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SOLANA SOL Technical Analysis Price Prediction with Elliott Waves Analysis. #solanapriceprediction

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YouTube Welcome Back to the channel welcome back to more blessed crypto so in today’s video I am going to be having a look at Solana’s soul to see if we can see where the price will be going next if you guys do enjoy the video please consider subscribing to the channel give

It a thumbs up make sure you hit the notifications Bell for when I’m uploading future content and with that let’s get straight into the video so with Solana it’s not a chart that I normally do cover um but we are going to be having a look

At the chart kind of in a bit more of a traditional ta sense um in the Elliott wave sense we would have been looking at this as a wave 4 up and we would then be coming down in a wave five that could have finished

Um or we are going to be looking at some further downside um currently at the moment I mean if you kind of zoom out you know Solana is quite a long way away from actually producing any higher highs so the trend is still down uh on Solana because we are literally just doing

Lower highs lower highs lower highs and we are now possibly looking at maybe um getting up to test this area I wouldn’t actually unfortunately really get bullish on Solano until it actually gets above 38 that’s just kind of my opinion but obviously you would be looking at some big uh percentage moves

If we did let’s say from the low get all the way back up to kind of that 38 dollar region uh that would be a 368 gain so obviously people do not want to miss out on that amount of uh profit so I understand that people do want to kind

Of get in on Solan and why is this cheap um we are currently following a kind of a I could actually draw this trend line out further um and then we’ve got one touch point two touch point three touch points so I think that if we could potentially get

Above this area here at like thirty dollars I think by the time it gets up there we would be looking at like sort of the 25 region um this is a definitely a trend line for you guys to watch out for I would definitely draw that onto your chart

Because uh we will be finding some resistance at that level um I think we are actually if I am correct I’m not sure I have it drawn on this chart but let’s draw it now um let me just quickly draw it on the chart for you guys

This is just a quick update I don’t really follow uh Solana that much but if we draw the fibs up to this area here we are massively below the 88.7 foot level and and funny enough uh we will be coming into this 88.7 FIB level at this trend line that I

Was just speaking about but we’re nowhere near the 88.7 FIB just yet um so we can go back to the four hourly and we can have a look at what we think is going on currently at the moment what is the next key areas for Solana so we

Did actually draw another trend line here um which we’ve been perfectly sort of hitting off of um but we have actually now got above it um and we are below above the 50-day moving average which is a positive sign for Solana that we have managed to get

Above that I’m just going to have a look at the VR VP I do know that there isn’t really much support um for Solana until we get down to kind of like the four dollar region if I zoom out on the daily but currently at the

Moment the point of control is at 1362 which is this area that we are currently fighting at the moment all of this area here is huge resistance for um Solana so I am expecting well if we can get above this I mean all of this here so I could draw it from here

All the way across here so we’re currently fighting this area of resistance at the moment the good thing is is that we haven’t kind of come up in perfectly rejected off of this area um and we could be consolidating for a potential move to the upside we’ve actually

Broken above my trend line there as well um we’re struggling to get above the 1362 level I would say in kind of like the bullish scenario if we came up here and we can get above this find it as support and then actually break up above this area here

And then find that as support then we could start looking at possibly trying to get up to test 18.80 because we we would then potentially be above the point of control and there is literally a big gap all the way up to kind of like let me have a look here

All the way I mean if we there will literally be no no resistance here so if we could potentially get above this find it as support then we could really look at a quick move all the way up to kind of twenty dollars twenty five twenty eight dollars up to

Test this trend line here which I did say to you will be a lot of uh resistance if we can get up to that area if I was going to kind of look at kind of like the Elliott waves of this move here um just quickly let’s have a quick look at that

Bear with me a second let me just get rid of my drawing the problem you kind of face with this is that this could literally just be a corrective Move Like an a a b and a wave C up um kind of looking at like the FIB levels for this

If we did measure it Okay so we’ve already hit the 1.618 Fib so this wave C could actually finish here and we could continue to the downside if we are looking at this as a a bit more bullish as a first impulse to the upside then I guess we would be

Looking at this as a first one two and then in the wave three we’ve had a one two three four and away five to complete wave three then we’d come down in a way four uh and then we would continue to push up in a wave five that would be the bullish

Scenario but just remember this could just be a corrective ABC to the upside that could break down at any point then we just get rid of the VR VP just so we can kind of clear the chart up a little bit um if this is a first impulse to the upside

Um I could give you a target for the wave four if the Wave 4 has finished and we will take the length of wave one up to the wave four and that would give us a price target of 15.57 which would be a perfect Target

For the wave five and then I would say that we would end up so let me just put that on the chart we would then end up probably getting rejected at that point um and then we would come down in a ABC so I mean you know the low could be in

For Solana I I don’t think it is um but you know anything is possible and then we would be looking at an A B C coming down and then we would if it does get to that region we would then be looking at a 15 region here we go

Um and then we would then need to find support in this area here between the 618 fib I mean we could take take down to the 88.7 if you like but in kind of this general area from the 50 FIB to the 78.6 FIB for this ABC correction that would

Be in the bullish scenario um otherwise this is just a corrective move to the upside uh in and like I said an ABC and we would then collapse back down um obviously I do think it would be better for in the bullish scenario if we could stay above this trend line

Um if we do kind of slip below this trend line then we could just literally just collapse back down to this trend line here so um you know positive signs for Solana but like I said I wouldn’t really get too excited unless we get above this trend line all the way up

Here at like 30 which is also the 88.7 FIB level as well so it’s quite a long way away from being bullish at the moment as we are continuing to do lower high lies for Solana but you know people might want to speculate that actually we

Do get up to test this general area up here and that would obviously be a healthy 400 move from the low so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the content please consider subscribing to the channel give it a thumbs up and make sure you hit notifications Bell for when

I’m uploading future content and with that take care stay blessed

SOLANA SOL Technical Analysis Price Prediction with Elliott Waves Analysis. #solanapriceprediction
Talking about the SOL price on higher level time frames and where the SOLANA price is expected to go in the future. Also included is some price targets for possible swing trades. Using Elliott waves, fibonacci trading strategy with price predictions and technical analysis.

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