Sleepy Joe Just LIED To Our Faces!

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  1. Sleepy joe lies? Yes he lies, so did trump, about everything. They are all liars, stupid people can’t see that

  2. So you're admitting Sleepy Joe beat Trump in his sleep? Wow, that's a low blow fella…

  3. Still doing better than under dumpster… LOLZ
    You fools also conveniently forget that the money printer was turned on at Dump's behest … he forced Powell to do it… thus causing the inflation we see today. This was predictable at the time. I predicted it.

  4. What about Trump telling you COVID will be over in a few weeks? You have no problem with trump lies?

  5. Is this a political channel?
    So looks like joe Biden controlled whole world as those numbers went up for all contries not just USA. Trump was the worst president in history of the world not just USA

  6. Oh so then you rather have the Republicans in charge so they can get rid of social security and disability Medicaid and Medicare don't forget about your own grandmother or grandfather

  7. that chart proved your ignorance…unsubbed. Trump is a Moronic Conman…Biden is also worthless. The ***WORLD WIDE**** commodity prices and ***GLOBAL*** Recession have NOTHING TO DO with the Policies of the U.S. President. Double FACEpalm

  8. Whoever god puts in the office I will support them! I pray Trump is elected though!

  9. Investing in stocks is a good idea,but a good trading system would put you through many days of success.

  10. -These past few days watching my crypto portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn't really profit much. …Any ideas on how to earn better on the short run?

  11. Trump needs to admit the vaccines were more harmful than good. Didn't protect anyone and caused massive blood clots

  12. This confirms you are a complete idiot who doesn't know anything. You dont even have a nasic underatanding of supply and demand economics and that trump caused the inflation to be 10x worse.😆 😂 🤣 🤡 83% of the trillions in aid / tax cuts went to the mega corporations who are hording the money and controls the supply chain. His policies caused this just like George Bush. You dont see the effects of it for at least 24 months, but he didn't get a second term. You wouldn't know that because you have no clue about economics, have no clue what you are talking about and not old enough to know. Stick to Legos kid because your crypto info isn't any better.

  13. Anyone who doesn't think that our country was overall in much better shape while Trump was in office is clowning themselves and others around them….

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