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Terra Luna Classic CRUCIAL INFO For All LUNC Holders (BREAKING)

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Terra Luna Classic CRUCIAL INFO For All LUNC Holders (BREAKING)

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Terra is a public blockchain protocol deploying a suite of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins which underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings DeFi to the masses. Terra’s native token, LUNA, is used to stabilize the price of the protocol’s stablecoins. LUNA holders are also able to submit and vote on governance proposals, giving it the functionality of a governance token.

I am NOT a Financial Advisor. This is NOT Financial Advice. This video is For Entertainment Purposes ONLY.
My Rules: 1) Do your own research. 2) Buy what you can afford losing. 3)Diversify your Money. Thanks For Watching!

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  1. Do Kwon Likes to speak in metaphors.
    What kind of 🐦 bird don't fly ?
    A Jail Bird 🐦 "twat"

  2. Do Kwon has turned transgendered.
    He went from the 🐐 to 💩
    If you're curious , no he doesn't have any balls.

  3. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  4. Gotta remember that this time around the pump we had was not as big as other times. So the drop may not be as bad this time around too. It would make sense as well. That being said, Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 18BTC when I started at 7 BTC in just few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from Alice Marcella . I would advise y'all to trade your asset rather than hodl for a future you aren't sure about .

  5. El dinero es un tema que todo el mundo tiene para una vida mejor y lujosa. la vida era difícil para mí hasta que comencé con Bitcoin y ahora estoy ganando $9500 por semana.

  6. Hello Oscar, are you also analyzing with the Elliot Wellen Principle which includes the Fibbonachi as well?

  7. I started a petition last night for Binance to implement the 1.2% tax burn on all off chain transactions. However, every time i post the petition on youtube it gets removed. I could really use your help on getting this petition out to the Luna Community.

  8. why wait on exchanges we can by pass them buy what ever we are going to buy figure in what the 1.2 percent in on what your buying buy your coin then send the 1.2 percent to the dead wallet and when you sell do the same easy peasy

  9. Wonderful video! I first got into <BTC back in 2018 and have been holding/buying sats at different price points since. I've been through corrections before and will likely experience more over the future. Volatility is simply the price one needs to pay if they want to play. I don't have any Alts as I'm a bit of a BTC Maxi, but that said, if BTC hasn't died before, it surely won't do so now. Stick in there – yes we are all feeling the pain, but over the long run this will just be a blip. This is how I see past corrections when I felt that I got in at a high (back then I think it was less than $1000 and bouncing all over the place!). Now when I look back, all I see is regret for not having the courage in buying more at those times. But if you believe BTC has value, then by all means, buy these dips if you can afford to. For those who got in at 60 or 70K and feeling the crunch: hang in there. BTC is not a get rich quick scheme. Wait it out and you will see: you will come away stronger. I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 9.5 BTC with 2.4btc in just 5weeks from day trading with my mentor James Wilson Crypto in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish. Technical analysis is my second language <You can reach Mr. James on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉 (Jameswilson21)

  10. If you have been closely watching the crypto <or even invested in it, chances are that you are wondering whether the latest bear cycle is over. The truth is that the market remains unpredictable especially in the long-term. Despite the heavy outflows, Bitcoin still managed to promptly recover, this recovery demonstrated Bitcoin’s strength despite being stress tested against highly volatile and unfavorable market conditions. Could this outcome be a sign that the market is ready for a bigger recovery? The obvious answers is yes despite how long it might take, it is very important to stay ahead of the market by trading with the right strategy. I have been trading with Thomas Frederick White strategy for 3 weeks now I have been able to accumulate 27 btc with his signals.

  11. After losing so much to stock market, One best investment decision I ever made afterwards was investing in financial markets. Which has earned me $34,970 profit every 14days lately. Trust me guys it pays a lot.

  12. To all Oscar followers don’t be stupid save your money this is just a fake pump. Just think about about it even if lunac goes up to a penny you can make ton of money, so save your money because it’s gonna drop again then you can buy at a cheaper price, but I’m no one to tell you what to do with your money at least if you do short buys it’s good,Oscar let me ask you how much do you buy and burn?

  13. I'm thinking some whales have insider info on the XRP summary briefs/pre-judge ruling. Timing is too coincidental IMO.

  14. 🚀 🚀 & Beyond 🚀 🚀 🚀

    Have no fear, Burning near!!!

    Fully expect to break $1.5B in daily value today and burn well over 60B LUNC Token every 24hrs

    Overall goal between $3B and $7B in daily value until supply is gone!

    6.9T Lunc supply your days of honoring yourself are at an end! Too Infinity…

    Together we stand, divided we fall. Stay safe, Stay invested, peace!

    $1 Lunc before Dec 20th

  15. Charts appear to say >>18.9k< bottom i could see that, but not with the macro situation though. I don’t even think talking bout the bottom is worth it atm. Macro is the worst in decades energy, inflation, rate hikes, supply shortages etc etc its the perfect storm. When the economy was flourishing and the fed was printing money btc still crash about 85%. So i find it hard to accept a 75% crash for a bear market that lines up with a global recession, don’t make sense to me. Institutions & whales need retail to sell so theres enough supply to meet their demand & they ain’t buying yet!! The thing is retail ain’t got any money to ape in to btc atm & over the next 12 months or so i see less money in the system as the fed tightens & everything goes up in price. So where will the money come from in that kind of a setting?? I really don’t think we’ve seen the bottom yet or the kind of pain coming next year after mid terms. I guess we will see, I will keep buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 7.5` btc from trading with James Wilson in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish. <<<<<Reach her VlA Te le gr am > (Jameswilson21)

  16. Because of big whale seller price came down for us and another opportunity to invest more because hold your seat we are about to go to the moon

  17. 🤮🤮🤦‍♂🤦‍♂Crypto is such a hoax to me… Since last year I started I have only incurred losses and regrets. I will need some guidance please

  18. Remember, The Democrats are hiring 87,000 IRS agents to bleed the workingman instead of funding school safety. The Fed is bringing in a new digital currency 2023. They want to control everything. Thank you , and NEVER EVER VOTE todays DEMOCRAT!

  19. if we just burn 1.5 Billion a day in 10 years wer only burning 5.4 Trillion thats why we need CEX especially Binance

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