Tanto VS Bowie Kraken. Is there a difference?

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today I compare tanto VS Bowie Kraken, and see if there is any difference.

huge thank you to Micah for letting me borrow their kraken!

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  1. man I want a tanto kraken so bad but squid doesn't sell live blades outside the us :(. and inked red tanto kraken is my grail but i cant get it sadly

  2. I actually prefer the bowie and I own both. At first the tanto I wanted due to the badnwagon everyone gets one telling us which is better. Well the tanto was great at first but as I used the bowie months later I now prefer the bowie but we all have a preference. My point is just because something is said by other people and what they may or may not prefer that may not be the case for you. Both are outstanding they are similiar and you can't go wrong with any of them! Lol it's really not a big difference for sure. Get either and be very happy! I think that it's funny as you said it's not much difference in a lineup from manufacturers. The blades don't make as big of one as you would think unless it's a massive difference in weight. Heck I just picked up a hand engraved mirror polished da purge. Why? Because I love it and one of my favorite flippers and the looks are amazing. I don't do badnwagons I go by my own preference and I think some knives get to much hate then they deserve.

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