Terra Classic Holders, GREAT News! THIS Just Happened! (burns)!! (Terra Luna Classic News Today!)

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Terra Classic Holders, GREAT News! THIS Just Happened! (burns)!! (Terra Luna Classic News Today!)

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  3. Terra Classic will reach its original price of 100$+. But we investors need to be patient and let it reach its original (OLD) price without withdrawing or sell our assets.

  4. I transferred Solana, Algo and Terra Luna Classic to my wife, Terra Luna got into her wallet before she blinked, so she is in love with Terra Luna Classic, and I got jellies 😂

  5. Gafa is the possibility, don’t loose it, remember the bitcoin guy back in 2011.

  6. So annoying people saying the burn has started but the price is dropping🤬

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  10. As exciting as it is to see the burn start, 1.6B Luna burned on-chain per days isn’t a lot. If this can sustain, you’re looked at over 600 days to burn 1 trillion Luna, or like 1.3 years. This gets even worse as the price increases cuz the amount of Luna burned will go down over time too. For example, if we get to a price of $0.01, then we’re only burning 1% of what we can burn today cuz the price went up 100x.

    This is assuming that daily transaction volume stays constant, and nothing else is added. An increase in price could bring back more investors and projects which will resurrect trading volume (this should be on us as a community to develop).

    Definitely going to need more exchanges involved, otherwise it’ll take well over 10 years to hit 10 billion (which is still 10x as many tokens that started in circulation). Re-enabling IBC could help cuz that’ll lead to the opportunity for more on-chain transactions via interchain transactions. Problem is, we don’t know how safe that will be given where we are right now.

    This is a big step in the right direction tho. I don’t mean to downplay that 🙂

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  12. Late to the news…..been talking about it at the beginning of the month

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    When Lunc $1

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  23. 1.6B a day so thats rouchly whats 600B a year so we are on a good amount in 10 years?.

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