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SWING DAO BREAKDOWN – (Banana Task Force Ape)

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SWING DAO is a decentralized effort to expand the basis of DeFi, web-based activities, and a community-built foundation.

✅Check Out Swing Dao Medium Article
➡️ https://swing-dao.medium.com/introducing-the-ultimate-decentralized-pursuit-swingdao-34363e39977e

✅Check Out Swing Dao Twitter Page
➡️ https://twitter.com/swing_dao

✅ Join the Discord for Banana Task Force Ape
➡️ https://discord.com/channels/938608312600121344/978073982773370905

At Banana Task Force Ape (BTFA), owners will have the opportunity to participate in various social activities, have unprecedented control over the organization’s governance through Swing DAO, and earn rewards that continue to increase in value throughout the ecosystem.

✅Check Out Banana Task Force Ape New Website
➡️ https://bananataskforceape.com

✅Check Out the BTFA Twitter Below?
➡️ https://twitter.com/BananaTFA

✅Check Out BTFA Telegram Group
➡️ https://t.me/BTFAEntryPortal

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➡️ https://shop.ledger.com/?r=62f1ec593001

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  1. So this is A made up economic system for communities really? Are you Jim Jones? Like I mean we already have a government so we create another government within the government is that what you’re doing? And still after watching this video even if this type of thing dead fly on who’s authority? Who are you and why would I trust you.?! I trust no man let every man be proven a liar and let only God be true. And after hearing the details of this video it still sucks because the people at the top are the ones in control still this does not make it a community based beneficial system it is the holders that benefit the most! So this is kind of like kids playing house with a Barbie doll in a makeshift house I guess but except with economy and government

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