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Sniper bot PancakeSwap – PantherSwap – BakerySwap – BiSwap ❗❗❗
⏬ MetaMask Sniper Bot: BSC
✔️👉 Download►💾:
🔻 PancakeSwap / UniSwap… Crypto Token Bot & Automatic purchase of the desired token 🔻

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➖ ❗❗❗ The price list of the Bot ❗❗❗:
➖ ✔️ 7 days of free work of the bot. (Full functionality of the trial version)
👉 Link to the trial version:
➖💰 License for 30 days of bot operation ( 175💲 + Updates + Chat )
➖💰 License for Eternity ( 400💲 + Chat + Updates + Support )
📧 🏥 Purchase of licenses:
👉 Link to the trial version:

• User-friendly interface “GUI”
• Auto configured default setup after application restart
• Sniping Listings BSC Network
• Sniping Fair Launch
• Sniping Fair launch & waiting for liquidity to be added
• Force BUY & Force SELL options (Only V2 and BNB)
• Re-buy function
• Gas & Gwei setup both in buy and sell
• Buy in method basic
• Timer
• LIMIT BUY & SELL with extra features
• Auto sell upon selected percentages
• Anti bot (divide function available)
• Able to track and sell existing tokens
• Profit / Loss counter
• Current Balance
• Basic support

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➖ Trezor:

✔️✔️✔️ 🔶EXCHANGES🔶◀️
➖ Bybit:
➖ Coinbase
➖ Trade on Binance:
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✔️✔️✔️ 🔶PLAYLIST🔶◀️
➖ Bybit bot:
➖ Binance trading bot:
➖ Uniswap & Metamamask bot:
➖ Binance Arbitrage bot:
➖ Binance & KuCoin pump bot:

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