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Solana Under Attack? | Major Exchanges Halt USDC + USDT Deposits

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Binance has temporarily suspended tether (USDT) and USDC deposits on the Solana blockchain. Rival OKX delisted the stablecoins on Solana and also halted both deposits and withdrawals. The SOL cryptocurrency continues crashing amid the FTX crisis, plummeting 7% on the news of exchanges halting deposits of Solana-based stablecoins. Circle Jeremy Allaire took to twitter to announce his confusing on why this may be happening.

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~Solana Under Attack? | Major Exchanges Halt USDC + USDT Deposits~
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  1. Solana is a major threat to all tokens. Binance and their scam token machine will be toast. Solana taking a hit for no reason. FTX invested in other coins as well, Solana became the winner and for good reason. Google knows tech and doubt they would partner with Solana if the tech wasn’t sound.

  2. Solana major partnerships and now all this fud, I think Solana is a threat to ALL other tokens. Once out of beta, Solana will become a monster and will destroy almost all other coins.

  3. I think the USDC may be in a bad position in the market right now. Where is the audit? Can it burst? Because we still don't see evidence of collateral.

  4. Trezor all the way.

    Many don't like it because the lack of s-coins. But its a good wallet for beginners.

  5. Matic is a long play … but it will always dump last… and it will still go back to .36 to .40 like it has 3 times in last 2 years

  6. Every major crypto need to release their "Live" Balance sheets of all their companies inlcuding related parties and Proof of Reserves (PoR) live snapshots..the IFRS, IAS, GAAP all need to be updated as there is no such thing as Live Proof of Reserves

  7. the SBF was Spending Customers money on living on an island with other geeks screwing nerdy girls and in kahoots with the government, he is a BAD guy

  8. Paul, thanks for your very informative videos. I hold small positions of bitcoin and eth in WeBull and PayPal. Do you feel these are fairly safe bitcoin and crypto exchanges?

  9. In dire times I might go to BTC but would have no problem going to XRP or ADA either. Huge communities aren't going anywhere.

  10. The Phantom wallet on Solana is by far easier to on-board new users than Meta-Mask. Solana is easier than Polygon, especially for NFTs. There is no wallet on Polygon that will even show you an NFT yet.

  11. SOL will fall 98% from its ATH. A dollar SOL would be your best entry price. A blockchain controled by a corrupted entity will lead to all big whales selling. You don't hold what crashes.

  12. Well hopefully its comes back. Saw the dip and put quite a lot on Solana at $13.35 USDT. A day ago.

  13. Paul, you are great in what you are doing. A calm guy that explains the latest crypto changes. Your narrative telling is like music. I like your videos. Keep up the great work.

  14. This will only make Solana stronger in the long run. I believe Solana is the future and their best days are still ahead.

    Remember – when people are fearful, it’s time to be greedy.

  15. Slow and Steady win the race. Welcome to Cardano – the most robust Proof of Stake with 163 papers peer-reviewed. Backed by research and science, not marketing. Running 100% online, Liquid staking, 1000 dApp soon, 3000 pools (most decentralized blockchain with 74% staking), and 1.2 million delegators.

  16. I use Loopring wallet. It uses guardians instead of seed phrase. Gives access to DEX trading. Also Loopring is partners with Gamestop for their NFT marketplace, so I believe Loopring will be a huge winner.

  17. 10:02 The main thing you cannot do in the traditional market compared to crypto is anyone can check the books. People are able to follow coins and tokens throughout the blockchain and verify people really have the funds. This is impossible in our current system. Companies report quarterly but the books are cooked, and they're able to use massive loopholes. However, everyday people can watch how a token moves and easily verify a company's balance on chain. The only thing we need to change is getting away from the traditional market's mindset. FTX was able to use fractional reserve lending and derivatives, this is the traditional markets tools and techniques. We can almost be assured that in 10 years when we're looking back on this, we're going to be laughing at ourselves for falling for scams and not trusting the Bitcoin ethos.

  18. ColdFusion has a very insightful mini doc on SBF/FTX (The FTX Disaster is Deeper Than you Think), there's also a great shorter expose (What the Media Won't Tell You About Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX) from reallygraceful

  19. Solana is a good project think it will survive like the innovation. Need to see the end of bad actors that ruin it for all the good projects

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