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Should I Invest In AXIE INFINITY? | Major Risks + Reasons To Believe

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I’ve had conversations about Axie Infinity with DOZENS of people the last few days. It’s crazy how much attention this project is getting! But even if I’m bullish about the game, I try to teach people also what the risks are with putting in money and time behind Axie Infinity. 🧡


0:00 – Play To Earn
3:30 – RISK #1 – 3 cryptocurrencies
8:04 – RISK #2 – ROI is not guaranteed
13:00 – RISK #3 – Game still in alpha
16:24 – REASON # 1 – Future utility / gameplay
18:50 – REASON #2 – Growing userbase
21:00 – REASON #3 – Economic impact

At the end of the day, it still is a CRYPTOCURRENCY game that is still in its alpha stage. This will not be without volatility along the way. But if you assess your risks properly and do your own research, I truly believe that Axie Infinity is a game worth looking at. 🚀


1) The game is influenced heavily by three cryptocurrencies — Ethereum (ETH), Smooth Love Potion (SLP), and AXS (Axie Infinity). Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile so invest at your own risk.

2) You have the ability to earn from this game but ROI is NEVER guaranteed. This isn’t a get-rich quick scheme nor an investment vehicle that guarantees a specific return. The financial rewards are promising for sure but there is still the risk you go to zero.

3) The game has been in alpha for a few years now and it’s still far from the final version of the game. This means we can expect more testing, more crashes, and more adjustments to the gameplay.


1) The developers know that the current utility of SLP is not enough to sustain growth. They have tons of more features available in the future. We aren’t playing the final version yet of the game. More utility for SLP / our Axies means more value.

2) We aren’t even at 1M users yet and we’ve already seen such explosive growth. They also haven’t seriously expanded yet to other emerging / developing economies. Tons of room to grow.

3) The biggest reason why I’m bullish — the economic impact is REAL and it’s going to be important. I foresee Axie Infinity being a legit option for many people to make a REAL living. It’s exciting to think of how a game can create unlimited economic opportunities for people.









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  1. very good video Miggy, I like that despite you using axie itself you display the risks and the factors that would bring the price down. Subscribed to your channel! keep it up mate

  2. 25mins watching this might be the best time i ever had this month. 🙂 continue to spread the good news!

  3. Magtatagal kaya ang Axie Infinity? Medyo alangan pa kasi talaga ako 😭😭😭

  4. Good Vid on Axie, if your looking for the next Axie check out Microbuddies. NFT Generation Zero tokens will double in price after THIS Sunday. Unlike Axie this is a publicly traded company, backed by ViaOne. GMER is ticker symbol. Beta dropping next week so this has literally just begun to be seen. Huge opportunity in my opinion

  5. You assume that everyone playing AXie has a scholar. Most are playing on their own. So the computation is wrong already. You said that "NO way to guaranteed the money back?" It is supposed to be " There's no guarantee that you can get your money back in a short period of time" Volatility in CRYPTO is insanely abnormal. At least should warn people about it especially those new to the crypto industry. You can still earn a Lil bit as long the SLP has a price. Lets say SLP=6php 6*150*30 days = 27000. Still above the regular salary in PH. Still a good number for me. And also the game is still in Alpha it happens to all games. But great video mate!

  6. Can you also explain to us why they need to hold the SLP claim and withdrawal? Do they control it and can manipulate it? What will cause this if the players are unable to withdraw while the exchange rate is high? Is the volume of the SLP enough to meet all the needs of the players?

  7. Mali ka nmn pre di nmn typical na crypto yan but tied on a games so iba ang movements depende sa game system at dami ng players ..gagawa klng puro kopya at nasabi na ng libong beses haaizzz 💩💩💩

  8. PTPA

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  9. Slamat po..nliwanagan po ako ngayon kung ano pwede mangyare sa mga players at investor ng axie in the future..keep it up sir

  10. I've been researching for a while on the game(best team, gameplay etc) but I'm still contemplating if entering now will be a good position. Right now slp is at around 13php. Do you think entering now is still early or are we going back to 6php and stay there for months again?

    Also when picking a team, what is better for slp farming: a pvp focus or a adventure focus one?

    Thanks! And great content.

  11. Hi, will the value of slp decrease if more players play axie? Since more slp will be generated will the value decrease because of supply and demand, is it a good thing if more players play axie or not?

  12. great honest content….this apply to all investment .don't simply FOMO in when the price is high

  13. Goodmorning sir. Gusto ko po sana mag apply bilang scholar nyo. Handa ko pong ang dapat para sa ikaaangat. Gusto ko lang pong makatulong sa mga magulang ko dahil wala po ako trabaho ngayon. Sana po mapagbigyan nyo po

  14. Great information on Axie. I was looking for information as a crypto investment and I like how you give an equal weighted opinion!

  15. On your ROI sample computation, you only include the slp earned by your scholar and not the main/manager's earnings. Are you not playing the game?

  16. Amazing Video broh.
    Truly appreciate it. I'm about to start this week, so I'm excited. Bless everyone.

  17. Yow man! Thanks for this explanation. I am actually looking for more information about this game. I invested more than enough and I'm really hoping for the best for all of us! Thanks for this and Godbless the Philippines! <3

  18. Thank you man for this video it's really clear a lot …. keep the good work coming

  19. This is very helpful for current Axie players and even for those who are planning to enter the Axie Infinity Market. Keep creating content like this. You are helping a lot! Appreciate you! God bless!

  20. So market really dipped after the server issues. Do you see the market going back up in recent future? I was ready to get involved with 3K euros and start breeding and then all this shit happened.

  21. Wow bro! You're very articulate. You made some interesting points. Play to earn games could definitely change the lives of a lot of Filipinos esp since millions of young adult Filipinos, professionals, and even kids are into online gaming. Surely, the likes of Axie Infinity is not too difficult for these age groups to ace. My biggest fear though is if some powerful people/org or even wealthy countries would intervene in a negative way. It's always a threat to them if a whole country's population suddenly get rich. It would surely shake the status quo. What would happen if millions of OFW nurses, caregivers, engineers, teachers, seafarers, domestic helpers, etc, resign in a matter of months/few years, just to play a game? That would disrupt economies. That's insane!

  22. Hi Miggy. Would you know, where is the money coming from that is paying for everyone's earnings?

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