Bitazza green 8.45E-6
KuCoin green 8.477E-6
DigiFinex green 8.47E-6
XT.COM green 8.47E-6
Phemex green 8.47E-6
OKX green 8.48E-6
WhiteBIT green 8.47E-6
Upbit green 0.0114
BTSE green 8.48E-6
Bitazza green 0.00029451
Bybit green 8.476E-6
Bitazza green 8.45E-6
LBank green 8.4698E-6
Kraken green 8.47E-6
Kraken green 7.93E-6
Huobi green 8.47E-6
Toobit green 8.47E-6
Binance US green 8.47E-6
Binance green 0.00018129
Coinbase Exchange green 7.93E-6
Dex-Trade green 8.46E-6
Trubit green 8.49E-6
Paribu green 0.00018079
BitBNS green 0.000888
Coinbase Exchange green 8.4E-6
Bitforex yellow 8.45E-6
P2B yellow 8.46E-6
Nominex yellow 8.47E-6
CoinDCX yellow 8.48E-6
Dcoin yellow 8.468E-6
Bitrue yellow 8.47E-6
BitMart yellow 8.4624E-6
CEX.IO yellow 8.49E-6
WOO X yellow 8.47E-6
Pionex yellow 8.46E-6
HitBTC yellow 8.477E-6
TokoCrypto yellow 8.48E-6
Nominex yellow 8.48E-6 yellow 8.4779E-6
CITEX yellow 8.47E-6
CEX.IO yellow 7.97E-6
P2B yellow 8.46E-6
Bitubu Exchange yellow 8.46E-6
CEX.IO yellow 8.49E-6
Nominex yellow 0.00018072
OKX yellow 3.11E-10
Shibaswap yellow 4.519931557253E-9
BtcTurk PRO yellow 0.00018102
DIFX yellow 8.47E-6
Bilaxy yellow 8.48E-6
Bitfinex yellow 8.49E-6
Bitvavo yellow 7.9383E-6
Deepcoin yellow 8.48E-6
OKX yellow 8.47E-6
Nominex yellow 0.0001183
BtcTurk PRO yellow 8.47E-6
Coinbase Exchange yellow 6.79E-6
CoinEx yellow 8.4807E-6
Binance US yellow 8.5E-6
Binance yellow 7.95E-6
Nominex yellow 7.94E-6
Indodax yellow 8.44E-6
Bybit yellow 8.4787E-6
Binance yellow 0.0001182
TokoCrypto yellow 0.0001182
Ace yellow 8.45E-6
KuCoin yellow 8.47E-6
Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) yellow 4.5001712027939E-9
Nominex yellow 4.321E-5
XT.COM yellow 3.109E-6
WhiteBIT yellow 0.00032179
Bitci TR yellow 0.00018159
Bitfinex yellow 8.47E-6
DigiFinex yellow 0.0001183
VALR yellow 0.000169
CoinTR Pro yellow 0.00018119
VALR yellow 8.44E-6
Gemini yellow 8.466E-6
Uniswap V2 (Ethereum) yellow 4.4927162731041E-9
PointPay yellow 8.47E-6
Shibaswap yellow 33999010.905529
Bitso yellow 8.49E-6
WhiteBIT yellow 7.81E-6
FameEX yellow 8.47E-6

Historical Price List

05/31/2022 1.236E-5 1.147E-5 1.22E-5 1.172E-5
06/01/2022 1.192E-5 1.051E-5 1.172E-5 1.088E-5
06/02/2022 1.13E-5 1.072E-5 1.088E-5 1.121E-5
06/03/2022 1.124E-5 1.053E-5 1.121E-5 1.08E-5
06/04/2022 1.092E-5 1.055E-5 1.08E-5 1.089E-5
06/05/2022 1.097E-5 1.068E-5 1.089E-5 1.08E-5
06/06/2022 1.14E-5 1.076E-5 1.08E-5 1.105E-5
06/07/2022 1.118E-5 1.02E-5 1.105E-5 1.072E-5
06/08/2022 1.091E-5 1.052E-5 1.072E-5 1.058E-5
06/09/2022 1.077E-5 1.041E-5 1.058E-5 1.057E-5
06/10/2022 1.066E-5 9.98E-6 1.057E-5 1.012E-5
06/11/2022 1.034E-5 9.11E-6 1.012E-5 9.33E-6
06/12/2022 9.49E-6 8.37E-6 9.33E-6 8.59E-6
06/13/2022 8.78E-6 7.4E-6 8.59E-6 8.03E-6
06/14/2022 8.53E-6 7.5E-6 8.03E-6 8.18E-6
06/15/2022 8.88E-6 7.58E-6 8.18E-6 8.82E-6
06/16/2022 8.96E-6 7.85E-6 8.82E-6 7.96E-6
06/17/2022 8.31E-6 7.93E-6 7.96E-6 8.16E-6
06/18/2022 8.26E-6 7.12E-6 8.16E-6 7.69E-6
06/19/2022 8.38E-6 7.38E-6 7.69E-6 8.21E-6
06/20/2022 8.32E-6 7.86E-6 8.21E-6 8.09E-6
06/21/2022 1.199E-5 8.0E-6 8.09E-6 1.065E-5
06/22/2022 1.086E-5 9.27E-6 1.065E-5 9.66E-6
06/23/2022 1.043E-5 9.6E-6 9.66E-6 1.03E-5
06/24/2022 1.124E-5 1.004E-5 1.03E-5 1.082E-5
06/25/2022 1.198E-5 1.07E-5 1.082E-5 1.179E-5
06/26/2022 1.208E-5 1.091E-5 1.179E-5 1.098E-5
06/27/2022 1.172E-5 1.076E-5 1.098E-5 1.106E-5
06/28/2022 1.119E-5 9.84E-6 1.106E-5 9.96E-6
06/29/2022 1.073E-5 9.5E-6 9.96E-6 1.019E-5
06/30/2022 1.049E-5 9.61E-6 1.019E-5 1.033E-5
07/01/2022 1.058E-5 9.9E-6 1.033E-5 1.002E-5
07/02/2022 1.018E-5 9.87E-6 1.002E-5 1.006E-5
07/03/2022 1.012E-5 9.75E-6 1.006E-5 1.002E-5
07/04/2022 1.055E-5 9.92E-6 1.002E-5 1.047E-5
07/05/2022 1.095E-5 1.0E-5 1.047E-5 1.031E-5
07/06/2022 1.053E-5 1.014E-5 1.031E-5 1.045E-5
07/07/2022 1.15E-5 1.042E-5 1.045E-5 1.128E-5
07/08/2022 1.158E-5 1.069E-5 1.128E-5 1.119E-5
07/09/2022 1.19E-5 1.101E-5 1.119E-5 1.16E-5
07/10/2022 1.167E-5 1.09E-5 1.16E-5 1.119E-5
07/11/2022 1.12E-5 1.019E-5 1.119E-5 1.03E-5
07/12/2022 1.056E-5 9.84E-6 1.03E-5 9.89E-6
07/13/2022 1.054E-5 9.77E-6 9.89E-6 1.052E-5
07/14/2022 1.07E-5 1.012E-5 1.052E-5 1.06E-5
07/15/2022 1.12E-5 1.049E-5 1.06E-5 1.083E-5
07/16/2022 1.119E-5 1.052E-5 1.083E-5 1.103E-5
07/17/2022 1.116E-5 1.067E-5 1.103E-5 1.071E-5
07/18/2022 1.262E-5 1.07E-5 1.071E-5 1.195E-5
07/19/2022 1.25E-5 1.141E-5 1.195E-5 1.217E-5
07/20/2022 1.315E-5 1.166E-5 1.217E-5 1.192E-5
07/21/2022 1.219E-5 1.145E-5 1.192E-5 1.199E-5
07/22/2022 1.242E-5 1.159E-5 1.199E-5 1.172E-5
07/23/2022 1.209E-5 1.13E-5 1.172E-5 1.159E-5
07/24/2022 1.187E-5 1.153E-5 1.159E-5 1.159E-5
07/25/2022 1.165E-5 1.066E-5 1.159E-5 1.067E-5
07/26/2022 1.089E-5 1.029E-5 1.067E-5 1.086E-5
07/27/2022 1.157E-5 1.052E-5 1.086E-5 1.152E-5
07/28/2022 1.222E-5 1.099E-5 1.152E-5 1.187E-5
07/29/2022 1.233E-5 1.144E-5 1.187E-5 1.173E-5
07/30/2022 1.263E-5 1.159E-5 1.173E-5 1.193E-5
07/31/2022 1.229E-5 1.168E-5 1.193E-5 1.17E-5
08/01/2022 1.275E-5 1.166E-5 1.17E-5 1.193E-5
08/02/2022 1.21E-5 1.145E-5 1.193E-5 1.174E-5
08/03/2022 1.214E-5 1.159E-5 1.174E-5 1.185E-5
08/04/2022 1.2E-5 1.166E-5 1.185E-5 1.184E-5
08/05/2022 1.22E-5 1.178E-5 1.184E-5 1.214E-5
08/06/2022 1.228E-5 1.193E-5 1.214E-5 1.196E-5
08/07/2022 1.215E-5 1.183E-5 1.196E-5 1.204E-5
08/08/2022 1.27E-5 1.203E-5 1.204E-5 1.232E-5
08/09/2022 1.283E-5 1.171E-5 1.232E-5 1.203E-5
08/10/2022 1.25E-5 1.177E-5 1.203E-5 1.239E-5
08/11/2022 1.29E-5 1.222E-5 1.239E-5 1.232E-5
08/12/2022 1.271E-5 1.218E-5 1.232E-5 1.268E-5
08/13/2022 1.296E-5 1.251E-5 1.268E-5 1.264E-5
08/14/2022 1.794E-5 1.26E-5 1.264E-5 1.691E-5
08/15/2022 1.769E-5 1.509E-5 1.691E-5 1.526E-5
08/16/2022 1.658E-5 1.511E-5 1.526E-5 1.581E-5
08/17/2022 1.644E-5 1.451E-5 1.581E-5 1.479E-5
08/18/2022 1.499E-5 1.322E-5 1.479E-5 1.349E-5
08/19/2022 1.409E-5 1.266E-5 1.349E-5 1.316E-5
08/20/2022 1.387E-5 1.251E-5 1.316E-5 1.287E-5
08/21/2022 1.378E-5 1.282E-5 1.287E-5 1.349E-5
08/22/2022 1.352E-5 1.275E-5 1.349E-5 1.316E-5
08/23/2022 1.338E-5 1.282E-5 1.316E-5 1.332E-5
08/24/2022 1.358E-5 1.297E-5 1.332E-5 1.305E-5
08/25/2022 1.482E-5 1.302E-5 1.305E-5 1.392E-5
08/26/2022 1.403E-5 1.229E-5 1.392E-5 1.243E-5
08/27/2022 1.259E-5 1.184E-5 1.243E-5 1.218E-5
08/28/2022 1.247E-5 1.169E-5 1.218E-5 1.179E-5
08/29/2022 1.255E-5 1.17E-5 1.179E-5 1.248E-5
08/30/2022 1.278E-5 1.19E-5 1.248E-5 1.22E-5
08/31/2022 1.26E-5 1.202E-5 1.22E-5 1.21E-5
09/01/2022 1.243E-5 1.186E-5 1.21E-5 1.227E-5
09/02/2022 1.247E-5 1.201E-5 1.227E-5 1.217E-5
09/03/2022 1.247E-5 1.21E-5 1.217E-5 1.232E-5
09/04/2022 1.339E-5 1.226E-5 1.232E-5 1.283E-5
09/05/2022 1.296E-5 1.223E-5 1.283E-5 1.264E-5
09/06/2022 1.292E-5 1.172E-5 1.264E-5 1.202E-5
09/07/2022 1.239E-5 1.175E-5 1.202E-5 1.224E-5
09/08/2022 1.249E-5 1.198E-5 1.224E-5 1.222E-5
09/09/2022 1.394E-5 1.219E-5 1.222E-5 1.292E-5
09/10/2022 1.357E-5 1.272E-5 1.292E-5 1.327E-5
09/11/2022 1.35E-5 1.255E-5 1.327E-5 1.301E-5
09/12/2022 1.324E-5 1.25E-5 1.301E-5 1.287E-5
09/13/2022 1.306E-5 1.19E-5 1.287E-5 1.211E-5
09/14/2022 1.244E-5 1.193E-5 1.211E-5 1.219E-5
09/15/2022 1.225E-5 1.152E-5 1.219E-5 1.17E-5
09/16/2022 1.181E-5 1.127E-5 1.17E-5 1.157E-5
09/17/2022 1.201E-5 1.156E-5 1.157E-5 1.192E-5
09/18/2022 1.196E-5 1.012E-5 1.192E-5 1.062E-5
09/19/2022 1.111E-5 1.051E-5 1.062E-5 1.099E-5
09/20/2022 1.104E-5 1.046E-5 1.099E-5 1.052E-5
09/21/2022 1.113E-5 1.011E-5 1.052E-5 1.039E-5
09/22/2022 1.095E-5 1.033E-5 1.039E-5 1.084E-5
09/23/2022 1.135E-5 1.049E-5 1.084E-5 1.107E-5
09/24/2022 1.218E-5 1.095E-5 1.107E-5 1.126E-5
09/25/2022 1.157E-5 1.086E-5 1.126E-5 1.101E-5
09/26/2022 1.124E-5 1.079E-5 1.101E-5 1.111E-5
09/27/2022 1.157E-5 1.085E-5 1.111E-5 1.112E-5
09/28/2022 1.154E-5 1.072E-5 1.112E-5 1.11E-5
09/29/2022 1.122E-5 1.09E-5 1.11E-5 1.112E-5
09/30/2022 1.15E-5 1.102E-5 1.112E-5 1.132E-5
10/01/2022 1.148E-5 1.108E-5 1.132E-5 1.117E-5
10/02/2022 1.122E-5 1.082E-5 1.117E-5 1.095E-5
10/03/2022 1.124E-5 1.083E-5 1.095E-5 1.116E-5
10/04/2022 1.173E-5 1.109E-5 1.116E-5 1.161E-5
10/05/2022 1.178E-5 1.113E-5 1.161E-5 1.145E-5
10/06/2022 1.163E-5 1.11E-5 1.145E-5 1.119E-5
10/07/2022 1.125E-5 1.095E-5 1.119E-5 1.11E-5
10/08/2022 1.116E-5 1.086E-5 1.11E-5 1.1E-5
10/09/2022 1.11E-5 1.096E-5 1.1E-5 1.103E-5
10/10/2022 1.114E-5 9.96E-6 1.103E-5 1.022E-5
10/11/2022 1.042E-5 9.73E-6 1.022E-5 1.024E-5
10/12/2022 1.04E-5 1.006E-5 1.024E-5 1.016E-5
10/13/2022 1.081E-5 9.24E-6 1.016E-5 1.039E-5
10/14/2022 1.077E-5 9.99E-6 1.039E-5 1.019E-5
10/15/2022 1.052E-5 1.002E-5 1.019E-5 1.021E-5
10/16/2022 1.039E-5 1.016E-5 1.021E-5 1.028E-5
10/17/2022 1.047E-5 1.021E-5 1.028E-5 1.04E-5
10/18/2022 1.049E-5 1.0E-5 1.04E-5 1.017E-5
10/19/2022 1.019E-5 9.49E-6 1.017E-5 9.85E-6
10/20/2022 1.013E-5 9.79E-6 9.85E-6 9.9E-6
10/21/2022 1.007E-5 9.6E-6 9.9E-6 1.002E-5
10/22/2022 1.008E-5 9.91E-6 1.002E-5 1.001E-5
10/23/2022 1.02E-5 9.85E-6 1.001E-5 1.016E-5
10/24/2022 1.019E-5 9.85E-6 1.016E-5 9.93E-6
10/25/2022 1.04E-5 9.85E-6 9.93E-6 1.021E-5
10/26/2022 1.085E-5 1.017E-5 1.021E-5 1.078E-5
10/27/2022 1.184E-5 1.057E-5 1.078E-5 1.063E-5
10/28/2022 1.219E-5 1.032E-5 1.063E-5 1.172E-5
10/29/2022 1.517E-5 1.153E-5 1.172E-5 1.292E-5
10/30/2022 1.393E-5 1.151E-5 1.292E-5 1.191E-5
10/31/2022 1.319E-5 1.171E-5 1.191E-5 1.244E-5
11/01/2022 1.353E-5 1.228E-5 1.244E-5 1.284E-5
11/02/2022 1.297E-5 1.151E-5 1.284E-5 1.176E-5
11/03/2022 1.239E-5 1.16E-5 1.176E-5 1.175E-5
11/04/2022 1.364E-5 1.157E-5 1.175E-5 1.255E-5
11/05/2022 1.317E-5 1.215E-5 1.255E-5 1.246E-5
11/06/2022 1.291E-5 1.176E-5 1.246E-5 1.184E-5
11/07/2022 1.212E-5 1.151E-5 1.184E-5 1.18E-5
11/08/2022 1.19E-5 9.36E-6 1.18E-5 1.018E-5
11/09/2022 1.031E-5 8.27E-6 1.018E-5 8.72E-6
11/10/2022 1.047E-5 8.59E-6 8.72E-6 1.019E-5
11/11/2022 1.044E-5 9.37E-6 1.019E-5 9.87E-6
11/12/2022 9.92E-6 9.25E-6 9.87E-6 9.55E-6
11/13/2022 9.74E-6 8.87E-6 9.55E-6 9.01E-6
11/14/2022 9.4E-6 8.54E-6 9.01E-6 9.08E-6
11/15/2022 9.56E-6 8.98E-6 9.08E-6 9.25E-6
11/16/2022 9.65E-6 8.97E-6 9.25E-6 9.13E-6
11/17/2022 9.22E-6 8.9E-6 9.13E-6 9.05E-6
11/18/2022 9.24E-6 8.97E-6 9.05E-6 9.09E-6
11/19/2022 9.23E-6 8.94E-6 9.09E-6 9.13E-6
11/20/2022 9.22E-6 8.66E-6 9.13E-6 8.78E-6
11/21/2022 8.79E-6 8.22E-6 8.78E-6 8.41E-6
11/22/2022 8.83E-6 8.17E-6 8.41E-6 8.81E-6
11/23/2022 9.1E-6 8.74E-6 8.81E-6 9.05E-6
11/24/2022 9.2E-6 8.9E-6 9.05E-6 9.01E-6
11/25/2022 9.48E-6 8.85E-6 9.01E-6 9.18E-6
11/26/2022 9.37E-6 8.91E-6 9.18E-6 9.02E-6
11/27/2022 9.62E-6 8.99E-6 9.02E-6 9.27E-6
11/28/2022 9.36E-6 8.77E-6 9.27E-6 9.07E-6
11/29/2022 9.31E-6 8.99E-6 9.07E-6 9.08E-6
11/30/2022 9.39E-6 9.02E-6 9.08E-6 9.34E-6
12/01/2022 9.37E-6 9.1E-6 9.34E-6 9.21E-6
12/02/2022 9.35E-6 9.06E-6 9.21E-6 9.32E-6
12/03/2022 9.49E-6 9.15E-6 9.32E-6 9.21E-6
12/04/2022 9.39E-6 9.18E-6 9.21E-6 9.36E-6
12/05/2022 1.016E-5 9.23E-6 9.36E-6 9.41E-6
12/06/2022 9.47E-6 9.2E-6 9.41E-6 9.29E-6
12/07/2022 9.36E-6 8.95E-6 9.29E-6 9.09E-6
12/08/2022 9.33E-6 9.06E-6 9.09E-6 9.27E-6
12/09/2022 9.37E-6 9.14E-6 9.27E-6 9.22E-6
12/10/2022 9.31E-6 9.16E-6 9.22E-6 9.18E-6
12/11/2022 9.29E-6 9.07E-6 9.18E-6 9.12E-6
12/12/2022 9.12E-6 8.44E-6 9.12E-6 8.97E-6
12/13/2022 9.35E-6 8.63E-6 8.97E-6 9.16E-6
12/14/2022 9.27E-6 8.87E-6 9.16E-6 8.94E-6
12/15/2022 9.0E-6 8.75E-6 8.94E-6 8.86E-6
12/16/2022 9.01E-6 8.05E-6 8.86E-6 8.17E-6
12/17/2022 8.36E-6 8.0E-6 8.17E-6 8.3E-6
12/18/2022 9.02E-6 8.19E-6 8.3E-6 8.56E-6
12/19/2022 8.78E-6 7.94E-6 8.56E-6 8.15E-6
12/20/2022 8.49E-6 8.13E-6 8.15E-6 8.45E-6
12/21/2022 8.48E-6 8.17E-6 8.45E-6 8.25E-6
12/22/2022 8.44E-6 8.16E-6 8.25E-6 8.34E-6
12/23/2022 8.41E-6 8.21E-6 8.34E-6 8.26E-6
12/24/2022 8.35E-6 8.23E-6 8.26E-6 8.32E-6
12/25/2022 8.39E-6 8.2E-6 8.32E-6 8.28E-6
12/26/2022 8.35E-6 8.25E-6 8.28E-6 8.32E-6
12/27/2022 8.35E-6 8.02E-6 8.32E-6 8.19E-6
12/28/2022 8.19E-6 7.8E-6 8.19E-6 7.92E-6
12/29/2022 8.28E-6 7.88E-6 7.92E-6 8.19E-6
12/30/2022 8.22E-6 7.91E-6 8.19E-6 8.04E-6
12/31/2022 8.18E-6 8.0E-6 8.04E-6 8.06E-6
01/01/2023 8.14E-6 7.99E-6 8.06E-6 8.13E-6
01/02/2023 8.26E-6 8.02E-6 8.13E-6 8.17E-6
01/03/2023 8.21E-6 8.05E-6 8.17E-6 8.14E-6
01/04/2023 8.52E-6 8.11E-6 8.14E-6 8.38E-6
01/05/2023 8.81E-6 8.27E-6 8.38E-6 8.36E-6
01/06/2023 8.49E-6 8.16E-6 8.36E-6 8.42E-6
01/07/2023 8.71E-6 8.37E-6 8.42E-6 8.42E-6
01/08/2023 8.68E-6 8.33E-6 8.42E-6 8.64E-6
01/09/2023 9.2E-6 8.56E-6 8.64E-6 8.69E-6
01/10/2023 9.66E-6 8.53E-6 8.69E-6 9.26E-6
01/11/2023 9.27E-6 8.66E-6 9.26E-6 9.13E-6
01/12/2023 9.69E-6 8.82E-6 9.13E-6 9.47E-6
01/13/2023 1.028E-5 9.28E-6 9.47E-6 1.02E-5
01/14/2023 1.111E-5 9.59E-6 1.02E-5 1.038E-5
01/15/2023 1.1E-5 9.8E-6 1.038E-5 1.066E-5
01/16/2023 1.105E-5 1.008E-5 1.066E-5 1.053E-5
01/17/2023 1.082E-5 1.025E-5 1.053E-5 1.054E-5
01/18/2023 1.295E-5 1.054E-5 1.054E-5 1.117E-5
01/19/2023 1.179E-5 1.082E-5 1.117E-5 1.154E-5
01/20/2023 1.242E-5 1.133E-5 1.154E-5 1.224E-5
01/21/2023 1.25E-5 1.176E-5 1.224E-5 1.187E-5
01/22/2023 1.249E-5 1.158E-5 1.187E-5 1.201E-5
01/23/2023 1.221E-5 1.18E-5 1.201E-5 1.2E-5
01/24/2023 1.221E-5 1.091E-5 1.2E-5 1.119E-5
01/25/2023 1.196E-5 1.088E-5 1.119E-5 1.163E-5
01/26/2023 1.187E-5 1.138E-5 1.163E-5 1.162E-5
01/27/2023 1.188E-5 1.131E-5 1.162E-5 1.173E-5
01/28/2023 1.231E-5 1.165E-5 1.173E-5 1.182E-5
01/29/2023 1.216E-5 1.173E-5 1.182E-5 1.207E-5
01/30/2023 1.214E-5 1.12E-5 1.207E-5 1.152E-5
01/31/2023 1.199E-5 1.144E-5 1.152E-5 1.181E-5
02/01/2023 1.205E-5 1.13E-5 1.181E-5 1.197E-5
02/02/2023 1.298E-5 1.192E-5 1.197E-5 1.215E-5
02/03/2023 1.29E-5 1.206E-5 1.215E-5 1.271E-5
02/04/2023 1.587E-5 1.27E-5 1.271E-5 1.472E-5
02/05/2023 1.534E-5 1.393E-5 1.472E-5 1.429E-5
02/06/2023 1.483E-5 1.394E-5 1.429E-5 1.407E-5
02/07/2023 1.449E-5 1.378E-5 1.407E-5 1.44E-5
02/08/2023 1.456E-5 1.349E-5 1.44E-5 1.375E-5
02/09/2023 1.383E-5 1.172E-5 1.375E-5 1.216E-5
02/10/2023 1.336E-5 1.21E-5 1.216E-5 1.288E-5
02/11/2023 1.311E-5 1.239E-5 1.288E-5 1.29E-5
02/12/2023 1.354E-5 1.258E-5 1.29E-5 1.283E-5
02/13/2023 1.307E-5 1.199E-5 1.283E-5 1.249E-5
02/14/2023 1.284E-5 1.204E-5 1.249E-5 1.276E-5
02/15/2023 1.388E-5 1.255E-5 1.276E-5 1.371E-5
02/16/2023 1.399E-5 1.256E-5 1.371E-5 1.27E-5
02/17/2023 1.336E-5 1.263E-5 1.27E-5 1.318E-5
02/18/2023 1.34E-5 1.302E-5 1.318E-5 1.317E-5
02/19/2023 1.4E-5 1.31E-5 1.317E-5 1.334E-5
02/20/2023 1.377E-5 1.302E-5 1.334E-5 1.35E-5
02/21/2023 1.362E-5 1.283E-5 1.35E-5 1.305E-5
02/22/2023 1.317E-5 1.254E-5 1.305E-5 1.316E-5
02/23/2023 1.367E-5 1.295E-5 1.316E-5 1.313E-5
02/24/2023 1.323E-5 1.221E-5 1.313E-5 1.255E-5
02/25/2023 1.265E-5 1.2E-5 1.255E-5 1.24E-5
02/26/2023 1.318E-5 1.232E-5 1.24E-5 1.284E-5
02/27/2023 1.289E-5 1.232E-5 1.284E-5 1.251E-5
02/28/2023 1.254E-5 1.196E-5 1.251E-5 1.202E-5
03/01/2023 1.243E-5 1.192E-5 1.202E-5 1.224E-5
03/02/2023 1.231E-5 1.173E-5 1.224E-5 1.206E-5
03/03/2023 1.207E-5 1.087E-5 1.206E-5 1.138E-5
03/04/2023 1.146E-5 1.084E-5 1.138E-5 1.112E-5
03/05/2023 1.131E-5 1.1E-5 1.112E-5 1.11E-5
03/06/2023 1.123E-5 1.087E-5 1.11E-5 1.116E-5
03/07/2023 1.13E-5 1.06E-5 1.116E-5 1.112E-5
03/08/2023 1.169E-5 1.072E-5 1.112E-5 1.093E-5
03/09/2023 1.115E-5 9.82E-6 1.093E-5 1.007E-5
03/10/2023 1.041E-5 9.64E-6 1.007E-5 1.032E-5
03/11/2023 1.066E-5 9.96E-6 1.032E-5 1.037E-5
03/12/2023 1.089E-5 1.011E-5 1.037E-5 1.08E-5
03/13/2023 1.128E-5 1.042E-5 1.08E-5 1.108E-5
03/14/2023 1.184E-5 1.089E-5 1.108E-5 1.129E-5
03/15/2023 1.147E-5 1.017E-5 1.129E-5 1.043E-5
03/16/2023 1.063E-5 1.022E-5 1.043E-5 1.052E-5
03/17/2023 1.123E-5 1.044E-5 1.052E-5 1.116E-5
03/18/2023 1.14E-5 1.065E-5 1.116E-5 1.074E-5
03/19/2023 1.12E-5 1.071E-5 1.074E-5 1.094E-5
03/20/2023 1.106E-5 1.038E-5 1.094E-5 1.05E-5
03/21/2023 1.113E-5 1.033E-5 1.05E-5 1.097E-5
03/22/2023 1.109E-5 1.026E-5 1.097E-5 1.06E-5
03/23/2023 1.099E-5 1.056E-5 1.06E-5 1.087E-5
03/24/2023 1.09E-5 1.036E-5 1.087E-5 1.063E-5
03/25/2023 1.072E-5 1.038E-5 1.063E-5 1.051E-5
03/26/2023 1.07E-5 1.048E-5 1.051E-5 1.063E-5
03/27/2023 1.099E-5 1.021E-5 1.063E-5 1.041E-5
03/28/2023 1.051E-5 1.026E-5 1.041E-5 1.045E-5
03/29/2023 1.087E-5 1.044E-5 1.045E-5 1.068E-5
03/30/2023 1.081E-5 1.039E-5 1.068E-5 1.057E-5
03/31/2023 1.097E-5 1.047E-5 1.057E-5 1.084E-5
04/01/2023 1.153E-5 1.069E-5 1.084E-5 1.119E-5
04/02/2023 1.15E-5 1.07E-5 1.119E-5 1.079E-5
04/03/2023 1.169E-5 1.051E-5 1.079E-5 1.122E-5
04/04/2023 1.158E-5 1.106E-5 1.122E-5 1.123E-5
04/05/2023 1.148E-5 1.104E-5 1.123E-5 1.123E-5
04/06/2023 1.125E-5 1.085E-5 1.123E-5 1.096E-5
04/07/2023 1.102E-5 1.082E-5 1.096E-5 1.093E-5
04/08/2023 1.108E-5 1.079E-5 1.093E-5 1.087E-5
04/09/2023 1.102E-5 1.081E-5 1.087E-5 1.097E-5
04/10/2023 1.117E-5 1.085E-5 1.097E-5 1.114E-5
04/11/2023 1.119E-5 1.101E-5 1.114E-5 1.105E-5
04/12/2023 1.11E-5 1.061E-5 1.105E-5 1.098E-5
04/13/2023 1.122E-5 1.09E-5 1.098E-5 1.111E-5
04/14/2023 1.151E-5 1.099E-5 1.111E-5 1.126E-5
04/15/2023 1.161E-5 1.106E-5 1.126E-5 1.157E-5
04/16/2023 1.188E-5 1.141E-5 1.157E-5 1.158E-5
04/17/2023 1.171E-5 1.12E-5 1.158E-5 1.138E-5
04/18/2023 1.171E-5 1.125E-5 1.138E-5 1.157E-5
04/19/2023 1.16E-5 1.062E-5 1.157E-5 1.083E-5
04/20/2023 1.102E-5 1.04E-5 1.083E-5 1.06E-5
04/21/2023 1.069E-5 1.004E-5 1.06E-5 1.028E-5
04/22/2023 1.05E-5 1.016E-5 1.028E-5 1.045E-5
04/23/2023 1.047E-5 1.007E-5 1.045E-5 1.033E-5
04/24/2023 1.043E-5 1.011E-5 1.033E-5 1.026E-5
04/25/2023 1.044E-5 1.008E-5 1.026E-5 1.036E-5
04/26/2023 1.075E-5 9.74E-6 1.036E-5 1.017E-5
04/27/2023 1.068E-5 1.014E-5 1.017E-5 1.027E-5
04/28/2023 1.032E-5 1.011E-5 1.027E-5 1.025E-5
04/29/2023 1.038E-5 1.019E-5 1.025E-5 1.03E-5
04/30/2023 1.03E-5 1.004E-5 1.03E-5 1.008E-5
05/01/2023 1.013E-5 9.75E-6 1.008E-5 9.97E-6
05/02/2023 1.013E-5 9.85E-6 9.97E-6 1.003E-5
05/03/2023 1.02E-5 9.82E-6 1.003E-5 1.011E-5
05/04/2023 1.013E-5 9.87E-6 1.011E-5 9.9E-6
05/05/2023 1.037E-5 9.76E-6 9.9E-6 1.002E-5
05/06/2023 1.006E-5 9.19E-6 1.002E-5 9.48E-6
05/07/2023 9.55E-6 9.31E-6 9.48E-6 9.36E-6
05/08/2023 9.38E-6 8.36E-6 9.36E-6 8.93E-6
05/09/2023 9.03E-6 8.71E-6 8.93E-6 9.0E-6
05/10/2023 9.29E-6 8.63E-6 9.0E-6 9.0E-6
05/11/2023 9.01E-6 8.53E-6 9.0E-6 8.69E-6
05/12/2023 8.86E-6 8.46E-6 8.69E-6 8.85E-6
05/13/2023 8.86E-6 8.67E-6 8.85E-6 8.73E-6
05/14/2023 8.89E-6 8.64E-6 8.73E-6 8.78E-6
05/15/2023 8.92E-6 8.66E-6 8.78E-6 8.79E-6
05/16/2023 8.84E-6 8.67E-6 8.79E-6 8.78E-6
05/17/2023 8.85E-6 8.58E-6 8.78E-6 8.77E-6
05/18/2023 8.84E-6 8.49E-6 8.77E-6 8.7E-6
05/19/2023 8.75E-6 8.64E-6 8.7E-6 8.69E-6
05/20/2023 8.78E-6 8.63E-6 8.69E-6 8.72E-6
05/21/2023 8.77E-6 8.48E-6 8.72E-6 8.53E-6
05/22/2023 9.02E-6 8.42E-6 8.53E-6 8.79E-6
05/23/2023 9.17E-6 8.78E-6 8.79E-6 8.89E-6
05/24/2023 8.9E-6 8.41E-6 8.89E-6 8.5E-6
05/25/2023 8.67E-6 8.29E-6 8.5E-6 8.51E-6
05/26/2023 8.64E-6 8.43E-6 8.51E-6 8.54E-6
05/27/2023 8.66E-6 8.51E-6 8.54E-6 8.65E-6
05/28/2023 8.9E-6 8.6E-6 8.65E-6 8.81E-6
05/29/2023 8.88E-6 8.68E-6 8.81E-6 8.7E-6
05/30/2023 8.84E-6 8.62E-6 8.7E-6 8.68E-6
05/31/2023 8.71E-6 8.32E-6 8.68E-6 8.45E-6
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