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  1. XRP is about to win a law suit. that is why it is up. They expect the coming months big pumps

  2. "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary." -Vidal Sassoon

  3. Hi i have been trying to crack my head on this… How can i calculate what the price and market cap will be if i choose a random circulation supply number. Example how do i do the math to find the price and market cap if the circulations supply goes to 1,000,000,000,000?

    I'm trying to create a excel file to see the prices when circulation supply goes down but maybe i suck at math or it's impossible to calculate it. Any help will be much appreciated.


    Current Circulation 6,151,072,613,161
    volume = 700,000,000
    Current price= $0.0003022
    market cap= $1,859,037,860

    i get 27,796,161,482.46 lunc that will be burned from 1.2% tax.

    So 6,151,072,613,161 – 27,796,161,482.46 = 6,123,276,451,678.54

    But now i'm not sure how to go about calculating the new price and market cap of the circulation supply. So does that mean there is no way we could calculate this?

    Edit: From what i have noticed, The circulation supply could be anything when prices reach for example 0.001. It could be 1,000,000,000 or 5,000,000 or 500,000,000 etc etc and it does not help prices goes up when the circulation supply goes down. Looks like only when people keep on buying it the demand increases. So i'm wondering what's the point of all this 1.2% tax burn as it does not mean prices will go up?

  4. Off chain burn might be a bit hard to implement on a centralized exchange, but it's do-able. CEX or centralized exchanges use databases that keep track of their numbers. However, the centralized exchanges would need two wallets. As soon as a user buys or sells some Lunc, they'll record the amount and then program it as such that wallet A would send whatever amount that user bought/sold to another wallet. This allow on chain burn to take place. But they would need to keep a balancing act between two wallets to ensure that one wallet isn't drained completely.

    Another option is for the CEX to provide all users with their own wallet addresses and the CEX will manage them all. As soon as a user bought/sold some Lunc, their database would record the appropriate number after the 1.2% burn tax is calculated—THEN have "say" user wallet make a transaction on chain. For example, if he/she bought 100 Lunc, then send 100 Lunc on chain to his/her wallet (at 1.2% that'll be 1.2 Lunc as tax). This will ensure that the tax will be calculated automatically from wallet-to-wallet transaction. The same thing if he/she sold some Lunc.

  5. They already burn you for 10% when making trades like for instance I have 1mil lunac and says $307 and if click sell you get $276

  6. Just curious why dont you mention CoinInn some more? i know they dont support you financially but they ARE burning on chain. moving my lunc to them myself

  7. I’m watching the catch up and you carried on 8 minutes after your girlfriend was going to kill you, RIP m8 it’s was a good ride 😊

  8. Dude Where are you talking about????? What big News? This is the burn only on deposits and whithdraws. Damnnn read first before you put this semi enthoustic video online. Its not taxed on any trades. Exchanges are doing nothing to support LUNC, the TAX is one big Joke.

  9. hi, is there a website that show us the important dates for crypto news/etc just like in FX market? thanks,

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