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Solana & Avax to zero like luna ? Crypto Price prediction

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Asalam o alikum dear viewers, today i am here with you to discuss the latest terra luna crypto news update, and price prediction of solana and avax.

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Is Sol and avalanche crypto tokens are going to be zero just like TERA LUNA CRYPTO ?
Or is this the best time to buy it ?

For details watch the complete video that is explained in hindi/urdu, specially fo, as luna isr the people of Pakistan and India, do not forget to subscribe.


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  1. Luna ki crash ki sab say big wjha oska ust tha…..magar.. Sol…Avax…me ye chez nahi recover hongy..magar btc.45k tak jab jay ga to..

  2. Yr ik he topic py vedio bna rhh ho 😈😈😈😈😈😈 glmr py b bna do

  3. If avax and solana are related to luna company then should be better to boycott them for punishment .

  4. Really great LUNA insights here and appreciate the TA, keep it up! 👍

  5. SOLANA will dump to $5 when BTC 22k-25k …. and fill up your trucks when this will happened

  6. Assalamualaikum. Wrb.. sir anc ka kuch bata dein Kia Karna chaheay stuck hon os mein .. thx

  7. thanks Bhai ap itni mahnat kar ke humare leye HR Roz now information dete hen Allah Khush rakhe ap ko

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