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Social psychologist: “You can’t win the war on social media. Just don’t engage” | 60 Minutes

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“You can’t win the war on social media. Just don’t engage. Don’t engage in the public battles because that’s just feeding the beast,” Jonathan Haidt tells 60 Minutes.

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  1. I was angry when i used facebook when i quit I see why. Lies should not be allowed as a normal thing.

  2. I gave up social media 10 years ago this past January & haven't looked back yet. I agree with the push to disassociate & can guarantee that you won't regret it #trailblazer

  3. Don't engage…do you realize how hard it is not to engage especially when someone says something so outrageous, so insanely conspiratory that you have to pinch yourself to see if you aren't dead?

  4. Leaving social media sounds easy, but so many services (job postings, apartment openings) are only advertised on social media platforms. I left Facebook 5 years ago, and even city housing authorities don't have the listings Facebook does.

  5. I've never joined nor have anything to do with Facebook and I'm far younger than 65, lady. I can't stand Zuckerberg nor anything he or the true intentions he has/had behind his bs 'reasoning' concerning 'his baby' which was and is to cause literally war between every one for ANY reason not least of which, political.

  6. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy 😊I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $9,000 investment every 21days.

  7. This is what people do every day… scan through Google, emails, texts, social media, news, music, movies, tv, follow people for updates and tweets which are just multiple daily pokes that basically all mean "everybody look at me and how special I am and just look at all the pictures of me and my food that I eat and every random thing I take a picture of or what I am doing right now because I need constant validation of how important I am!"…

    It's a highly deceptive world, one that constantly asks you to comment but doesn't really care what you have to say. The illusion of participation in life, which more often than not just reinforces other illusions/delusions inside one's own mind. Illusions dressed in the disguise of reality. Nothing is as nothing seems, all of life is just more dreams…

  8. Biggest pu$$ies and cry babies are all those social justice warriors who try to get everyone that disagrees with their views banned from social media. I’ve been suspended for criticizing homosexuals, feminists and the rest of that garbage! I’m not even a European person, I am a Native American,
    Living in North America, the land of my tribes and my ancestors! Where we have lived since our gods created our people!!

  9. This doesn't affect me as I don't use social media. It's full of idiots and that's fine with me.

  10. I shut my Facebook account 4 years ago and I don't miss it other than this app I don't really care if I ever see social media anymore there's life beyond this electronic Society

  11. If Facebook had real identity, then anyone being inflammatory can be sued for liable. If there is no real identity, then Facebook is responsible.

  12. I imagine the chance of someone being convinced to change or re-evaluate their political views just from SSM is less than 1%.

  13. I have done that. I found it to be depressing. I also didn’t like the way advertisements came. I had taken breaks, but know I’m off for good!

  14. I hate technology so social media in my estimation sucks! I quit watching TV and listening to the radio in 1983 when I went to South America to live in the jungle and when I got back I figured out I didn't miss anything so why start watching it again enlisting again so I haven't! And I do understand that it affects everything around me but it's not going to define me and it's not going to beat me because I know that technology great as some aspects of it are has put civilization an incredibly great and grave danger!!! And if that's hard for you to understand then you're probably under 40 🙄😎

  15. A social psychologist on 60 Minutes… this is where you insert Gene Wilder playing Willy Wonka pic…

  16. I hate social media so much everyone bullies everybody nobody's kind to nobody on social media and people think that people on social media think their people's doctors when they're not like actually get to know someone personally on a personal level instead of judging that's why I literally am staying off of social media cuz everyone is such a bully and everybody's so mean to everybody

  17. I do blame Facebook for part of the breakdown, Twitter as well… but if it wasn't them, it'd be some other places causing society's demise.

    However, we have a responsibility to keep things civil, if not for ourselves, at least for our younger generations.

  18. That's just it. If you do walk away,you get blamed for not engaging or saying nothing by being part of the conversation if somthing bad happens in politics that can effect everything around us. Not engaging is chosing a side:doing nothing while a side is chosen. It's like not voting and getting blamed if the canadate they chose makes bad decisions and effects everything around them. We all know turning the other cheek doesn't work when they can stab you in the back when you turn away from them. This is how the internet and how real life works.

  19. I'm amazed when my contractors have such strong opinions but don't know any of rhe facts. They are getting their info from Sinclair TV, radio talksters, facebook trolls, and church.

  20. "Just don't engage." Ha. Easier said than done. All of this is unfortunately very addictive. And we're angrier and more depressed because of it. That's just facts.

  21. Duh. The fact that we need to be told is the problem. Go listen to any George Carlin performances.

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