STOP Depending on VeVe To Sustain The Community! Ecomi Has Done Enough!!!

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STOP Depending on VeVe To Sustain The Community! Ecomi Has Done Enough!!! | Cavell Anderson

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  1. I am only doing price predictions. After the drop nobody is watching my video ever again 🫣

  2. Shit… This is why I stick to making veve TikToks … I just want to entertain, veve style 😅… I'll crash and burn trying to give information like you guys

  3. Shoutout to Everyrhing Currency and Blockchain Andy for covering Ecomi early on before any hype before items was sold out in store. If you caught their videos you got omi for less than .0005. Another shoutout to Crypto Rain too another one early…they just didn’t dedicate their channels to one project because they are real crytpo people.

  4. @Cavell I have always been a fan because you dont just speak positive about VeVe you are well spoken and understand all angles. You just dont give you opinions but back it up with referances. As far as cross promoting yourself on your channel, thats just good business. I think I first heard about NFTS from GaryVee then I found the OMI token from EverythingCurrency when I was researching NFTS then I found your channel along with Taps. Keep doing your thing. Some people dont know your resume and your just building your credibility through acknowledging your accomplishments. Keep the the videos coming. Looking forward to hear more about your business venture.

  5. 💯🤘🏾… Enough said…..I was here when you first started bruh bruh, You’ve help me understand this investment on all levels…. You were right about Disney , Marvel, and Veve being a multi billion dollar company. Let the haters hate.

  6. As much as I critic sometimes cavell I’ve been watching this journey from day one and love it bro, your a solid dude who stands his ground i respek it bro! I’m a fan ngl. Fuck the haters bro ❤

  7. Say what you say cavell was the glue for investors to stay and learn more about the project. He will not say it like this but it’s true cavell, feels like the only logical person out there looking at all angles

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