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Shibarium is HERE! BONE pumping! SBF created SHIB? Binance acquires Voyager! VOLT 3 NEW Exchanges!

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➡️Shibarium is here! Bone is pumping!
➡️Did SBF Create SHIB?! Shocking evidence!
➡️Is this do OR die for SHIB?
➡️Binance acquires bankrupt Voyager!
➡️VOLT on 3 new exchanges!

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  1. It all BS. Same ppl had thought the founder or Shib is Elon Mask. When YouTubers run out of content this is what they do.

  2. The smartest token in the world is Marshmello Finance MARSH3, the first token that controls itself and not by owners or anyone else.

  3. I am not interested in those coins anymore, there are much better and safer altcoins like Marshmello Finance MARSH3.

  4. It's the same crap that destroyed saitama.stop gives dates of a launch if you're not ready.

  5. Sir can you explain to me when did shiba team give a f%$ing date for Shiberium!? Why you guys playing with people money by spreading fud🤬

  6. I must say as you getting negative when shibarium, you were one of scammers when saitama fuck everybody in vegas launching fake promises like you doing. Dont listen this guys he is dumping on you.

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