SOLANA yield farming: 750% APR on funding rates, stablecoin loops and Options Vaults Update

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After staying several weeks in the Frikion and Katana Options vaults I will give an update on how my experience is so far. Also, I am sharing some additional info on the vaults and how the yield is priced and how they work. In addition, I am sharing a strategy to earn a high APY on a basis trading position using funding rate gaps in between different derivatives exchanges.

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  1. I've been 'arbing' the funding rates between FTX and Drift for about 3 months. I did not know about 01 exchange, so thanks for the vid. My favorite so perps so far are ETH, ATOM and SOL as the funding rates on drift do not flip between -/+ as much for those perps and allows for just holding the position. It's been pretty steady income with the bear market. I just wish drift would go to 10 leverage so I can increase my position size. Currently they are 5x so I stay around 2x to avoid getting liquidated.

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