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Terra Luna Classic⚠️BINANCE TAX…. Honest Thoughts for LUNC (Actually Urgent)

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  1. You were wrong. Binance is doing the full 1.2% tax on chain and off chain. People need to stop listening to negative YouTubeers who don't really believe in the Luna classic coin

  2. well 1.2 % urn they will do as it on chain – the in house trading it is simple – if the lunc holders traders can get past there greed of the 1.2 5 and vote yes to it then it be on and off chain simple – and easy –

  3. would we not be better off going to binance and saying if you don’t implement the tax Lunc will be delisted off your exchange. i feel that if we get all the other exchanges first we still have that chance that CZ saying no. that’s just how i feel.

  4. I am currently sending $10 worth Lunc to the burn wallet once a week. If every Lunc holder / investor did this same action just once it would create more of a positive impact faster than if binance adopted the 1.2% burn tax on spot trades.
    If you don’t send this message to 10 people you will have bad luck for the rest of your life 😂

  5. That's not an opportunity.
    These fuckers keep moving the goal post.

    Stop bootlicking for Binance

  6. CZ isn’t a greedy man….he is just a smart business man who has to tick all boxes in decision making

  7. You got valid points.
    My exact tots… the opt-in option is best cos some traders ain’t Lunatics like us sp wouldnt find it funny to force the tax on them, thereby may avoid the trade entirely.
    Binance doesn’t need agitated traders either.

  8. We have to support the smaller exchange and bring them up to the same burning rate that we need them to be at .support them so they support us.

  9. I remember when I just got into crypto back in 2017 but later in 2018 I ended up selling it because I was dumb and I didn't understand it. I studied and learned and now I know how it works. Got back into crypto early in 2021 and looks like we have the same mentality, I admit that seeing a -50% hurts but it's not a realized loss until you sell. Now I buy and just trade and I'm super picky who I listen too for crypto analysis..with Shirley Bagshaw Signal in few weeks, I have made over 22BTC with Shirley Bagshaw Signal in few weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish.

  10. I don't have twitter but people need to watch and retweet this video from CZ talking previously about asking people to choose on their platform and how it won't work. Video short is on Decentralised fusion
    cz response to 1.2% burn of Terra luna classic.

  11. Screw binance! We need to" promote all" small exchanges to participate in the burn on and off chain. Binance will eventually get on board.

  12. 🤮🤮🤦‍♂🤦‍♂Crypto is such a hoax to me… Since last year I started I have only incurred losses and regrets. I will need some guidance please..

  13. 10 years ago I shared binance app with bankers and retail investors here in London. Luna classic community is spread out all over the world and consists of influencers, traders and developers and true lunatics. Lunc community is is interested in community building and targeting small long-term investors instead of short-term profit takers. Why can't we try 1.2 percent tax first instead of speculating against community vote that went 99 percent in favour of burn tax. Lunc is community driven that brings new users to exchanges.

    We think that majority of the traders will leave and binance will certainly struggle to get them back. Lets hope that binance evolve faster before its too late and find effective solutions to help the community thrive.


    "Its takes decades to build reputation but seconds to destroy it".

  14. Lunac supply is 6.9T. how much of that supply is in the hands of end users rather than exchanges, because the 6.4T supply increase back in May was due to algorithmic minting and to whom did those newly minted coins go?

  15. binance could change their mind….we will support…no we wont…well maybe if you can do this and that…we have changed our minds…they do not care about the lunc community

  16. I AGREE 100% Conor!
    Let’s Support Binance, we need voting power and TRADE, this can be quite easy to achieve. Let show Binance and all the CEXs around the world the power of this community!!
    I will be OPTING IN and TRADING!!

  17. I agree with you. Remember, we heard this same boycott crap with the same crowd when Shib was trying to get on Robinhood.
    People need to stop this sh#$.

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