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Short Term Fantom FTM Price Prediction – Fantom FTM Price Analysis

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Hi everyone this quick update about Phantom what we can expect it from The Phantom that’s what I’m here to talk about it’s still not yet subscribe the channel subscribe the channel press the like button leave a comment join with us in our Facebook page guys we need to

Build this community as well I just want to give you some proof yesterday what I did in this particular token because I believe this is the best opportunity to make the money so I just want to give you proof as well we need to complete as much as faster 1000 followers after that

I’m going to give you a buying and selling price Target we can make money together so right now has a phantom 5th uh completing the entire uptrend so right now we are in a downtrend that’s what my concern so as of my concern first of all we would love

I would love to see the a b c correction Landing here that’s the my expectation 35 Cent and the 40 Cent below so below than the previous slope so according to my view everything is clear crystal clear you guys remember I already gave the 65 Cent level we are going to touch

So we go and hit that level after that I sell you we’re going to cross the 52 we’re going to cross the 60. finally I gave the confirmation we will have the 65 is highly unlikely we will touch the 77 level so where I expected everything work 100 percentage so you guys remember

If someone in a long time joined with us and he’s know what we talked about previously he knows the the where the price is going to be and so right now the correction is going to be n in between here so in case of it’s going to be a little bit longer the

Price will land it here that’s the next larger support here so that meaning we can expect it anyhow in this three region that meaning 26 and the 40 uh almost 38 37 cents you see below There are 38 cents and 26 Cent In Between the price going to be that’s for sure so we can expected that kind of move so someone can ask how you guys remember what happened in SNP 500 is the next clear Direction what we can expect it so I already gave the

Clear direction for the S P 500 we are going to touch this the price box so we’re seeing the reaction almost very close and the pullback has happened after that I seeing the first reaction the price cross above uh 4100 I gave the level we can expected SNP 500 to land so

Right now what S P 500 shows us uh the price and the clear correction and in S P 500 already landed for multi-week trend line actually this is multi-month trend line this is the one of reversal area guys so that reversal area we can expect to bounce from here

That’s the concern in case of we cross that line that’s going to be a little bit disaster as well and the next thing if I zoom out a little bit if I extended this the trend line we are still below the drain line that is the issue so we seeing the reaction

First of all we touch the uh several touch and we get the bounce so right now we are already below the trend line as well that’s the concern I would love to change the color to monitor there I can mount easily which color is better purple okay is already red

The white line anyway it’s the trend line if I extended this trailer and this triller I’m going to touch here as well so we’ll see where the pro the train line going to be so this is the concern levels guys we’re seeing the reaction of the trend line in

The several times we touched the several times this is the channel we follow so right now we already broke out of the channel so that is going to be a little bit disaster and the next thing even previously I talk about when the price go above the dollar Index move above 102

That’s the concern level to stop to dollar Index so we’re seeing the dollar Index immediately react with the 101 to start it to move higher even the dollar Index have a correction as well guys so we seeing the reaction dollar Index supposed to be rich here so that the

Time period we can see entire Market will move down along with the Bitcoin ethereum and the stock market whatever the etc etc everything will go down so after that we can see the clear reaction with again a dollar index to reverse so that the reverse will be the next

Uptrend keep it in your mind guys and someone can ask the signal so I just want to give you as an answer I would love to see the reaction of 1 000 followers guys and the next thing yesterday’s easiest days to make a money guys because we’re seeing the reaction

Of the these all the indicators how we measure inflation so all the indicators that almost very less uh values and after that what we’re seeing here as all of the indicators it shows the again the inflation going to be increase so that’s the reason PCI numbers PC e

Numbers jobless claims and this all and the next rates hike supposed to be 25 that’s what people believe so in case of the next rate attack goes to 50 basis point imagine guys so as I remember I checked the previous history in the US so 1990 the total fed rates is reach

Eight percentage I hopefully this time we need to control the inflation we will reach there so in case if we reach there the housing market is already in the Russians so they are suffering a lot they’re suffering a lot guys so that’s the reason I just want to show you and I

Just want to tell you clearly we can expect it one more deep so the concerning that deep because we’re seeing the reaction of the stock market how the stock market react we did not see the crypto Market react on it so Bitcoin react on it because in case of

Bitcoin reacted same like crypto S P 500 react right now we are below than the 21 000 bloomy guys so imagine the drop I will show you I will measure the drop guy so a little bit calculation so you guys understand then so total six percentage drop

S P 500 imagine the Phantom total drop if I can see that the Phantom total drop from the bottoman current 30 digit shows because of the crypto Market is highly volatile actually we should drop 60 percentage and because this is five times yeah they drop Six percentage we drop five

Percentage in case of the six percentage from the peak again it will be going to be here this is the concern level you guys remember I give the ideal Target for S P 500 supposed to be landed to complete entire correction so it’s still not that rich you guys remember we

Already bounced back in the last December actually last November October we bounced back so last December we’re seeing the crypto Market bonds but 20 dropped that meaning uh how many percentage is going to drop this one uh Phantom is going to drop that 630 so 21 120 percentage drop 120 percentage drop

Meaning where the Phantom going to be is going to make a new low OverWatch 4 cents I don’t believe so that’s the concern guys so in case of the way of Market react we can expect the one more dipped highly unlikely we can expect it the huge drops as well so concerning how

The liquidity issue in the market and the next situation of the market and how the Bitcoin reacting so everyone knows how the Bitcoin reacting and there is no new in the market so if you are new in the market guys before you put the money at least six months study how the price

React at least six months or one year studies guys so after you familiar with the prices how the prices react and which kind of event we need to monitor so then you can start trading in a next year that’s the my personal advice so this is all about

Phantom and entire Market reaction guys still not it subscribe the channel subscribe the channel press the like button leave a comment and join with us in a Facebook page guys we need to build this page as well thank you very much have a lovely day be safe

Short Term Fantom FTM Price Prediction – Fantom FTM Price Analysis
Fantom FTM Price News Today – Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis and Price Prediction In this video I talk about the Fantom FTM Cryptocurrency price and carry out a technical analysis. I also talk about my Fantom FTM Elliott Wave count and discuss where the price could be going next.
Fantom FTM Price Update Today. this video all about Elliott wave price analysis how market movement and Fantom FTM Technical Information and Elliott Wave price prediction.

Fantom FTM I will discuss Elliott wave count and price target could be going next.

note :- I’m not financial advisor all information education guidance only

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