Stablecoin Yield Farming with NFT Boost: USDT USDC DAI CRO

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CRO USDT USDC BTC ETH Cronos | This video covers how to stake your Mad Meerkat NFT’s in the Mad Meerkat Optimizer (MMO) for additional rewards! The USDC-USDT Vault has provided great returns for the past month especially in a downtrending crypto market. Fast forward to 6:50 to see the NFT staking. They also have other solid CRO vaults to take advantage of. Mad Meerkat is a really cool project with innovative ideas that has been an extremely fun investment! Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below! MMO does not compound your rewards into more LP tokens so be aware of that. The NFT’s don’t increase your LP APY by 3% but boost the rewards you have received by 3%.

Link to MMF: https://mm.finance/?ref=MHhlQjE5MmVDNWY4MDM2N0EyNkFENkI0OThhQjNFMjNBYWVEM0RmMmMz
Link to Mad Meerkat NFT’s (they have Cronos and ETH MM’s): https://madmeerkat.io/adoption
Crypto.com Link: Sign up at crypto.com: https://crypto.com/app/abj7m8489y to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $25 USD! (Referral code: abj7m8489y)

This example is for MMF NFT staking worth 1% boost on your earnings NOT your total investment farming. MMO NFT staking is a 3% boost per NFT.
Without NFT (CRO-USDC LP): $10,000 worth of LP @ 78% APY = $10,000 x .78/365 = $21.36/day
With NFT: $10,000 x .78/365 + (1% x $21.36) = $21.57/day
**In this example the NFT would earn you an additional ~$78 per year. If you instead use your NFT’s in MMO vaults you will earn 3% per NFT but this reward is only paid to the MMO not MMF from my understanding.**

0:00 Intro
0:27 Intro to MMF AMM
1:21 MMF Yield Farming
2:06 Mad Meerkat Optimizer Intro
4:30 Vault Earnings: MMO & MMF
5:38 MMO tokenomics
6:50 Stake NFT for Increased Yield!
7:51 My NFT Staking
8:30 NFT Floor and Marketplace


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