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Superior – Gala Games AMA with Drifter Team

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Superior is an in-development multiplayer cooperative 3rd-person shooter created by Drifter and brought to you by Gala Games.
Today, key members of the Drifter team are here to answer the community’s questions and share some details of the highly anticipated project.
AMA Host:
Jason “Bitbender” Brink
AMA Guests:
Brian Murphy
Kenneth Scott
Ray Davis
#gaming #NFT #blockchain


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  1. Can we get any game release? townstar and spider tanks still sitting in beta.

  2. Hey fellas love the concept and preview and wish you tons of luck and success with this venture. Looking really great so far! Are you publishing a Superior website soon, whitepaper or roadmap? Thanks love the artwork too really nice

  3. The votes a no brainer yes, I've heard nothing but good things from the Community about the play test. Looking forward to release!

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