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Terra luna classic huge weekend. Coinbase and binance burns will be insane
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  4. Has anyone realized that roughly 10% (give or take) LUNC is staked.. and coin gecko says we have about 6.8 trillion in circulation.. if 10% of total supply is staked that about 690 billion. And staked coins are out of circulation. So the circulating supply listed is wrong no?

  5. *I really appreciate your clear and simple breakdown on financial pitfalls! I'm still surprised how i make over $15,000 every week with the knowledge you've shared.

  6. Definitely do a video of the projects coming back and the level of utility it provides ..

  7. Thanks for the update and keep doing what you do<. My journey in the current market has taught me a lot of lessons, at the top of that list is that it never pays to live above one's means. I have managed to grow a nest egg of around $600k to a decent 7 figures in the space of a few months. Sad to say but a lot of us have poor money management skills. My 2 cents -get an advisor to keep you accountable and aid you make better decisions, Ruby Benally has been helping me a lot, all through my journey. I find it better to pay a little bit more for peace of mind than worry about money or market trends and still get burned..

  8. KAJ Labs added that it would burn all LUNC tokens used in Finesse during gameplay. In a bid to accommodate and support the LUNC burn program, Kaj Labs noted that it would allocate between $50 million to $100 million to burn up to 2.5 trillion LUNC tokens.

    “If Terra Classic is implemented in the game, all LUNC used in the game would be burned during gameplay. To accommodate the burn, KaJ Labs will allocate $50 million to $100 million to burn up to 2.5T Terra Classic in Finesse games,” Finesse developers said in a statement.

    Remember, this doesn’t mean 2.5 trillion LUNC would be burned instantly; rather, it’s just a projection of terra classic burns over a certain period of time as the game progresses.

  9. Weird question, but are you from Carlisle? Not a stalker or anything, don't worry! You just look familiar!

  10. I'm completely new to crypto. So excuse me for coming across simple..

    My friend is telling me to get on this lunc. He said even a small investment of 250.000 lunc could generate a nice return.

    When I looked 250 thousand lunc coins only cost me about £80..

    He says if lunc hits $1 that will mean my 250 thousand lunc coins would be worth $250 thousand dollars. Is he chatting crap?! Even if it hit half a dollar would that mean worth $125 thousand? Confused

  11. I won't be surprised if coinbase totally ignore us and stay well out if you all, their dealings in WLUNA have not been at all above board, I could be totally wrong but I have little faith in them, we don't need them anyway to be fair Binances volume would outweigh them massively

  12. Please do a video on the projects coming back to LUNC. That’ll be really interesting and on point.

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