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Splassive NETWORK On Avalanche (AVAX) Now Live!!!

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Splash NETWORK On Avalanche (AVAX) Now Live!!!

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Pillosophers NFT Airdrop
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Started my Splassive Team where you can enter Team Airdrops + Join R2R VIP Group For Entering the system with $1,500+ Deposit by selecting the “TAP” link: Enter Wave Starter Address Below/ Click Update –
AVAX ADDRESS: 0x5acd29efdaC786d4f5D9797158E42D2574F0d76E

Splassive Telegram:

Splassive Twitter:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThomasGCrypto
Message me on Telegram @Crypto_Talk_Thomas

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  1. It won't let me connect my wallet it just says connected how did you connect your wallet

  2. If I Woulda New this was Mr. Browns Project I woulda jumped in asap. Dude Bats 1000 with 500 Homeruns

  3. Hey Thomas thanks for another great video. I deposited as much as i can afford right now man. been following you for a while and tried reaching out on telegram. help a little guy out and let me join your group.

  4. Bro how to join your group R2R ? Just used your buddy address and purchased and deposited 42 avax worth of splash..

  5. Yo thomas, I'm in your splash team, how do I get into the airdrops? should i be in your tg?

  6. Where’s the r2r link as I’ve put some into slash and would like to join r2r? Cheers

  7. thanks dowg ,i deposit 160 splash under your buddy adress,but am not in R2R group and I want to in group but your old tg is delete,if you have time please share what I need to do yeah dowg

  8. Well done Thomas and the gainers of the day 💪 Too bad I could not get into R2R before the pre-sale. Will do this weekend 👍
    Good day to you!

  9. Hi, I have joined the SPLASH using your BUDDY . I am hoping to get good respond from you in near future.

  10. I dont understand how to be part of the telegram group. Everytime I join the admin I believe ask me to type some weird solution within 60seconds. If not I get kicked out. Can somebody help?

  11. Thanks for another dope video, btw used you as my refferer. Keep it up bro! You rock! <3

  12. Saw your previous video on Splash last night before I went to bed. Stalked their telegram all day and got in right at launch. Not a presale price, but I feel good about it. A lot of potential here and definitely worth the risk. Thanks!

  13. Maybe it’s just me but why does it say 2% daily coming to a total of 360% per year? Shouldn’t it be 730%?

  14. Thanks man! Always bringing heat! Tried to get in, but I didn't get any at a good price so I couldn't get the 10 splash! Oh well! Gonna sit back and try to get back in!

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