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Strategic Cannabis Marketing, Branding, PR and Paid Media: MATTIO + FIORE

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Strategic Cannabis Marketing, Branding, PR and Paid Media: MATTIO + FIORE

In this episode of the Canna Cribs Podcast, Nick Morin talks with Rosie and Madison, both part of
the amazing Mattio Communications team!

We get to learn how they help brands get noticed, their approach to digital marketing and
what’s on the horizon for cannabis brands who want to get out there.

Canna Cribs Podcast is dedicated to bringing you the best guests from the cannabis space
to continue providing our viewers new, educational content for professionals, home
growers, and enthusiasts.

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What’s in the interview?

What drew you to the Cannabis industry?
Did you have any personal connection to cannabis?
What type of marketing did you specialize in prior to cannabis?
What is your personal belief in cannabis and its use as a medicine?
Describe your bottlenecks and how your partnership with Mattio came to fruition.
How did you and Rosie meet?
How did your two companies compliment each other?
What type of services did you bring to Mattio?
Do you have any examples of start-ups that you have helped become successful brands?
Do you have a division that is focusing on emerging brands, or do you primarily focus on
established companies?
Who are your top clients right now?
What did you see happening in the digital marketing landscape when you shifted your focus
to cannabis?
What type of cross-over media platforms were you able to employ?
What type of media roadblocks have you run into while marketing cannabis, and how did
you get past them
What type of marketing in the cannabis space have you found the most success in?
Print, PR, PoP, programmatic, books, trade shows, private events, paid media, earned media,
influencers, SEO, social media, investor relations?
What type of advertising and marketing did Mattio Communication specialize in prior to
partnering up with Madison?
What type of social media marketing have you found the most success with?
Facebook, IG, SnapChat, etc?
Did you ever get shut down or lose your account?
What type of marketing team did you build for the cannabis space?
What type of specialists did you need to help find success in the cannabis vertical?
Do you have any advice for the craft cannabis brands out there who are ready to scale up
their marketing efforts?
Best practices?
Are you considering working with the newly emerging psychedelics?
How do you choose your clients?
Do you have a department that focuses on the small farmers who are starting out?

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  4. This is such good information about cannabis marketing in a developing playing field. I am watching it again to learn more. Thanks for the show.

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