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Three two one ZIP ladies and gentlemen we are now live to talk about Tara Luna cossek this is actually Rex by the way he’s from Terrace Vita this is my first live stream on this channel this month like I have I haven’t live streamed at all this month things have been super

Slow lately but there’s been like one thing that has been interesting enough to cover and that’s terraport literally nothing else on lunk right now has been super interesting to the point where I’m like okay let’s do a live stream and so I’m joined by my fellow team members

This is till AKA fragg he’s on the layer one task force as well as on Tara C Vita and then we’ve got Rex the pretty much I’d say you’re the founder of Terra sivita right that’d be the most accurate depiction of everything uh yeah I suppose maybe so a little bit

Kind of right yeah it foundings the the right kind of term I certainly came up with the name anyway so I suppose that’s close enough isn’t it yeah yeah exactly you know I covered the content I might as well own it you know it’s it’s the

Same thing 100 so a lot of people for the longest of time they’re yelling at people they’re like oh my God nothing is happening in Luna classic there’s nothing to look forward to the price doesn’t move you look at the past three months it’s like we’re at the 16s it’s

The same exact story as always but at some point it’s like okay what do we have to look forward to and so one of the things I wanted to touch base on this AMA today was tear report and really breaking down for everybody that is remotely interested in what we’re

Building what exactly does Terra Port entail and why should people on lunk care I think that in base is the most exciting thing for lunk and this is probably going to be the biggest step in the right direction that we’ve had probably since the Inception of governance so perhaps you Rax being the

Founder of terrible you can break down what the ethos of Terra Port is and why people should be interested in it yeah thank you it’s uh well I certainly did my best anyway um I’ll help you out if anything yeah so it’s a Teleport it’s kind of

Part of a broad strategy which terravita has come up with to try to do our bit to try to recover lunar classic back to where it was in terms of the market capitalization um we hear no end about um you know let’s get Luna back to a

Dollar uh lump back to a dollar um I can’t really see that happening to go on this here however what I can say is that we could raise the market cap and in doing so um that could if you like 40x the coin and then if you look at massive kind of

Staking as well that could times the coin but two or three and put all this together and you’ve soon got a times 100 but as part of that to make it work you need to have an ecosystem that attracts builders because ultimately it’s all right having

A coin and it’s all right being able to get that coin but if you’ve no use for it then why are people going to have it unless you’ve got a massive amount of volatility then they can trade it up okay so our part of our kind of wide

Strategy is to create a stable ecosystem um so we have a an agreement with all nodes we work closely with them and we provide the infrastructure for the endpoints that provides a stable environment okay so people can come and build and they know we’re going to be here tomorrow

Uh the other part of it is is that you need to be able to get people to come on and off and currently we’ve only really got I guess binance a few sex and dexes where they’ve maybe got one or two pairs in each one and we think if we can

Create a decentralized you know platform if you like in exchange where we can have as many pairs with lunk as possible then it’ll become the place to actually attract people to buy into lunk if you like and as part of that um The Exchange Burns a lot of long can

Also the native token Terror which then apply helps supply of deflation sorry inflationary pressure on lung to help it go up in price which then creates you know um onwards kind of movement to help encourage more people there so if we can kind of create them kind of precious

Then that gives Builders something to comfort and the third part of this is we’ve got such a massive Community I mean you know we’re just so kind of vibrant and so passionate about lunk um I’ve certainly never come across anything like it before um and as part of that

You can’t have seen many analytics on talking about the mat adapts and utility there is there well we’ve got the opposite problem we want utility however we’ve got a massive amount of community so we’re kind of working on a hub as well which um we kind of put just to one

Side because we wanted to prioritize um teraport um but part of that um strategy for the hall is to actually show Builders um and developers just how big our community is and if you like you know point out the uh if you like the admins and leaders for all the different kind

Of groups to make it easy to actually build on lunk because teleporting itself won’t rescue long but it helps create an ecosystem if you like you know gets us over the start the foundation yeah yeah we could absolutely fly yeah the way I see it it’s like we’re

We’re building everything lunk needs to start we have pretty much a drought on Tara Luna classic in terms of like liquidity in terms of some hardcore burning I know Tara Casino was burning I’ve actually tried it out so that was really cool but you know generally speaking we just lack a community entity

That has just decided to fill a void which Terra Luna has left before us and this is essentially the first project on Tara Luna classic that came from Tara Luna classic and was funded by the Terra Luna classic Community to build what we need to actually build what every

Builder needs and that is liquidity the liquidity is always the number one issue I hear from projects I don’t have enough money I don’t have enough money I don’t have enough money I don’t have enough places to facilitate money transfers so you know us having the opportunity to

Give people that while also having pretty much the most pairs any Terror Luna classic decks has ever had you know on top of that having that deflate stationary pressure as you said before onto the Terra little classic chart which is always great it’s obviously not

Going to be the thing that 300X is lunk but it absolutely is going to be something that helps it in a big way if it could cement itself as the decks for lunk in fact like if I go on to station right now I can see for myself that the

Swap button doesn’t work on classic it says swaps are not supported for classic please use the TFM web app instead and that liquidity is garbage like I’ve used it the price impact is nuts if you try to do a remotely large transaction on their decks so I’m like yeah we kind of

Need to fill that void in teraport is a no-brainer but not only is you know teleported Dax maybe you can go into like what else is terraport yeah absolutely it’s um I mean for those people that have maybe kind of followed me or seen some of my kind of tweets about this

Um because this has been in the making for some time you know we haven’t just decided that we’re going to create a decks I mean we’ve been doing this once and months and originally we aimed to launch this by Christmas um but there was the if you’re at the

Um the Terrace station d-pad let’s call it if you like um take over yeah we we push we um kind of postponed our decks to help tfl with it you know with the infrastructure and to make sure that the community didn’t lose out so that’s what kind of puts back a bit but

The other elements that we have within the what I call the Dex plus um is we’ve got a launch pad in there um we’ve got uh Aries in there for kind of carrying out kind of Investments and farming um and also we’ve got like a a kind of

Emerging kind of games platform in there as well so in many instances you can kind of consider it as a bit of a One-Stop shop so to speak yeah it’s supposed to be a hub essentially right like you said earlier yeah well the the kind of main Hub

Component which is about marketing long um right terravita isn’t about marketing ourselves terravita is a name means bringing life back to Terror okay and maintaining life and giving it an extraordinary life that’s why we named it as such so for instance we’ve got a Discord called terravita but actually if you’re calling

It there’s dozens and dozens of channels I mean God knows how many there is it’s probably about 70 or 80. but there’s only one for terravita because we’re just one project we’re just one group if you like and what we want to do is to promote the whole of Terror classic get

It up and running again so we’re not that interested in promoting ourselves it’s a means to an end our success is Terra Classic’s sex success that’s how we look at it yeah when I was looking into Terra lunar classic teams I was just like the only

Team I joined would be the team that just supports everybody so like if I can constantly promote other things within Terra lunar classic it’s like okay that’s Utopia world for classy crypto because I mean it doesn’t matter how good adapt is if you’ve got a VBS Finance from Chronos VBS Finance can

Carry Chronos quite a bit but it won’t you know make Chronos succeed there’s a bunch of other little daps that you know culminate to have the succession that they’ve had and that’s why they’re the number two Cosmos coin but when a terrible classic it’s gonna be something

Very similar you’re going to have your Hub we’re gonna have our launch pad we’re gonna have a bunch of tokens coming out like Ping sale you’re gonna have your thing out there with nfts and a bunch of different aspects and then us giving the foundation we could be kind

Of like that Center Hub helping out any project that needs that help to launch Ontario Luna classic so I I mean I really like the idea behind it I really like the idea behind just you know Community uniform under one movement and actually doing something because it

Feels like a lot of the time people say they’re doing things but then like nothing happens or maybe they get the robot vacuum team and then they go off to Malta or something I mean I’m sure the vacation is great and I’m sure the functionality of the

Vacuum is good but I do think that the community’s been waiting for something for a while so focusing on actually delivering products uh is important with that being said when should we expect this teleport to actually come out for the public yeah it’s an interesting one and then they

But so we’ve been building this for months okay and I guess um many of your listeners will be aware that we’re updating the code on Terra classic um and that’s due to come out I think is it uh the end of quarter one or beginning a quarter I can’t quite

Remember but anyways part of that we’re going to be updating the cozum Warzone okay so what was aware of because we’ve got you know the um the Fantastic frag um there you go that’s a that’s an expert name isn’t it fantastic thank you guys are unbelievable [Laughter] so we’re fortunate enough to have

Fragging up our team and we have a good relationship with it the L1 team as well um and it’s like I said part as part of this stability element um we actually provide the the guitar which the L1 team uses because we want something that enables a team to work with that can

Help attract other developers as well so we don’t call it therapeutic because that will drop some people off so it’s just called classic Terran um so as part of this you know like I said we’ve been building for quite a while was aware that there’s going to be this

Update to the code so therefore we put it back an extra week or two so that we could update all the smart contracts to make sure they’re compatible with the new code that’s coming out so as part of that um so it’s part of doing that it’s kind

Of put the launch time back to roughly about mid-march um if I was gonna if I was gonna put a you know a couple of lunk on it I’d probably say the 20th of March okay um but either way it’s gonna what will govern it

Is how busy we are at the end of the sale because we’ve got lots of um transactions which would need to validate um and then when they’re done that’s when we’re pretty much launch um in the terror token get it up and going um but you know it’s it could possibly be

Um operational before that um but in terms of launching it with the token you know we’re looking around about the say the 20th but you know don’t hold me to that it’s mid-march let’s call it that yeah so your team is working to to update cosm wasm that’s

Like Terra Luna classic update on the contracts and make sure everything works well just to like dumb it down that’s great so is the same team working on Terra Port are they two separate teams like you’ve got an L1 team that’s helping out the team just make sure lung

Doesn’t break and then you’ve got the team over at Terra port or is it just like the same thing yeah well how’s it has kind of alluded to its we have a really in-depth strategy okay and that strategy is to rescue Terra classic or do you know play the part

That we can in that okay because it’s not just about us it’s about you know that the whole Community doing their bit um so as part of that you know we covered lots of bases we looked at the infrastructure we’ve got our own validator um we wanted to make sure that we was

Um contributing to the L1 um kind of function as well so we’ve got you know frag in the team um uh contributes to that um and then we’ve got people working on the Hub we’ve got people working on teleport um we’ve got people helping out others

That are stranded so this week we helped somebody save 69 million lunk um because they’d been funny number yeah if you like and that’s the weekly occurrence you know we tend to save it every week or at least play a part in that um and there’s kind of other things as

Well so I mean there’s um a chap today who’s just launched well earlier on in the week who’s just launched launched um lunk Warriors so it’s kind of helping him as well um laser within to help his project to kind of get off the ground because like

So you know we’re all in this together and the more of us that are in this the better we’re gonna do yeah it’s fair I mean you just support as many projects as you can it’s greater Vision so we’ve got a question from the chat uh let’s get a little bit into like

Tara itself and your governance token um they’re wondering could you explain why a new coin needs to be created Tara to support lunk and has this not been done before like lunatics token attack this fragrance uh I I can I can take it um when you were so when you when you

Launch decks um uh you you put you you mostly have uh like um they are when you deploy the software there are like parameters in this software like um how much of the fees will be distributed to whom um and um you you have a team that works on the decks and this

Implies that there are going to be people that come together in this text Traders um Holders who want to buy into blank you have the devs um so and in those kinds of environment there will be some kind of together living so there will be some kind of political um politics so and in order to organize the politics we need governance tokens

Um and the stakers of this of this governance token will have um like power to to vote on proposals so it’s pretty much like on on the air L1 where you can stay long and get the right to to to vote on proposals regarding the um the whole ecosystem

But in this case it’s yeah very much specialized for just for the decks and for the parameters on the decks and maybe there’s a text proposal the community wants the teleport team to implement something that they want yeah so that’s actually the main value of the of the token

Yeah and if I could just add something on there as well it’s a thanks fat friends um when we when we came up with the this the main kind of strategy and as part of that was getting um you know as many trading pairs up as possible

Was mindful that a DEX needs liquidity and as part of that there’s there’s many ways we could have gone about it we could have put in a request to the community pool and you know to fund it um but we thought what’s the chance of any kind of proposal like that

Getting 100 pass it’s just never going to happen and if you haven’t got 100 passed that means you’ve got some people that object or they’re just not you know it’s just not their thing and we wanted to make sure that everybody that had the opportunity to invest in teleport did it because

They wanted to do it so therefore there’s brought into it because if people maybe feel that some of their funds are going to support a project they’re not maybe they don’t want to support for whatever the reason may be we’re all different you know um then actually might end up with kind

Of some foot and it might not be as successful as what it you know as what it really could be so you know part of the reason creating the terror token was to give them people that opportunity to invest in it but make their own choice okay so no one’s press-ganged into

Buying turret it’s completely down to the investors um choice to do that and as part of that it helps provide but I say the liquidity the Dex to enables to get a running start and get as many pairs up as possible um but also by investing in Terror it means you’ve

Got a stake in the success of the exchange as well so if we you know get a vast amount of volume going through there well just a reason with that avoiding for that matter part of the fees go to reward the people that have bought Terror so it is an

Investment opportunity as part of that yeah so tldr is like decentralized exchanges if you want to make changes on them you need to have governance right and obviously being a premier Dex for Terra lunar classic you need to have a token because they may be very important

Changes people might want to have a stake in that to have a say in it and tldr that’s kind of it but even more important liquidity is very important making sure that we give people some form of rewards from the actual success of the Dax is is of course obvious and

That’s like the easiest way of tldring it and so how did we like come up with the valuation of Terra well how long’s a bit strings um that’s a very good question um we give it a hell of a lot of thought um and we kind of thought well what do we

Think is valued at um and we thought well there isn’t really a kind of formula for kind of doing this however what we looked at was the potential for it um and we kind of felt that ultimately it’ll be down for the community to decide um and originally we aimed to

Raise nowhere near what we’re aiming to raise now um but we kind of took a step back and we thought if we kind of changed that came change the price of it and we kind of if you like to sell out all the terror um and then there’s people that kind of

Wanted to get on board have we kind of let them down so what we thought was it’s probably better to give it a slightly higher price um enable more people to come on board anything we don’t sell will just burn anyway okay so that kind of helps people that way

Um and and that’s kind of how we how we valued it really the thing is is that we need liquidity to get give us a um gives a running start if you like um and our previous kind of you know let’s call it lower valuation would have just enabled us to kind of

Get up and go in but with the um if you like the evaluation that we give it um if we reach that then we could you know start off absolutely sprinting over the starting line so it’s you know I’m not going to say we’ve got it right I’m not going to say

We’ve got it wrong time will tell however you know the first couple of sales you know went absolutely fantastic um and you know it’s this is the opportunity for the community to get on board a project that really could make a massive difference the people will decide the value interesting

Always the case right so when uh I mean doing the same phase we get to decide the valuation but as soon as the the sale phase is over the market gets to decide what the values of that token yeah it’s the same with anything is that

You have but you know you might bring your houses were you know x hundred thousand dollars or whatever but it’s the people coming to buy it that’s at the price it’s very interesting yeah and you just burn anything you just don’t sell and everything like what’s what’s the allocation for everything the

Distribution yeah I mean 150 million is going straight to the liquidity pool right and that’s for the Tara pair uh how much of this is going to like lunk because I I would assume that at some point you have to convert that into lunk right because people can buy it on busd they

Can buy it with usdt they could buy with usdc they could buy it with lunk are you planning on just using all this to put it into pairs a lot of it all aim to go into the pairs what we kind of work what we’ve worked on is that we need stability

So that you can reduce the um the slippage if you like and as part that we wanted to weigh in for a million dollars of value in each pulse we’ve got that liquidity so the more we sell the more liquidity we can raise and we more

We can spread that across all the Bears and also I I just um that the initial talk so the the initial liquidity will only be distributed amongst two pairs um and then after that the community is also able to um to create new pairs so and the the initial pairs will um

Include lunk and qcc because that’s um obviously the most important pair on the on the chain and then the um Terror liquidity so for the for the native Terror token makes sense just all over the place pretty much and um does terraport in some way compete with station

With what station which station do you mean the station because there’s only one station yeah no no it doesn’t compete with station um because uh the decks is in one uh you know it’s it’s an air too it’s an it’s a contract and um uh the station is just in UI and

You can um for for the most part the station doesn’t have any onboarding off-boarding functionality so when you go to the swap page you see this uh swap is not enabled for classic in that sense there’s no competition so to speak and and you really at that point you are

Really comparing apples with pears because um the UI can yeah dude my chat’s literally riding right now over like marbles racing this is funny as [ __ ] [Laughter] do you guys know where Cubit is yeah I mean station’s got um I think a slot in there for for having a swapping

There however they haven’t got it there at the minute um so yeah there will be up and running for um for later I should imagine um in the end we could like um for example uh make a modification to to the station and point the the swap functionality to

Teleport for example and then push that to default um but they ultimately have to accept that because you guys walked with them for a bit right when you when the whole like d-peg thing happened yeah it’s uh we d-pad gets used for a lot of um analogies

Um yes it’s interesting because you know going back maybe six months ago something like that there’s just so much food about tfl um in terms of you know there was some kind of like evil empire or something like that and and it just things didn’t sit right with

Me because I thought well the the funding of the end points and apparently it’s costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and I thought well if the one see his end then why on Earth would they be funding that so the logic wasn’t there um

So I kind of set about trying to find out and ended up getting in touch with um you know Jared who’s one of the engineering managers there or the Engineering Management and I can remember you know kind of reaching out to him and you know over a few kind of weeks we’ve exchange

Messages however it was kind of never in the same room at the same time and it just happened one day we were and we started kind of kind of chatting if you like and I thought I forgot the right person here because this person seems professional he seems to want to collaborate

Um seems empath just seems to be you know that’s just a genuine really nice guy um and then afterwards I can’t remember kind of picture myself thinking have I got the right person here and you know so we we get absolutely gone absolutely fine with tfl

Um you know we kind of work together where we can because why wouldn’t you um you know we want to work with anybody that’s willing to help and collaborate to bring crypto around and especially bring lung around you know let’s make friends rather than enemies that’s our approach

I see I see you and what what’s your with your what’s your thesis on lung development right now are you guys Happy what do you guys want to see from some of the other projects maybe like are you collaborating with them in some way that’s pretty interesting ly too Um we are not collab so we are here so so tcv is um is open for for any collaboration so anyway anybody can come to the Discord server and uh pingers so um we have channels for for every project we collaborate with and we offer our help for anybody

Uh and um in fact I also offered help um for example for the album um for the album pyro project which is a bonded contract with they launched first on lunar V2 and now they got their contract fixed and they are now launched on Terror classic I’m sorry yeah

So so the Terrace Evita is open for any collaboration and you can just go to the Discord server and see all the channels for all the projects we are collaborating with everybody can be a part of Terra civita they can all work with Terrace yeah that’s it because like I say it’s um

It’s about bringing the chain back to life so therefore you need as much life on it as possible and that’s as many development groups as many people you know using uh lunk as a uh kind of currency you know people are slamming cucumbers in our chat right now

Focus right now Jesus Christ it’s another Luna classic Creator his name is too but you should totally chat with him he’s very nice but uh [ __ ] Christ people spamming cucumbers um yeah so yeah this is this is a governance token guys if you haven’t already like learned about it it’s Tara

I’m working on their team in Teresa Vida we’re helping Market it we’re helping make it uh as much of a success as possible and like I mean it’s it’s just like Tara savita’s has a I feel like we have a little bit on everything right it’s not just like this little dap or

Whatever it’s like we’re helping people and everything we’re helping them in cucumbers we’re helping them in exposure and we’re helping them in getting transparency reports so maybe we can go into a little bit of like uh you know like ustc stuff like um for example you

Know like if we’re gonna have this decks are we gonna start thinking about like some anchor protocol stuff or are we just gonna like let other people build that so actually uh so leverage um is something from from what I can see uh toxic lab is actually building uh leverage uh protocols um

I I I personally I I don’t feel very comfortable with uh building leverage protocols um too soon but maybe yeah I mean yeah it’s a little bit yeah maybe some Rex won’t want to say something about Leverage yeah I mean it from from my point of view it’s about getting people building okay

And you know if people want to you know build a new anchor or whatever it is great you know ever go you know do what you can to get uh people kind of interested in kind of Terror classic and to give as much YouTube um so you know it’s um you know wait

As you’ve kind of sort of said earlier you know with our our approach is to try to help as many people as possible well we’ve kind of focused on what we need to do ourselves so if you can kind of remember when um you joined our team classic

You know one thing that we said to you was we don’t want you just to we don’t want to share laws yeah I’d like you to give a good word for us but we want you to kind of promote the whole of the chain so all the projects are on the

Training and make sure that the outside world can actually see that we’re alive and kicking we wasn’t just left the Dead exactly yeah it’s um it’s co-prosperity I mean it’s the only way things function on this chain it’s a community chain it’s not a dictatorship so it’s not even an

Oligarchy right so it’s a people choose who they want the community to represent and then they just go from there the utility gets built up people flood Capital into the Decks that they feel is the most competitive and and there’s so many different complexities it’s like we

Have a bunch of tribes and it’s so complicated and you know even I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the different facets of the community because there’s so many people right it’s massive so yeah I 100 agree I think this community needs to band together we need to make sure that you

Know the projects that decide to build here succeed so that other projects can get inspired to continue to build on our chain and and like it’s a little early for Lending protocols I’m not gonna lie I wouldn’t put my money into like an anchor protocol because that caused

The collapse I I wasn’t someone that was there before the collapse but I mean I pretty much traded during the collapse and I kind of I kind of knew the red flags were there the entire time which is the reason that I didn’t get the huge APR and I just held usdt

Obviously tether has its own problems but uh algorithmic stable coins are a little bit riskier I don’t know how to feel about usdc sometimes because it’s like there’s 9.5 billion coins in circulation it’s it’s a little hard to burn them all and and I feel like recovering the Terra Luna classic chain

Is number one priority that comes second and I feel like until we repair ourselves there’s no chance on ustc it doesn’t matter how many coins you got that’s totally irrelevant what it is is the value of those coins okay expensive yeah so you know if you were you know

Let’s say you were I don’t know six billion six six billion ustco you know I can’t tell you how much there is that so you’ve got whatever there is of it um but it was only valued at two dollars want it so it’s the value of the coins rather

Than the the quantity in my opinion anyway well yeah but like you know if you burnt a bunch then the price moves up and then it’s harder to burn it and then it’s like you know it’s continuous like the only way it would work is if

You burnt them on one go but then you’d have to buy all the coins in one go and it it’s it’s so complicated it’s too complicated you know and that is absolutely the point I do the calculation the other day okay and I looked at the kind of tokenomics if you

Like of the decks and I looked at the value of um ustd of how much had been traded on this particular day and I did all the kind of maths and if lunk never lump didn’t change in price and we had the volume going through terraport

Um of what ustd had experience on that particular day then we would burn the whole of long in 238 days okay however you fit the nail on the head because as soon as you start burning a significant amount that that increases the um you know inflationary price if you like by

Deflation by deflecting the amount of circulation and I don’t actually believe that we won’t want to burn a massive amount to be honest I know I know a lot of people will probably rise a bit in the back of their heads there what I think we need to do is create

Significant burn pressure or sufficient significant burn pressure in order to provide a constant kind of boost if you like um to the price so let’s say for instance every year it doubled in value so you got 100 per year um I think we’ve got 60 or 70 up to now haven’t we

Um but let’s say you’ve got 100 every year year on year on year that would be absolute phenomenal in terms of attracting business I mean that’d be insane it would be absurd and some people are spoiled it’s like ship is up like 30 in three months

Tara Luna classic is up what are we 60 in six months or something like that like we’re still up a ton even from our drop and uh people are like okay well I bought in the wrong times I’m a bit upset but a lot of people bought Bitcoin

At the wrong time and they were a little upset until they weren’t upset so I mean a lot of it is just patience and believing in fundamentals and so we have a question here does till once explain a bit on the layer 1 progress and what’s

Next after 1.1 and you know whether or not like the binance burns are coming back so the binance burns are actually scheduled for for March um so um there was this kind of ultimatum that they um did I get so what regarding the community um that they wanted this uh on-chain

Exemption the the the the takes a exemption from their wallets um we implemented that and uh the community also agreed on that um and so the binance burns are going to return in March so that’s my answer what they decide after that I I can’t I can’t really tell so

Um like in in mid-February they um they said they wanted also um they wanted kind of a new Burn rule wallet um where they would be sure that funds wouldn’t get re-minted so so we did it we um yeah we had kind of a kind of an argument with them uh about um

What what so we changed one line of code um to really ex exclude all the minting from from that wallet and there will be you know minting of Link no Arbitrage or senior Rush minting anymore and it’s the same wallet address but it’s actually a new wallet

So to speak it’s it’s a completely new new function and and um that’s something binance has to agree with so the they wanted a new wallet uh where no where they are no seniors meetings and and we we did about that in the other case we would have uh yeah

Kind of uh implemented okay we would have needed to to implement a complete new module with module accounts and that would have been uh yeah quite a lot of code and quite a lot of testing and um uh yeah so so we delivered the binance ultimatum

And the the March the the burns are scheduled for March again I noticed that on the website it says it too it says March 1st the seventh batch of trading fees on lung are to be burned and are going to be calculated from you know the 30th of November all the way

Until the 27th of February so yeah yeah it’s I’m really interested in that one yeah how much do you think it’s gonna get burned I know I don’t want to to make any guess here Yeah yeah it’s gonna be very interesting yeah so we could maybe have a bet on it at the tower Casino can’t we you should do that 100 that’s smart actually yeah I’m thinking like 10 to 15 minimum and then like 15 to 20 is probably the the number

In billions yeah the uh I mean volumes reduced recently hasn’t it um but yeah it has yeah well I’m right the price also dropped so yeah ah yes that’s true that’s true I didn’t see that yeah you’re right it’s probably gonna be way more I don’t know I I have no predictions

Hopefully it’s good yeah this is where the you know terrible decks could come into its own because um and this is a bit like what um how terracasino Works um every pair that we get within terrible will burn lunk okay so we even if let’s say you had Bitcoin being paid okay

That’s good look everything will burn long it’s not just two kind of trading pairs like what bonus has got it’s everything goes into into the mix and it’s the same with Terra Casino as well I’ve got to give that a shout out um you know they we accept I think is it

11 cryptocurrencies there um but everything that comes into Terror Casino where um customers bet we burn 0.2 percent um over the betting so you know whether I mean um I think was it last month our biggest cryptocurrency that we used in Terror Casino was that okay and we burnt more

Lunk by accepting F than what we did for accepting lunk oh absolutely yeah so I I mean at some point maybe the other pairs are burning more than the Terra luno classic pairs it’s very interesting yeah you know so the success of this is by I mean if I’m not suggesting this

Would happen but you know if people um essentially left you know using another kind of sex or decks and all came over kind of terrible and that became their number one place for kind of trading and we had you know a reasonable amount of kind of volatility

So people could you know kind of play the markets and you know we had a massive amount of volume you know we could learn a real significant amount yeah and actually yeah you know went way beyond that and it just you know it’s it’s not a it’s not a pipe

Dream it’s it’s very feasible yeah I know absolutely it’s it’s just like lunk blockchain has not a lot of volume and decentralized spheres we need to be the person to build that out and then binance is going to be burning on the side too so it just culminates and I

Think it’s going to be good for people people are very happy about that and it’s like the Terra Casino philosophy right like you use our stuff we burn and then other pairs might end up being bigger at some point too which is always going to benefit lunk anyway absolutely it’s about that customer

Experience so the casino and I know it’s called direct Casino um and we do kind of Market ourselves in terms of contributing to the burn because I think in terms of a utility app um we are the biggest one um you know occasionally have a look at I think it’s long penquency

Um work on a jade there you know records the um if you like kind of charts or if you like a league of kind of burning um and there’s dex’s in there and various other things but in terms of actually utility has adapt that burns something you know Terra Casino

Um it’s actually if you included all the burning that’s created through using it I think rather at nine or ten um but what it doesn’t record on that industry is the amount of mummy that burns through people transferring the money into the DAP okay it only counts what we

Um burn as betting burn so to speak which is about 80 percent so you know it’s still a significant amount so if you think that’s one Gap that’s going to the top ten um the decks I’d like to think would jump you know pretty much to you know

The top five within a few kind of weeks I mean it could feasibly burn billions in a week you know that’s if it has enough volume exactly yeah absolutely same with the casino um the the casino when it’s first or I think um the casino when it was launched and one

Of the other chains um because it has you know there’s multiple kind of Partners if you like um one of them but um so one of them generated so much kind of volume in one day um sorry one in the first month that if we got that we literally could burn

Billions and billions through Terror Casino um I did a tweet on this other it’s a few months back now and um obviously it was kind of you know pretty much the best case kind of scenario but that was based on the performance that the casino had had on another chain

It was a significant amount and bear in mind this is for one doubt and this is why we want to create this um Eco system where we attract as many dabs as possible let’s let everybody have an opportunity to kind of you know um burn and contribute to the the change

It’s very sensible so better link has a question he has a question he’s been getting everybody on Twitter do you think that rex that Tara could potentially be listed on other exchanges we’re certainly going to try hey guys for sure it sounds sort of given to the internet

I mean I mean hopefully win soon I mean I think like bitmart and like hot bit those are probably gonna be pretty easy to get into yeah like probably yeah if it’s a good launch they’ll be interested okay the um I know there’s been a lot of people that have been concerned that

We’ve created another coin and and I frankly the wonderful answer to certainly wrong but the coin is there it’s like the it’s like the the mechanism if you like or the engine that drives the exchange okay and that’s why you need Terror there but of course that’s deflationary in itself which

Makes it you know potentially a good investment I mean obviously everybody needs to do their own research and so on um but as part of that um if we can get Terror on other kind of exchanges as well and you know help attract people into our ecosystem you know the more the better

So the answer is maybe well the answer is we’re definitely going to try yeah we’re going to try we’re gonna we’re gonna make it happen 100 yeah absolutely yeah we need to have something else from our ecosystem on other exchanges so I’m sure like we can definitely work something out

And I think a lot of people are excited for that and and maybe you can go a little bit into like you know like Community philosophy and how you see the community evolving over the year I think we’ll end up with three legs each um some of us already have them but yeah

Um so that that’s that is a that’s a really did you want to direct that to me or Fred because do you ever want to take it I mean there could be some kind of cosmic um you know a factor yeah so so the question is uh how how the

Community is going to evolve is that right um yeah I didn’t quite get the question exactly um yeah I see uh pteropod is um like um like the initial spark um for for other developers um so it’s like a show off um and um I mean I mean we’re also building on the

One side with the one team um we have active um so so for example zeroda said um said to me um there’s a whole bunch of investors out out there we’re just looking they are just looking at commit history in the GitHub they see that there is activity on that chain development activity

And as as long as there is development active uh development it will eventually um attract investors and attracting investors will attract developers and attracting developers will attract investors and um yeah I I see to to to answer the original question question um I see um Terra classic as part of the cosmos ecosystem

And I really want a part I want to be part of the cosmos ecosystem and um I think the I I would wish to see that people in Terror classic are not only looking at Terror classic but also on the other chains because in the end tarot classic will really benefit from

The other Cosmos chains so um so that’s that’s my my vision for that community so you want some of the cosmos developers to come over pretty much because like if we keep building and attracting community over there why not yeah right no yeah in the end it comes down to that yeah

Yeah and it’s I guess it’s whether people believe in a single chain future a multi-chain future and I think it’s pretty much going to be a multi-chain food Transit now the part whatever part it is that we play in that um that’s down to the community in

Downtown successful we are but we need to be up to date with our technology to make it a um kind of viable change to join the community needs to do everything that it can to make this actually an attractive Community for people to come you know if

You’ve got somebody that’s you know kind of reaching out and um essentially just kind of exploring the community and thinking you know are they likely to want to be our customers and people start to flood them well who’s going to build people are just going to

Run off and think oh Don’t Go Near them you know it’s um you know that’s just like a you know a toxic environment um you know I think we’ve got to welcome anybody that wants to build it uh I mean obviously well I say obviously no doubt there’ll be the odd kind of

Scammer um because they’re just bogus um you know you can’t really say a lot else I mean you know every week we’re saving people’s coins um or certainly attempting to um that have been you know kind of unstaked if you like um that’s just down to scammers unfortunately you know it

Seems to be you know um just part of crypto however there’s going to be a vast amount of people that actually want to make a profit make a legitimate profit like a business successful and use and provide utility for for the the customers or the community um so you know we

We certainly need to attract those um and I I think that the decks opening the door onto all the chains um allowing those other kind of utilities that opportunity to kind of come in if you like as well um you know I think we could do really good

Um we we’ve got to accept that if we want to have if we want to burn a lot of long if that’s what the driving force is for a lot of people it doesn’t matter what the taxation rate is it’s the amount of volume on that

Utility we could set the tax rate at 50 percent but you’re never going to burn anything because nobody will ever use it because it’s too costly um personally at 0.2 I think we’ve got it absolutely on the button um and I think most people probably don’t really notice a great deal at that

But also for daps that are creating utility it’s an it’s enough for a lot of them to be able to work um or you know for their smart contracts to work without it causing too much of too much of a problem um those it does cause a problem too I

Think we need to have something in place to be able to whitelist those um those daps and maybe encourage them to burn um from a profit perspective but you know I guess that’s something that you know it kind of got to address the other side of it um

Which I don’t think people maybe give a lot of crit um time too is that if we want to create parity with Luna 2 in terms of the code well we can’t create parity with lunar two well we’ve got the burn tax because Luna 2 doesn’t have the burn tax but we

Do so we might have the technology pretty much the same um but that’s something that as a community we’re gonna have to decide do we want to have technological absolute parity where one adapt from let’s say luna 2 could pretty much just sit on lunk um

Or do we want to keep that burn tax and you know still expect them to make the alteration to that where they can maybe Frank can give us a better um kind of better description of that so no it’s absolutely right so that’s what I always say

When it comes down to parity I always have this burntx argument um so yeah I pretty much uh so so this this was a pretty complete just said so um we can we can make it uh easy for the developers of lunar V2 to come over here

Um but um it will always be uh there will always be some effort to do like like uh taking care of that burnt eggs and so on but but I think in the sense of being um a Community Driven Community Driven chain um where a lot of yeah where pretty much heterogeneous uh

Mob comes together and you kind of have this this uh decent rise governance and decentralized um politics or governance um I think in such an environment it’s it’s pretty much needed to have some kind of tax in order to finance the chain because there is no Central entity like tfl

Um for for the old Terror to to finance that chain even more important you can’t just mint a bunch of coins because we’re trying to do the opposite yeah right so I don’t see the text really being removed in the future uh but I see kind of a paradigm shift

Um where probably in the future the text won’t be used to to burn coins but to finance the community community pool um or like yeah like split burn um yeah but I I don’t see really the text being removed just because you have parity with lunavi 2.

Yeah it’s an interesting one isn’t it um and because with that I shared this conversation ourselves everybody but um there’s arguments foreign against having utilities funded okay within terrible we’re funded by the community you know people are invited to buy the government’s token oh ah the video oh no well done boys Um switch over to here we have not hey hold on give one second Gonna go ahead and switch over hi how you guys do it you guys vibing we’re all chilling here dude I this is this is very deceiving so much space there what’s up I mean we’re pretty much wrapping up like we’re almost at the hour Mark we’re vibing out we were talking about the

Feature of long we were talking the future about the the burn tax converting into a regular community pool tax at some point with Burns coming from daps I’m sure it’ll all get a little bit more complicated as as we move on we kind of covered everything though

I mean I personally think like if people want to like participate in this ecosystem it’s just like if you want to be a part of the decks you can get a piece of it at you know terraport.finance they are having a pre-sale and this is like the final

Pre-sale before the launch that you’ve already heard that they’re you know scheduling launch for mid-march nothing is like confirm it is tentative but in general that’s kind of like the idea and generally speaking it’s like you support everything on lunk you don’t just support one thing we always talk about

You know co-prosperity within the sphere it’s not even just lunar classic but kind of just like Cosmos right I’m a cosmos Maxi I’m not a Terra Linda classic Maxi well I guess I kind of am but you know like generally thinking like I am a cosmos vaccine I

Cover Chronos I cover Cosmos I cover a bunch of different things but like tickled into classic is obviously our focus and I think like all of these chains can benefit from working with each other we have the biggest Community you know we don’t have a lot of

Developers but we’re working on it and that’s why we have got Terra Port you know helping a bunch of people not only with like endpoints and infrastructure but just like all over the place I mean like frags on the L1 task force which is

Sick so I mean if you guys want to go ahead and participate in the sale uh it is terraport.finance I’m gonna actually slap it on the chat before I go let me do that real quick actually so people can have the link but yeah it was

A pleasure to have Rex here it was a pleasure to have till I I mean these are like big hitters in the Terra ludicosic sphere and I think together we’re gonna build some awesome stuff yeah absolutely and just um just on the the kind of sales element there the

Reason why we’ve had kind of full sales like this is the with a massive amount of support over the months um and we kind of wanted to be able to hand something back so to speak um so the first kind of sale went um as a private Garden investor sale to people

That had have supported the devs from the get-go and it kind of progressed like that so within the white paper it clearly says how much each token was kind of sold out and also in the first sales there wasn’t actually that many token sold okay not in terms of what

There is in this last sale so in terms of any kind of um sales pressures we’ve tried to do as much as possible to make sure that I’m kind of launch day as such um there’s the lowest amount of um you know kind of negative kind of sales pressure so to speak

Um you know obviously we don’t know what’s going to happen um hopefully you know that’s all uh it’ll kind of really really take off but that’s down to the the community to them hey up excuse me we got a surprise guest a new developer yeah [Laughter] yeah gosh he’s the moodiest cat ever

That’s why I’ve got scratches on my face of cutie which is fierce yeah oh yeah she wants some full spony when she wants it um ridiculous yeah she growls I mean I think she recognizes herself or identifies as a dog or something like that she’s part of the community man

When they get together um but yeah so um yeah so in terms of in terms of planning we’ve took as much into consideration what we can to make this the best kind of experience and to give ourselves the the best the best kind of rolling start so to speak

Um and as just as I was kind of saying before we kind of went off there the the this terracott is financed by investors okay it’s not financed from the burn tax um because we plan this to be sustainable and viable for the longer term okay and I think all good projects

Should be able to be self-sustaining so there is actually an argument to say that really should you hand out grants from the community pool I mean I’m not saying yes or no one at the minute I’m just you know discussing it if you like because if you need to give somebody a

Leg up then really is it a viable business plan that they’ve got um because if it’s viable the love investment simple as that um so I don’t know it’s I can’t remember in this conversation with um somebody in the past I’ll not mentioning who it was um and they reckon

That was a potential error that was made with um the previous ecosystem um because so much was handed out in Grants but not all those daps went on to be um self-sustained I’d say yeah you can have a million devs but if you know all of them are useless it doesn’t

Matter how many dabs you’ve got funded and probably something that’s Community run with investors works because you know I mean they vetted the project yeah in terms uh in terms of self-sustainability I mean anchor protocol is the the first one to mention so with that uh 20 yield on on the stable coin

Yeah that’s kind of had to end like that because anchor was not sustainable the Ponzi scheme yeah it makes sense it’s it’s just like I mean I personally think the community pool just goes into L1 development and then we just like build from there with you know all two daps but uh the

Community decides what they want to fund at the end of the day right I think the from my perspective I think we’ve got probably two or three key funding requirements for the chain one is the ongoing kind of L1 kind of development and maintenance of it if you like yeah um

But also and I think this is probably even more important is if we are if we can’t make sure they’re delegators and stakers are receiving a reasonable reward then why will people stake and that is absolutely vital for you know ensuring kind of governments and security across the chain

Um and also in terms of uh let’s say taking coins out of circulation to provide a kind of upwards price pressure as well um because State coins don’t count as part of circulation coins but you need to have those rewards and I think currently it depends where you go I’ve kind of

Heard anywhere between 18 and a half and up to about 22 and a half percent we did we did a study on our own validator just a few weeks back and we found out that the rewards for ours were working out 89 okay which will be same for everybody

Right um so just because some of it’s reported as 22 or 24 it’s I think you just need to do the maths yourself and see exactly what you really are getting but but either way um if it’s anywhere between 18 and 22 um you know that’s that’s a reasonable

Convey PR if you like um but we need to kind of maintain that so we’re staying competitive yeah no absolutely I mean the the pool depleting and the Oracle pool stuff is like a whole different conversation for another time generally speaking but like it’s just if you if you do something

Unsustainable it’s not gonna work I mean a lot of the data price feeding is is coming from places that sometimes break randomly out of nowhere so I mean you’ve got to do the dyor yourself and if you see like a trillion coins randomly come into the circulating

Supply and coin market cap it’s probably not actually real right like it’s probably just like random price feeding bugs happening and you know that got updated pretty quick that was like yesterday but yeah I think Terra port’s gonna be really exciting I I think more

Lucky Toady is always a big plus and you know like we’re all over the place on lunk it’s not just like on terraport so you’ll be you’ll be seeing us around a lot when it comes to the turtle classic blockchain like for sure we should have like a launch live stream or something

Like that I think that’d be cool yeah just kind of reflecting back to to that end investment element um when uh excuse when teleport um kind of Trades and generates you know kind of applies its fees part of what uh part of the outcome of those fees goes

Um to kind of burn long and of course with the government’s proposals the way they are some of that goes into community pool now there’s nothing to say um that teleport through its own governance proposals could maybe somehow divert some of the money from teleport into some kind of wallet that actually helps

Feed um stakers in terms of lunk so you know my understanding is that you can’t feed directly into the Oracle because that’s to do with swapping however um you know maybe Terra Port could be the um dap that finances staking that’d be cool yeah I mean it depends how big we

Get like literally the more people use it the more possibilities and opportunities open up like we can literally do everything on the Chain if I mean we had the being like usdt right if we end up going tether volume so I mean I guess we’ll see like March is

Going to be a big test on lunar classic community on like how many people are actually going to want to utilize the blockchain I know a lot of people want to swap the rewards over from usdc to lunk so in just like base utility we should be seeing a good amount kind of

Volume from that obviously like I know we’re gonna have like lunk eth Pairs and like you lunk usdc and a bunch of those pairs that are very fundamental to the chain that people you know want to use but they just haven’t been able to use which is which is interesting because

Like I think uh I mean how many wallets even support the Luna classic chain it’s a good question and I mean like do we even have ethereum on lunk we have a bunch of these pairs people don’t really have the education on them which is you

Know why we have to make that kind of content so people really understand that but moving forward uh I’m excited for it it’s finally going to be one of the big utility releases this year that everybody on the long chain has been looking forward to and you know

Like if you want to participate in it teleport.finance is your way no affiliate link it’s just straight up you want to go ahead and participate on lunk do it yourself have a have a go at it and with that being said do you have any closing remarks for the community

You got any two uh build yes please have good ideas and please send them to Terra civita essentially yeah probably is taking protocol that would be nice like uh liquid sticking protocol it would be nice to have somewhere with auto compounding that is just super neutral and everybody can just have

Access to and like if you’re a validator you’re automatically in this thing right like that’d be super cool if someone wants a cool idea on lunk yeah that’s it from my point of view it’s um like I said to reiterate what um what till said you know it’s about building but

I think it’s about welcoming building as well you know we’ve we’ve got to be that massive Community it says we will welcome you come here build and we will be your customer base and we will help you generate a profit you know a profitable sustainable business

Um that you just won’t want to go anywhere else exactly yeah it’s as simple as that you know just get more projects on lunk if you guys want to build on lunk do it do it because uh it’s something we absolutely need and we have a launch pad

To facilitate it all you know whatever you need you just go out to the Terra CV to disco we’ll help you out with that but with that being said my name is classy crypto I’m also part of tourist Vita if you want to support Terra civita

I mean the easiest way if you don’t want to spend any of your own money is literally just like staking with the Terra CV to validator I mean you guys have been growing like crazy lately I think what you’re like you’re about to pass me I think right like I’m at 27.2

You’re at no you passed me at 27.8 billion Terra little classic so that’s super awesome to get more and more delegates to just supporting continuous development on the Chain I mean the money is going to be used for a ton of different things and just like we

Said before the dexta as well literally everything in the lung does well so with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this we’re definitely going to be doing another stream literally like next month it’s not that long for the actual debut of the Terra Port decentralized exchange

But with that being said stay safe Stay classy

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