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Solana used to rely on FTX, Alameda. What you need to know NOW.

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Hey, I’m Blockchain Bernie.

Check out 👇 Bitoku, the storage layer for smart contracts founded by me. (Changing a lot, check back OFTEN)

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⇰ Log of the making of Bitoku, a blockchain storage layer for smart contracts
⇰ Blockchain educational content
⇰ Blockchain news commentary

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⇰ Saturdays………………………. 9am PT 12pm ET 18:00h CET
⇰ Tuesdays & Thursdays……. 1pm PT 4pm ET 22:00h CET

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  1. Thanks for your content. I am also invested in SOL, and have been curious if the devs planned on abandoning projects. It will be tough road through Q1 but I agree, I am going to stick with it as well.

  2. Crypto currency are tulip bulbs of 2022z It can’t even be used as a currency because of price fluctuations. It’s a zero sum game and the bottom is falling out.

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