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Swag Coin Route? 👀 | Epic [Harder] by Vonsse (3 Coins) – Geometry Dash [Daily Level] | Read Descr.

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Epic [Harder] by Vonsse (3 Coins) – Geometry Dash [Daily Level] ==============================
1st: 3% (Go down) [Easy 1/10] 2nd: 40% [Hard 5/10] – Wrong Way: Skip the 35% red pad
– Correct way: Use the second black orb a bit late and very precisely at 39%
3rd: 66% (Timing) [Medium 3/10] ==============================
The weirdest swag route I’ve ever seen, and in my opinion it was a better way to get the second coin XD
La swag route más curiosa que haya visto, y para mí fue una mejor forma de obtener la segunda moneda XD
Nombre del Daily: Epic
ID: 85035696
Dificultad: Harder (7*)
Creador: Vonsse
Canción: Exyl & Dalux – Nice Logo by Exyl [ID: 923513] Monedas: 3


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