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South Africa & China going after your Crypto? with Market Update #vra #btc #xrd #icp

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Hey there guys welcome back to the show in this video we’ll be taking a look at some cryptocurrency news before moving on to doing some analysis on the cryptocurrency market as a bit of an update the market has been absolutely devastated recently but I do think that

We are in recovery as long as we don’t drop any 25 000 we’re good but we’ll get into that later on screen out now you can see this is from coindisk South Africa’s crypto firms will soon need to apply for registration or face a heavy

Fine so what is this heavy fine well if these cryptocurrency firms don’t register they could spend up to 10 years in prison or they could face a fine of about 10 million Rand so if they don’t comply with the corrupt government of South Africa that is what could happen

To them so bad again the CCTV Network put out a positive post on the cryptocurrency market and CZ binance did comment however the Chinese government did take that video down and as you can see this picture below here it’s self-explanatory territory they stopped the floodgates and a possible bull run

Now taking a look at the Bitcoin shot we can see that BTC is in this possible Head and Shoulders pattern with that price Target taking us below 25 000 US dollars that is the worst case however I do think that we are likely to move up towards 55 000 US Dollars now

That could happen in the next month so that is about 30 days away that we could see a massive move towards the upside possibly testing around 35 000 US Dollars now that might seem seem like a long shot right now but I do think that is the most likely scenario then after

That we will see an absolutely devastating fall in price for BTC and the rest of the old coins now many of you might think already that the old coins have been valued a lot trust me if we do move up to 35 000 US Dollars and

We do see a crash afterwards uh below uh 25 000 US Dollars all these old coins will be devastated now taking a look at veracity or VRA we can see that the VRA token is holding above the 0.302 arbitration Zone we have seen sideways movement there so what I

Do think is likely is for the VRA token to move up to at least 0.7 cents in the short term that is the more likely scenario I do also believe that we could see either 1.6 to 2 cents during the next month now I know many of you might

Not think this is possible but I do still think this is the most likely scenario with this one two three four pattern playing art within the next month in fact it could actually happen as the BTC price does recover now BTC does have to break above 28 000 US

Dollars and that would be an indication to me that we are likely to start that move towards 35 000 results for BTC and that will be very bullish for veracity veracity will likely see a massive move towards the upside towards that level now taking a look at the internet

Computer token with ICP token we can see that we are busy testing the 0.236 for bitration zone now I do believe we are likely to move up to at least 6.4 US Dollars very soon that would be in the short term we desperately need to break the sound training resistance line so we

Can see that massive pump towards the upside towards the 1.6 right for retracement zone taking us towards 14 for the internet computer token or the ICP token so I do think that is highly possible for internet computer still during the next month or two now taking

A look at the last token for this evening we can see xrd has seen some sideways movement above the 0.786 for which race Winton I do think a move up is the most likely scenario for XLE from here possibly testing the 1.618 perpetration Zone at about 10 cents

Before possibly moving even higher into this target range that I have spoken about for the past few months so that is the best case scenario for xld with the worst case of being a fall down towards the 0.382 for bituizen zone taking us just towards the 4.87 price range that

Is is the worst case scenario from here but I do think we are likely to move up before we do see that play out now if the second off of this year is bearish it is important to note that that would be a great accumulation time for xod

Veracity or the internet computer as we have seen xrd and veracity move up in price in the beginning of 2023 so that means it’s not dead it is likely to see massive moves towards the upside during the next two years so keep that in mind and thank you for watching please note

That I’m not a financial advisor I do this video solidification reasons what if you do this information I provide that is on you please do think about subscribing to the channel and clicking that like button as it does help tremendously peace

South Africa & China going after your Crypto? with Market Update #vra #btc #xrd #icp
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