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Stake your Wonderland wMEMO now on Popsicle Finance Fantom | Complete Step by Step Guide

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Time Wonderland – this is a step by step tutorial showing how to stake wMEMO on Popsicle Finance on Fantom Chain. SiFu confirmed those who staked wMEMO on Popsicle Finance would be receiving a small amount of Airdrop as a token of appreciation.

Popsicle –
Wonderland –

Network Name: Fantom Opera
RPC Url:
ChainID: 250
Symbol: FTM
Block Explorer URL:

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Step 1: Config Fantom Opera on MetaMask
01:23 – Step 2: Bridge Avalanche chain over Fantom chain
02:56 – Add Free FTM to the Fantom Opera for Gas Fee
04:57 – Step 3: Add wMEMO to Fantom Opera Network on MetaMask
05:38 – Step 4: Stake wMEMO on Popsicle Finance

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  1. Great News!! SiFu confirmed those who staked wMEMO on Popsicle Finance would be receiving a small amount of Airdrop as a token of appreciation.

  2. Hey, i am trying to follow your steps but i am having a problem. on my i can see my Wmemo balance on my meta mask but when i go to wonderland i can see my wmemo when a connect my meta mask. not sure why but i think it's beacause my wMemo balance is in the ledger. Please does any one have an advice to fix this?

  3. There is no point in staking on popsicle no more. Snapshot is already been taken yesterday and we didnt make it in the top 20 on ftm

  4. Hey, thank you for that video! just one question. A part of the NFT Solidity project, what other advantages would we have if we stake on popsicle?

  5. I have 0.000967 wmemo and if i bridge it over to fantom i receive only 0.000407 wmemo, which means i lose 57% of my value to fees for bridging? It is unreasonable for people holding small amounts like 100 usd. Is it worth bridging over and taking such a big hit? Also is there any way where I can directly buy wmemo in exchange of my fantom and stake it? Would i still be eligible for the nft airdrop that way? Or would bridging be mandatory to receive the airdrop? Thanks for all the updates!

  6. Hi – why do we need to stake on fantom? Why can't we remain staked as it is?

  7. Expected says 0.008696 … How did u get 0.0091 ? is it $30 bucks for bridging ?

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