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Ladies and gentlemen the day has finally come the binance burns are going to be coming back this is a breaking news announcement at this point as the binance webpage now updating to Transit itself in the new era for Terra Luna Classic this is classy crypto if you

Enjoy the content like And subscribe or luna classic validator stick with us but why I wanted to to make this video was because guess what Finance made some changes to the burning of Terror classic fees a couple of months ago and at this point we’ve kind of proven ourselves

That we are capable of doing what needs to be done in the ultimatum to get the burn back yesterday actually had an AMA with Terra CV as you may know uh I am a part of the Terrace Vita core team and we talked a little bit about not only

Teleport of course that’s still going on but generally speaking um you know frag’s role in the layer 1 task force as it relates to this video of course and he spoke a lot on the binance burns now of course he said well I don’t really know what’s going to

Happen after the burns ended up happening but he does know that without a Shadow of Doubt the binance burdens are going to be coming back now you’re probably asking me how do I know this could it just be here or say could this just be another click bait video could

This just be uh you know classy crypto me might be off his meds or something and here’s the proof the proof is the pudding batch seven periods of calculation it’s going from this is ridiculous by the way November 30th all the way to February 27th is going to be the timeline of the

Binance trading fee you know calculations here and they’re going to be doing the burn you know they say the trading fees on Long spot they’re going to be calculating that stuff on the March 2nd and then the burn transaction ID is also going to be coming out in

March 2nd now in terms of timelines I personally have no clue uh when exactly it’s going to be coming out historically speaking the binance burns have happened during the morning Eastern time so if you’re in America by the time you wake up you may have seen the

Binance burns of course it could be later it could be sooner I literally have no clue when exactly it’s going to be however we kind of know what day it’s gonna be and so uh you know with this confirmation essentially people are getting super excited right we we now

Have everything we essentially need uh you know he did mention in the AMA frag of course that binance made a couple of extra you know ass from the layer one task force one of them being a new Burn wallet so that they could whitelist things so people that want to just get

Pure Burns you know have the opportunity to use that burn wallet so that should be very interesting for people in Terra Luna classic but generally speaking this is very interesting news binance Burns coming back for sure like 150 million percent we could say it all day but if

It ain’t so it ain’t so but it is so in this case we’re actually seeing Tara Luna classic um just jump up in volume right now 36 up on volume it’s up around one percent and this is something interesting I want to be 100 transparent with you guys um

Whenever I’ve seen this a couple times like I’ve seen this quite a few times Ontario luno classic well we’re just gonna randomly pump from like the 16s 12 twos to all the way to like the 17s and then we correct from there uh people in crypto they call that like scan pumps

Right like when somebody is clearly trying to manipulate the chart for profit or something like that that’s usually what we’re seeing we’ve been seeing that quite consistently Over time however here’s the thing like this doesn’t really happen with many other cryptocurrencies so there are whales you know Ontario Luna classic try to

Prop the price up for you know whatever reason uh try to get people to go ahead and size into Terra Luna classic maybe they’re you know trying to get more long-term holders you know we never will know the true justification for it but terrible doing a classic right now standing pretty strong

You know almost at that billion dollar market cap once again just looks like a pretty good day for Terra little classic I think once more people begin to see this stuff should be good so let me know your thoughts in the comments section as always stay safe Stay classy and that’s all

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  1. On CMC there are trading pairs for 1000LUNC/BNB and 1000LUNC/usdt… What does 1000LUNC signify? Bc the other wallets are still showing

  2. How many years will it take to reach 1 trillion burn with our current burns each week?


  4. Create a new stable coin for terra luna and airdrop currently ustc holders. There is no sense in pursuing the ustc repeg.

  5. Lunc is a scam and will never do anything. Burns are not doing anything much

  6. When you talk Lunc is going down. What a coincidence. You work with system an diverting people to buy or sell. And you are paid when people such us, lose money. Funny, is not it. But we dont laugh. You are unmerciful.

  7. Lookong for 2T burn from Binance in March $$$

  8. our community is getting better, you cant get away doing shit click bait videos like these bro

  9. I learned nothing from watching this video. We already know binance is going to burn and also know about the passed proposals already.

  10. My friend sounds your guy’s not good at math stop manipulating people Luna classic will never reach a even a penny.

  11. Do u get money from Crypto platforms for hype up things about crypto!? literally nothing is happening.

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