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Pillosophers NFT Airdrop

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Website registration https://trx.love/#/pages/login/register?id=72065527

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Pillosophers NFT Airdrop
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TRX.LOVE is the world’s largest mining platform, with integrated investment in 50 countries and regions around the world, and more than 8 million mining
machines. In December 2021, the revenue of TRON miners will exceed US$6.5 billion 👌The world’s only largest mining platform 👌Youtube is officially certified
as a legal and compliant company, and everyone can invest with confidence.
Join the TRX.love platform and become the next millionaire
The world’s largest mining company, the only official website: https://www.TRX.LOVE
Corporate Law White Paper: https://www.trx.love/trx.love.pdf
Telegram group chat: https://t.me/+PfPVrK_tzLwyNzQ1
Please click the link to contact the official staff!
Telegram customer service: https://t.me/Trxlove2019
Telegram customer service: https://t.me/wwwtrxlove
Registration reward: 6000Trx
Basic Wallet Permanent Withdrawal Limit
❇️ Deposit 5-999TRX——– 3%
❇️ Deposit 1000-9999TRX———— 3.5%
❇️ Deposit 10000-29999TRX——- 4%
❇️ Deposit 30000-59999TRX———-5%
❇️ Deposit 60000-99999TRX——- 6%
❇️ Deposit 100000- 199999TRX—- —7%
❇️ Deposit 200000-299999TRX——–8%
❇️ Deposit 300000-499999TRX——–10%
❇️ Deposit 500000-999999TRX——–12%
❇️ Deposit 1000000-10000000TRX——–15%
❇️ Deposit more than 10000001 TRX and withdraw 20%
Accumulate recharge every day to increase basic income.
The higher the investment amount, the higher the yield, the faster the return, and the higher the daily withdrawal limit.
Recommend recharge to get rich rewards:
Detailed introduction: LV1 level 13% + LV2 level 5% + LV3 level 2% = 20%
A. The user you invite is a first-level subordinate. When he tops up, you will get 13% of his top-up amount as a reward.
B. The users invited by your first-level subordinates are your second-level subordinates, and you will get a 5% commission as a reward.
C. The user invited by your second-level subordinate is your third-level subordinate, and you will receive a 2% commission as a reward. Recommend more users
to join your promotion link, the more commission rewards you get, the commission charged by the referred users will be transferred directly to your promotion
account, and you can withdraw directly!


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