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Thank you yo what’s up guys welcome to my channel DJing kid so in today’s video I’m going to bring to you a token which I believe could 100x and um this is a DEX token so a decentralized exchange literally only been in the market for probably a month

Or so built on arbitrum beta testing is live now so um you know there is the potential of getting on further airdrops and so on and I’ll talk to you guys about that at the end of the video but yeah guys the token that I wanted to

Talk to you about is is Vela token so let’s load that up and see what it has to offer so Vela let’s bring that up here so as you can see currently ranked 548 in terms of overall crypto market cap trading at 4.72 very low um market cap

At 34 million so pretty much put in it as a as a micro cap gem at the moment so 34 million fully diluted valuation 234 million so fair you can see you know from the difference there there’s there’s still a fair few amount of um tokens to be released to the ecosystem

So here Max Supply is a very low one of 50 million um total suppliers 10 million so pretty bullish in terms of tokenomics and also you know this is a DEX so um you think of all the Dex tokens out there GMX dydx you know with the I guess

With the uncertainty around centralized exchanges as more and more users use um you know use dexes use and blockchain for what it’s used for with D5 and so on you know as we use those dexes and these tokens will literally pump so we’ve been seeing that with the likes of dydx and

Um and GMX and this is relatively new um to the market so it’s only a matter of time before this literally explodes as well in terms of um all-time high in the short time that it’s been a 7.67 obviously I believe this token will potentially 100x

Um yeah so we could be looking at like 400 for um for Valor token um you know if we do kind of 100x from here and do I believe that it will 100x yeah most definitely come to an Xbox one as um you know dexes start to fly again

Um you know as more more users end up using um use indexes as well for trading and so on um yeah this could easily easily explode in my opinion so if you take a look at the website here just before we do that let’s take a look

At the actually let’s take a look at the website first so you can see here the new era of Perpetual Dex is and that pretty much is Vella exchange so you can see the relics change up here um you have the app as well so you can

Obviously join up um well just launch the app and make a trade or two and just um you know test the system and so on so beta is live our beta program is officially live on arbitrum includes access to trading staking and a range of exclusive beta incentives that are

Available throughout the the beta testing period so obviously with and I’ll touch on it at the end as well but with this um with the the beta testing period there are going to be incentives involved so yeah stick around to the end of the video and um and I’ll show you

Guys just how to get on some potential airdrops so pushing the Dex Frontier the new era of dexes starting with Perpetual trading a little bit around the options that it has to offer so the you know these functionalities that that the decks has to offer Advanced automation up to 100x leverage

Flexible assets via on off-boarding multilingual support real-time notifications so yeah that you know these guys are bringing something new to the to the um to the ecosystem and that you know that for me is pretty bullish so audited by hacken so already audited which is good to see Partners you can

See Quant stamp uh big bang hold Holdings Jade protocol and some of the others there as well and also if we just take a look at some of the other areas about them so about us fell exchange team is committed to building their next Frontier of decentralized Finance so the team consists of

Um Travis Travis queries I believe that’s pronounced Dan ping and so on and you can see you know their former BCG portal finance um coin Market former BCG and yeah so these guys have got decent decent experience and they’re obviously bringing that to this um to this project

And advisors wise you’ve got the CEO of exchange um you’ve got the founder of moonwell and um you’ve got some other big players here as well so co-founder of portal um this guy’s X polygon as well so um advisory team seems to be a a decent team as well

So yeah overall from my perspective pretty bullish and if we just put some comparisons together I guess if we take a look at the market cap right now so 34 million and if we look at dydx in terms of market cap so let’s bring that in

Just comparing it to I guess um some of the more um you know established competitors so 350 million so that is a pretty much a 10x from today’s prices which will see Vela hit roughly 40 um or like 47 or whatever it may be but within that kind of range

Um so yeah you know do I believe we’ll get there like I said guys I’m Mega bullish on Vela and um potentially could even see a hundred X when um when the ball ball run comes along in um in full force if I just bring that up again

So valid token let’s bring that back and if we just take a look at the um the Twitter so we can just see what sort of Engagement the guys are getting and followers wise and so on whenever that decides to load up okay so empowering D5 Traders with fast execution cheap transactions Advanced

Trading features and self-custody and here you can see so available now um so you’ve got the app there and obviously you can trade and so on on the app use um leverage as well um and um here you can see a little bit how the app is working which is pretty

Cool obviously guys do your own research and take a look at that as well straight into the top 10 on tvl with close to 50 million all while still in beta so obviously that really you know signals to me that this is Mega bullish

Into the top 10 in terms of tvl so let’s take a look at that tweet actually and just see what’s who else is there so GMX uni swap Sushi Stargate curve RV and you’ve got Vella exchange there as well so yeah that is pretty bullish compared

To the likes of you know some of these other big players they’re just literally slotted straight in so overall that’s um that’s pretty bullish for me and you can see here tvl um tvl locked is pretty much close to 50 million and um some of the competition

Up there GMX obviously is exploding up there with 449 mil but yeah that’s pretty good and just a little bit more about I guess what Vela is um is bringing to to the ecosystem so guys take a look at the um the Twitter take a look at the website

And do your own research before you obviously do look to invest but in my opinion relx change you know I’m DCA an intervella right now and um and just fill in my bags because this is one that I definitely believe will explode so airdrops wise so value exchange here

You can see some instructions of a potential airdrop and you can see relx change is a decentralized exchange so pretty much just the stuff that we talked about so Rel exchange has confirmed to do an airdrop of Vela to beta testers connect your orbitron wallet and trade on the platform to be

Eligible for the airdrop so visit the Vella exchange connect your wallet now change their Network so obviously use orbitrim as your network need if and usdc on the orbitrum network to trade so just where you can get it from you can obviously get it from binance and transfer it over and

Um yeah so they’ve confirmed to do an airdrop to early beta testers but the exact requirements have not been revealed yet so hopefully by following this and obviously keeping up to date with their social media you’ll be able to get into the airdrop you could also thereby become eligible for the arbitrum

Speculative airdrop as well so potentially by using this exchange on the um obviously on the arbitrary Network you could potentially become eligible for the arbitrum airdrop as well which is which is pretty cool so guys yeah do your own research and obviously take a look at Vella take a

Look at the token but I’ll make a bullish on that one so um yeah hit me up on the comments below let me know what you think about it hit that like hit that subscribe and I will catch you in the next video peace out foreign foreign

In this video I talk about a DEX token which has the potential to 100X. VELA have set out a unique perpetual DEX which could potentially explode following on from other DEX tokens…

Nothing that I say in this video is financial advice so please do your own research before investing!!

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