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Hello everybody welcome back to another Salon update I’m Christian today I’m going to do another update about what’s happened currently for Solana price and guys you can clearly see that right now Solana after this app channel that we had and we saw the broke out at the area

For exactly 20 dollars and 30 cents uh Solana got back at 18.79 which was the lowest point and then with this sideways movement and with some slightly upside move we reached the highest point which was exactly the twenty dollars and eighty cents and guys simultaneously the

Bitcoin touched the 27 000 which is an insane boost move and as you can crazy guys I showed you this chart yesterday in my Bitcoin video and I told you that the time that we were retesting this massive resistance area of 25 200 and because we had this phone watch pattern

Which is a bullies pattern I told you that if we’re gonna actually surpass this resistance we’re gonna get straight to the technical price Target which we can see we reached it 100 we accomplish this technical price Target guys 100 of this phone was patent and the biggest

Indication right now guys is the weekend is coming and probably uh we’re gonna see some furthermore pump on the weekend and uh that’s an indication of a very bullish green candles on the weekend and there is a big potential scenario to see some altcoins Band 2 to the upside so uh

Let’s pay Focus guys on the Solana right now because uh if you’re gonna see that kind of a bull is weakening without coins Pub then we’re gonna see Solana straight into price targets which I’m gonna reveal you in this video so if you would like to know exactly where we are

Heading on this weekend uh for the short term all you have to do is to remain till the end of the video and follow me on Twitter because as you can clearly understand I’m updating you with whatever is happening within a day on um my Twitter with a tweet and uh also

Sometimes I’m giving you signals with uh imminent moves that are coming here also would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participate on my membership Channel a big thank you guys from the bot of my heart and let’s match one hand light before according to our

Analysis because with this way you are helping me so much you need this tuning and with your variable process of daylight they’ll comment to save your friends and share your social media you’re actually helping me so much guys and appreciate it for this support from

The both of my heart a big thank you to everyone and without losing more time let’s dive straight into our analysis for our time frame you can clearly see that when we broke this up Channel at the age of uh 20 and 20 cents around this area here we moved straight to the

Downside we moved into a sideways movement and because the Bitcoin pump over 27 we saw this kind of pump for Solana too and right now Solana is dropping at 19.90 and that’s of course because the uh Bitcoin is dumping too and guys as I told you previously I

Believe that because we broke this 25 200 and there is huge probability to stay above it and close the Friday daily candle over this 25 200 area guys this is a super bullish uh indication that in the weekend we’re gonna see furthermore pump which can probably touch the 28

000 of course this is for the certain because guys uh no matter how much we’re gonna pump on the short term as we have remain below the thirty thousand dollars uh we are actually on this bear market and there is huge potential scenario to see huge pump over twenty eight thousand

Dollars and then we’re going to see massive reversal back to twenty thousand dollars so don’t get too hype okay it’s very possible to happen this scenario so uh try to be rational and don’t make sure decisions with bull runs bear markets and all these things uh I

Believe that we’re gonna remain in this bear Market until Q3 of 2023 so so you have a little bit to chill out and all you have to do actually is to do your dollar for Savage with your Bitcoin and of course uh with your favorite altcoins let’s say Solana and guys let’s speak

Exactly with price targets and I’m gonna close the video because I don’t want to keep it so fancy this time uh you can clearly see the AMA ribbon is actually flip bullies okay and right now we are retesting this EMA ribbon as a support on the bully side and if there is huge

Probability to see a bounce after this retest to the upside and that of course is the indication of the green candles on weekend and guys if you ask me Chris where you see that uh we can go with this kind of a bullish action guys the

Next price target for me for Solana it can be around the 22.63 is gonna be the next and the first stop of the weekend pump and there is also huge potential scenario to reach the train 23 dollars within 24 area okay if you want to see some more bullish

Action from the Bitcoin price close to uh eighty twenty eight thousand dollars twenty nine thousand dollars then the scenario is gonna be super super uh bullies for Solana too and the first touch point is gonna be around uh 23 dollars within 24 dollars so obviously we’re gonna break this massive uh

Resistance that we have at the area of 22.50 okay guys this is exactly what I believe uh for Solana because we saw some huge bullish momentum guys for the Bitcoin but altcoins didn’t move at all uh with the Bitcoin so this could be the week that um that altcoins are gonna follow the

Bitcoin move and that’s a video guys I hope you enjoyed the video If something Gonna Change I’m gonna make update and I’m gonna update you with the change so I build my next video guys which is gonna be a post-gromatic update your boy Chris out and follow me on Twitter bye

Hello everybody, on this video we are about to check (SOL) SOLANA Price Prediction and also we are about to discuss the latest SOLANA News Today with the latest SOLANA Technical Analysis!! Appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for your support, it’s so priceless to me!!! Thank you!

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