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Solana Unlock DELAYED… But For How Long? | SOL Analysis

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♥️ Subscribe for videos like this 🙂 In this video, I’ll talk about the delay of the Solana Unlock, which will release 28.5 Million tokens back into the market. This created a controversy between saving the Solana blockchain and proving further centralization from the Solana Foundation. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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    ✅ Access Our Scalping Trade Calls, Metrics, and More:
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  2. I like SOL over ETH. After the merge ETH takes the centralization crown. Way more potential with SOL and so many validators now.

  3. Even the epoch 371 (the one after he is talking about) is delayed. That is another 6,6milion tokens on top of 30+mil

  4. I sold half my SOL and moved it to BTC. I may not catch the bottom, but I will buy back in when the trend turns upward.

  5. Ftx own 10% and had it staked so get ready. R.I.p imo

    Not even a google partnership would save it.

  6. Most people aren't making that kind profit or money since the market went down last year. The ones who do probably just got in at this time and have much larger accounts. Most are down and dcaing in hopes to get back atleast what they put in. The indicators are good but with the membership fees and crypto I don't think the majority has made any profit.

  7. Solana is done for..for like the 10th time. First step is to admit you have a problem, then dump all SOL. Do better next time.

  8. Thanks for the vid. SOL will bounce back hard, just ask why GOOGLE partnered using validate nodes 💪. DONT believe the FUD, and DYOR. SOL in an exceptional project with giant GOOGLE backing. 😊

  9. They wont do it. Yet, if they truly cared about the future of the SOL token…. Because its so controlled by Centralization, they would give up profits & burn some if there own stashes. Nobody wants to do that. I get it. Sometimes… a % of something…
    … is better than a % of nothing…
    Everyone knew this unlock was coming from a yr ago. & now its time to oay the piper. Price wise, u couldn't unlock it at any worse time in over a yr, obviously. Thx Jake.

  10. They've only stopped the unstaking for some people, special people can cash out on the better prices .. not even joking. They are saying this is to protect developers.

  11. LOOK at at Binance chart!

    Monthly support levels $13.10 and $4.70….. buy why and I doing your job for you…..

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