Surprising! Alliance Designs / Christensen Knifeworks Kraken Folding Knife – Overview and Review

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Full review of the Alliance/CK Kraken.

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  1. Just bought and the final steel is Elmax not M390 so that is a nice surprise and adds to the "value"

  2. I have the copper head that costs $450. This is a sleeper knife imo, and one of the best edc's to carry 🤫

  3. Site says that model is $495, so while it's lovely, it's a no-go as far as price for me. I agree totally about the zircoti back spacer, especially at that price point.

  4. Just an fyi I received mine this morning and the issues you stated have been taken care of. No more sharp edges. I love it. 👍🏻✌️peace out

  5. My Pena Mini-Diesel is very similar…OEM is Reate, CF with Ti Bolster frame lock. Zircuti pivot collar, backspacer and dpc clip. Similar blade shape and grinds. Great knife, this looks great too. Reate does good work. Nice vid 👌 👍👏

  6. MC : “I’d love to talk about your day but I have to go record.”

    Mrs. MC : “Why do you always have to record whenever I want to talk about my day?”

    MC: running down stairs “SORRY THE CAMERA’S CALLING ME BABE!”

    Mrs. MC : vacuums the same spot on the floor directly above him for the entire video

  7. I'm had this knife in my cart for a while.
    The thumb disks aren't my favorite but I think I'll pull the trigger

  8. Hi Complex. At least the blade isn’t black coated. I don’t care for black coated blades unless the steel is O1, A2 ect. Just personal preference. Thx

  9. Not really diggin the compound blade or blade shape. Love the handle though.

  10. Very cool knife, but I don't love knives where the primary grind is only half the height of the blade. Sure, the hollow mitigates that, but why not bring it up higher?

  11. Might be the first thumb disc I don't hate. Mainly just adding comment to boost your youtube stats. Doing what I can to support the channel.

  12. Thinking about how I could afford this if I hadn’t bought many $50-100 knives

  13. Lol I would think it would difficult to use a 375 dollar Knife as your EDC Knife to cut cardboard or straps or especially Zip Ties etc. I bet it holds an edge forever though with the blade steel.

  14. Ok, i don't need an ass balls vj deoderizer cream… goddam irritating product. But the knife viddies are grand!

  15. Bro, do you sleep? Every time I open YouTube, you have a new video. Definition of Dedication.

  16. I love every time you do the voice on the Dr Knifesnob PHD. I just imagine you pushing your glasses up while saying it 😂

  17. Oooohhh oui loik thit knoif!
    But is it just me or does that pivot collar look like a LGBT..Q..S..P..ABCDE, oh whatever the hell it's called? A rainbow!

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