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Terra Luna Classic Potential is High!!! #LUNC Will Be Worth More Than You Think

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  1. Hey Matt, thanks for the awesome videos mate, always a breath of fresh air listening to you.! In terms of supply with Terra Luna classic with people saying it can’t reach a dollar because it has 6,000,000,000,000+ tokens. Then how does Dodge coin nearly reach a dollar with more than 20 times the supply of Terra classic?

  2. C'est plutôt cool, je suis en quelque sorte nouveau dans l'espace crypto et je me demandais si la crypto day-trading est une option visible pour gagner de l'argent. Sont-ils des stratégies cohérentes là-bas


  4. <The crypto market has been unfavorable for months and i keep losing my money selling-off during dips, i'm very scared of holding right now, how do you guys still make so much

  5. It’s gonna take a life time to reach another thing and that’s if crypto don’t die before hand 😅

  6. 9 days ago you said .01!! Now today, you said, maybe we get to .001 in the long term. WTH???? No one knows what this coin will do, but the roller coaster of price predictions from influencers when we have absolutely no idea what it will do is causing uncertainty in the market!

  7. You haven't talked about terra luna classics potential in awhile? 🤔 really!? Dude u don't ever shut up about lunc!😅 same old recycled crap every singe day

  8. my life is totally changed 😊. I've been earning $10,250 returns from my $4,000 Investment every 13 days

  9. I've said it before,
    Staking 90% on your monthly earn and 10% goes to the burn for every user.

    That's if the Apr doesn't shrink.

    Imagine if 2 billion people staked – 10% = 400 Million a month burnt just from the community.

  10. stop saying that it will make at least 10 X…. since you do not know the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so far all your predictions are WRONG WRONG WRONG each time.. please stop making usless videos on the same subject

  11. Burning and re-peg is very important but it's a long shot. It goes down but the it will always go up💯. Well see what's 2023 on Feb what is going to be like 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. Thanks for sharing this helpful insights! I've gain so much knowledge about Crypto trading! l'm so excited I've been making $25,000 and above.

  13. its depressing i spend 600 euro and only 1.7 million coins, i am 40% down if buying today 2.8 million coins with the same amount. that said, i am very very patient. i think in 1 or 2 years my average of 0.00035 will be considered low . if goes down, i try to average out (down under 0.0002)

  14. Mrs Sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  15. Be careful everyone this joker is about to switch on you guys now he’s going to jump to FTX. First shiba then Luna next FTX he’s going to say he put $20 & made thousands lmao 🤣

  16. 100% it will be worth much more … it's own chain and lots of catalyst will moon it. Patience is the key.

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