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The price action on Terra Luna classic you know actually it’s not doing too bad Terra little classic still sitting around that 17 000 Point per coin Mark Bitcoin staying elevated above 21 000 ethereum remains above fifteen hundred dollars per coin and things are looking decent in the cryptocurrency

Space right now but there’s still a lot that’s Brewing out there in terms of regulation in terms of the government cracking down and in terms of people viewing cryptocurrency as some sort of a scam or fraud so that’s kind of the the overall macroeconomic outlook on things

Right now we’ll briefly discuss that but I want to dive into into Terra Luna classic here and talk about some of the good things because we have been look we’ve been building from the ground up and I want to talk about the community I want to talk about the burns and I want

To talk about the development so if it sounds like something you’re interested in let’s get started Let’s get started what’s up everybody I’m clay I’m here to make 2023 the best year ever if you haven’t click that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel join us become a bro we are here every single day we are growing our portfolios together and look if you’re brand new to

Investing you don’t know how or where to buy stocks and crypto you got a link in the description below for Weeble it is super simple to set up your account any deposit you guys get at least six free stocks up to 12 free stocks and one dollar crypto trades Gonna Get You five

Dollars in free crypto you guys want crypto exclusive exchanges where you could buy sell trade short leverage all that good stuff you get kukun and binance down there now who couldn’t Finance they offer rewards for the more active Trader so the more you trade the more you’re gonna earn but

Please be aware if you hold your cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange it is considered a loan to the centralized exchange if you want it to be considered your asset you need to hold it on a cold storage or D5 wallet now guys let’s discuss terrible in the classic because look we are maintaining

These price levels in a very uncertain time for cryptocurrency now one of the latest reasons crypto in general was moving back up in price and this does not make much sense to me I briefly discussed in one of the videos yesterday if you guys want to tell if you want a

Little bit more detail go watch that video but the the new CEO the guy that’s restructuring his name’s John Ray the one that’s restructuring FTX is stating that there is a chance FTX could make a comeback and on that news had Bitcoin going back up a little bit Shiva Tara

They’re going back up a little bit and to me you know okay great if that’s a legitimate move forward and and the customers on FTX can get a bigger portion of their money back perfect but man when you start to look at the profit potential and when you start to look at

How easy it is to make money when you’re running an exchange like FTX and everybody’s lying to everybody that may not be the best path forward it might be time for that one to you know shut down and move on to somewhere else but anyway that’s one of the things that’s

Affecting the overall cryptocurrency market right now I want to focus on Terra Luna classic and then we might jump into some of the regulation that could be coming down the the pipelines they’re coming down the street you know whatever you want to say so terrible classic the community is actually doing

Very well to get along with each other right now there’s no major arguments about developer pay Burns or anything like that there’s no major arguments about proposals or anything going on out there so it’s always a good sign to see a community United Sarah Luna classic

Would not be here if it was wasn’t for a community United guys when once everyone to Classic was sitting at like you know 4 000 points per coin and we began to discuss the the potential 1.2 percent burn tax and in re-enabling staking and all of that with 99 plus percent yes

Votes is how we had such progress and how we were able to attain such price uh increases during that time and that’s kind of where we’re where we are right now the community is Happy the community is in agreement and terrible in the classic is looking solid on that front

Now when it comes to development what do we have going on the the layer one development team not really causing any ripples seems to be getting along seems to be paid and everybody happy at the moment so that is looking very good as well with the the layer one blockchain

Of Terra Luna classic being upgraded and being maintained on on another development front you’ve got Terra C Vita developing a layer well no layer nothing it is a decentralized exchange plus I don’t know what the plus is really for but it’s basically basically a decentralized exchange that is going to

Be burning Terra Luna classic along with their own cryptocurrency so you got to watch out for the crypto token you know they’re trying to convince everybody that it’s not going to loot Terrell and classic shareholders moving over into Terra shareholders and so on but you

Know a lot of these coins that are built upon other coins they do very well in the beginning and then it’s kind of the excitement Fades out a little bit the price Fades out a little bit as well so please be aware of that but it nonetheless it could be a great

Development a great late why do I want to say layer it could be a great decentralized exchange that burns a lot of Terror Luna classic I don’t believe it’s gonna burn tens of billions a day like a lot of people are anticipating but nonetheless it could be a good thing

I don’t see how it could really be a bad thing at this point unless of course you know ill intentions are in there somewhere which I don’t think they are and and let’s talk about so that leads us into Burns a little bit burns are are looking good burns are averaging right

Now 200 million Terra lunar classic per day but that includes all of the manual Burns as well the burn tax is hitting anywhere from 10 to 50 million Terra lunar classic per day which is nothing to really write home about and uh you know we’re relying on binance to come in

The binance burn that is supposed to happen in March everything seems to be lining up for that the the layer one developers seem to be getting everything rolling for the binance burns and the the kind of oh I don’t know recommendations that they said to make to the blockchain and

The wallets and the taxes and stuff those are are getting completed so it does seem to be that binance will be burning in March and that is going to be a massive burn we have to remember it is going to be 50 of their trading fees as

Opposed to a hundred percent of their trading fees like they were doing in the past but it’s gonna be for like three months man it’s gonna be all of December all of January and all of February that gets burnt I believe on March 1st so it

Should be a a pretty big burn I don’t know what the volume has been looking like over the last month and a half and nobody can anticipate what the volume is going to be over the next month and a half but nonetheless three months worth

Of Burns and a single action should be a very large burn which excites people and and kind of something we’ve been anticipating for a while now so guys we got nothing but good news out there the overall cryptocurrency Market however maybe getting hit hard with regulation you’ve got Senators talking about the

Potential Banning of cryptocurrency you’ve got the SEC cracking down and opening up cases with Genesis and Gemini and so on and still settling their case with with ripple out there you’ve got you know the government over in India talking about banning cryptocurrency just in general

I believe that 2023 is going to be a year of Regulation and a year of Revolution for crypto it is going to lead to some very difficult Growing Pains but if we can make it through and crypto remains intact it is going to be a very strong year to build upon I want

To know what you guys think down in the comments below let me know your thoughts on terrible in the classic and of course if that button right there is still red make sure to click it subscribe to the channel join us become a pro but you’re

Here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together you guys got claybro883 everywhere you’re getting 60 12 free stocks on Weeble Koo coin and finance free Discord until the next time hope to each and every one of you have an awesome day

Terra Luna Classic community is getting a long, the developers are developing LUNC and the burns are going to increase for luna classic!


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