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Terra Luna Classic | Dokwon ARRESTED? Could Ed Kims Side Chain Be #LUNC 's Bridge To Alliance?

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Hey folks good afternoon and we’ve got a bit of an interesting article that suddenly uh dropped into the whole news feed for crypto and I’ve done a little bit of research to try and see if I can back any of this up through interpolver there’s no there’s no warrants on Interpol

Um there’s nothing showing up on the Montenegro kind of police databases or anything like that so do take something like this with a pinch of salt but this is actually really interesting to see this land uh today because of the video that I had prepared for the community

And I thought it was quite an interesting kind of thing that I’ve taken notice of and it’s simply just looking at everything on a broader perspective taking a step back and thinking hold up a minute this all seems very interlinked it all kind of seems like we’re being

Led down a path that we feel like we’ve got freedom we feel like we’re making choices but realistically we’re we’re not and I’m I’m kind of starting to see and digest this so this first kind of hit me yesterday when I was going through I was doing this video I was

Reading up on Alliance and trying to understand specifically how we will become an alliance asset how that works how do you go about doing something like that and I think it’s really important for people to understand what’s being said in here and it’s basically they’re explaining

Exactly how an asset will work and what you would need to do for it to be an asset and they give a really good description and this the description itself it speaks of a kind of second asset and they call it Alliance One and that second asset being the asset use

For the alliance proposals right so we would want some kind of really like smart asset we want something intelligent right we want something that can think for itself we would really want to you know take advantage of this situation where we can stake on other chains without being part of another

Chain but there comes that security wish which I’ve raised and now having this situation which I I solely believe there’s something interlinked uh with all of this but just because of the simple fact that we’re going to need an extra asset it seems to act as a bridge

And there’s a lot of people who are currently wondering you know what this whole article is about if this is leading to another coin I’m like no God and the more I read it the more it says side blockchain I’m doing the bunny fingers it says side

Blockchain but this is just you know it’s a new blockchain as you can label it however you want you are generating a new blockchain and this blockchain’s supposed to be based around artificial intelligence it’s supposed to work in a very intelligent Manner and Ed’s wanting to follow this pretty much flipping the

Script instead of doing what he was doing he’s just going to follow this now and I honestly believe this could have something to do with the alliance module because it’s developing an a side chain and he wants to use this side chain right to innovate on lunc’s future and

Make things better for lunc I have my own problems with building a chain to fix a chain just seems contradictory in itself but if this Chain’s being built to act as a bridge between lunc and Alliance then it’s kind of something to pay attention to so another thing that I’ve

Noticed is Jared from tfl is behind Alliance quite a lot he’s doing a lot of the stuff and suddenly now you’re seeing tweets coming from Tobias saying almost at parity on FCD I must admit I am starting to enjoy Clara but collaborating with Jared and his crew

And for me this seems like we’re being warmed up to the idea of working with Luna and a lot of people are going to sit and they’re going to say today you know but this doesn’t affect us because we’re not part of Luna but the thing is I think we’re walking a path

When we’re very closely tied into this ecosystem and because from what you can see clear kind of you know messages showing that we are being interlinked maybe this does affect us as much as we want to sit there we want to act like do Quan being arrested if he has been

Arrested is not going to affect us I think it is and I think now is the time for us to kind of start to question things especially in this article where it froze ustcc under the bus says about all of the issues with it and then

Speaks about at the end you know making an attempt to save ustc and all of these different things is so confusing for everybody right now because the way most people are going to see this is a new chain as much as you want to call it a side chain an intelligent

Chain a blockchain an up chain a down chain down it’s a blockchain nonetheless you’re creating a brand new blockchain so I honestly believe there’s some kind of Interlink collect connection going on in the background which none of us you know can control none of us have got an idea

Of where this is all going but from where I’m sitting the bits of information that are being drip fed out it just seems like we’re walking a route that’s already actually been pre-laid out for us and it’s a the biggest issue is is the as much as we don’t want to Atlas

Power is being centralized in many places and even if looking at the validators set you’ve got around 80 validators that just don’t vote yet the power is very centralized to a certain set of validators which just have the say and sway over the whole blockchain it doesn’t matter what a node like my

Cell phones because it’s just gonna get absolutely crumbled by all of the current node so it really is from where I’m sitting very very very peculiar and those people are going to say well you know you’re just trying to put two and two together and that’s literally what I’m trying to do because

I see the interlinks here I see that Ed’s creating a new artificial intelligence blockchain we’re going to need a new coin to act as bridge between Luna and lunc and the whole Alliance System do Quan’s been arrested you know it’s not looking good right now for the

System and like I said to people yesterday as these next weeks and months unfold and transpire I believe there’s going to be more and more things that are going to hit on crypto and just try and shut it down or just keep it from boiling over from exploding during

Especially a financial crisis the last thing they want right now is people going to themselves well I’m just going to take all the money my money out of my bank and put it on in exchange that is the last thing the government wants the banking sector wants anybody wants right because

If you think about the banks that have collapsed so far this is simply people trying to take their money that they fought out which turns out is just magic internet money which would is what a lot of people in the financial sector called crypto and you know the table’s kind of

Turning it’s kind of switching but according to this post it’s unconfirmed you know go do some research grab a look yourself maybe the arrest because they’ll have to make it public they’ll have to show the correct documentation it says there was a red notice issued for the arrest of quan but

I just can’t find this red notice so it’s all very interesting a lot of people that I no doubt there’s going to be a lot of people talking about this today A lot of people are currently wondering you know what what is going on with lunc especially after

Kind of this situation uh playing out and something that I think a lot of people from the community have kind of Forgotten is Ed started the you know the whole Grant scheme system we’ve put a lot of money into Ed Kim as much as he’s put into the blockchain we’ve also paid

These developers to do things to you know push the movement forward but the tokonomics of the side chain will be especially important to consider for l-u-n-c sidechain blockchain is both the same to me you know you can label it how you want I’m kind of starting to see

Through this and I totally get you know everybody’s done stuff with the blockchain we’ve all made commitments we’ve all bled right but if lunc is to have a future keep pushing forward this is not the kind of you know Movement we want we don’t want

To keep getting to a fork in the road and just going well I’m going to go this way I’m going to go you’re gonna go that way he’s going to go that way and we’re all going to make our own chains and we’ll see each other at the end we’ve

Got to fund this stuff it takes time away from our L1 development team it’s all food for for a lot to digest here this afternoon in this video that’s really all I’ve got for you guys right now you can look through all of these articles you can see the interlinks yourself about these

Special assets that you can create to act as a bridge between you know luns any blockchain want to use on Alliance we would need a asset right to act as a bridge instead of risking lunc we could risk you know this side chain or create

A coin in itself so to speak let me know what you guys think let me know if you’re confused let me know if you totally understand what’s going on because it really does help the channel it really helps me figure out what’s going on and stuff like that other than

That I hope you’re enjoying the new content I hope you like the new layout hope you like the new format and I will catch you in the next one just stay safe beware of scammers beware of doppelgangers Beware of anybody pretending to be me

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  1. Can we agree with something the developers do please 🙏🏾 😅

  2. CZ is dumping LUNC because of the additional pressure by the SEC and securities commissions worldwide. Binance is the majority holder of LUNC and has been playing charts to regain losses from LUNA. Because of the links to Do Kwon,FTX,3AC, Binance has decided to quietly sell its stake to avoid further pressure especially in Singapore & wants to be on good books to get into HK. Price is targeted at 0.0005. Get out now

  3. I don‘t trust Ed or Tobias anymore … everything seems weird. They are jumping around like grasshopers, no focus at all. I don‘t know man, i just don‘t know.

  4. With all the confusion going on, I've halted putting more money in LUNC. I don't know where it's going. Waiting on more of a direct path before I feel comfortable again. As always thank you for keeping the community informed.

  5. I can not find any information at all to confirm this. Do Kwon has been targeted by the americam governmemt. He had a working PEG backed by LUNA. The only one funtioning that way and a threat to the us new CBDC. FEDNOW comes out in JULY. Do Kwon, other than Bitcoin, UST was the only hedge we have against this new currency. DO Kwon needed to be taken out of the game especially right before launch. So what did they do? They intentionally attacked UST through FTX and "actually continue to HURT LUNC today still selling billions." They Depegged UST and then Blamed DO Kwon for it. 2 birds with 1 stone. Now this fraud and securities stuff? We need to protect that man at all costs.

  6. hard facts : a community led blockchain is as good as a community led company. Socialism doesnt perform.
    Do you really prefer everything being expose in the light? After ALL the drama we went trought? Being held a little in the dark but knowing that competent people hold the steeringwheel reassure me much more than letting all of us dispute over every little decisions. One boat, one captain, one direction.

  7. Glad to see the Voice of Reason is Back! I for one do not believe Dokwon has been arrested.

  8. To be honist it looks more and more that govemend's trying to break crypto do to that they dont have controle over it stay strong great work as always

  9. Simple way to put this side chain have to make horizontal txs over its own validators to run itself, but them to run this software stuff will have to do vertical txs over Lunc and Luna, so it seems this new IA token will be like a test token, like some exist in most of test chains of almost all blockchains, those tokens have ZERO value to the market and only for developing. Thats Kims vision an IA that helps to continously develop a software library, bridge whatever can be called!!!

  10. It sounds weird a chain to fix a chain, but its actually a chain to run an IA, which need new software (this will new product to crypto industry) to run things from IA to Lunc and Luna and them u keep overpowering the utility. Dont get me wrong its risky we will be against time. But anyway we r a bunch of bucaneers looking for safe ports!!!

  11. BTW, im against a new IA token but, by definition this new sidechain will use its own token to do txs over lunc and luna, and viceversa!!!

  12. We need Professor Kim and U, do a podcast about side chain. This new thing may turn Lunc and Ustc into IA tokens and also let Lunc community to develop, a software to the crypto industry, almost insurance the Lunc chain future!!!

  13. Happy, I see the new blockchain as a test area for Ed to test AI. He doesn't wants to fix problems before moving over to Classic chain.

  14. Some ideas you discuss remind me of zaradar's concept of local economies within LunC that can thrive or die as appropriate. In different words you might say this is how economies Should work when they are not propped up w globally printed money.

  15. Hello 👋:Please,how can I make profitable investment as crypto has become dominant ?

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