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  1. Ciao Lorenzo, riceverò l’AirDrop se ho gli Ust su anchor o devo spostarli per forza su terra station wallet?

  2. I had LUNA tokens in my TerraStation wallet prior to the LUNA crash. I staked them on ANCHOR to earn passive income. After the LUNA crash I unstaked them but I have to wait 21 days before I can move them into my wallet. How can I receive LUNA tokens via the Airdrop if I have them staked on Anchor and not in my wallet?

  3. Binance and all the major exchanges has recently came out and said they are supporting the new Luna 100 percent, that should make you backtrack your comments about Luna lol

  4. I'm saving this video for when Luna 2.0 surpasses the old all time high lol. Man oh man!

  5. Dude you can still get the airdrop, by transferring your coins from Binance to the Terra chain, which is where they'll take the snapshots

  6. Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days.

  7. Perfect Crypto insight, amazing video, made my own share the love ;).

  8. Thank you lorenzo
    You are an angel
    If only the team can employ someone like you. They mismanaged the project and still never learns. Luna might just slowly died off

  9. This plan shows how incompetent the CEO and the team is. They are going to ruin any chance left for recovery

  10. Even though I'm not a luna holder , it feels so happy . Thank you for this information

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