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Terra Luna Classic To ALL TIME HIGHS! LUNC $116

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What would it actually look like for tuna classic to hit all-time highs again what we can see right now with terminal classic we’re at a fraction of a penny in our market cap just shy of 850 million dollars it’s definitely a far cry from where we used to be when we

Look at the charts for the all-time high but you see tuna classic peaked all-time high about 116 dollars with a market cap coming in close to 40 billion dollars now before we take a look at the all-time highs for tuna classic let’s take a look at one dollar that way we

Can actually compare the difference from a one dollar general classic to 116 Dollar General classic and you’ll be surprised about the difference so first of all at a one dollar tunnel classic price we would need to be burning roughly 98 almost 99 of the total Supply

Our market cap would also need to go up dramatically close to 60 billion dollars now first to actually burn this much tune in the class you can see on a daily basis right now it needs to be burning roughly around 500 million and then increase that burn to over 5 billion to

A classic every single day now what’s really interesting is when actually compare this to tonal class I got 116 dollars you can see the difference on this spreadsheet here and it’s very small but you can see 116 dollar to the classic price we need to be burning

99.98 of the total Supply so basically the entire total Supply our market cap would also need to go up higher closer to 100 billion dollars and our burn rate would need to increase slightly as well but it’s actually not that different when we hop back and forth between the

Two tabs you can barely see the difference in the burn rates up above me right here with just these three sections changing really and it’s not that dramatic of a change you’re talking going from basically four to five billion 200 class to burn on a daily basis so not that extreme but another

Way that we could actually hit these extremely high prices is instead of burning the total Supply down have the total Supply be staked Instead This is where we could increase our stake ratio from close to one trillion channel classic maybe to close to let’s say five trillion internal classic that would

Dramatically decrease the circulating Supply that we see right here which is used to calculate the current market cap so we could use that to basically have a shortcut instead of having to burn down effectively the entire total Supply 99.98 maybe a steadily burn let’s say 60

Percent and then we end up having staked a large chunk of the total Supply if you’re enjoying this video consider subscribing down below and while you’re at it hit the notification Bell as well regardless of how we go about it we definitely need to see dramatic increases the total channel classic burn

You can see right now since shy of just about 49 billion total channel classic burn with an average burn rate of about 190 million tuner Classics every single day so first to hit the goals that we have on these spreadsheets of getting close to a few billion internal classes

Burn every single day what we’re going to need to have is a bunch of utilities coming into the general classic ecosystem different nft projects different dexes different things that are going to burn down our tuning classic total Supply now when we take a look at the top tunnel Classic Burners

You can see something very interesting here when you start off at the top binance contributes a significant portion of the tallest classic burned over 50 percent coming close to 60 percent and then after that we have a couple projects lunatics token uh cremation coin a couple other projects

Here Tara casino but really when we look at this this top 25 list there’s not that many projects in here that are actively burning a ton of tuna classic tens of millions even when we need to have projects that are bringing hundreds of millions of channel classic at the

End of the day and if we can actually get hundreds of different projects on our ecosystem building we could see amazing things happen for tuna classic where the price could go absolutely insane so make sure that you guys are out there supporting different projects that are helping the channel classic

Burn if you want to learn what the potential is 14 or classic if we can get hundreds of these projects burning check out this video up here and I’ll catch you on the next one

In this video I go over what it would look like for LUNC to hit All Time Highs. It would be insane for us to see Terra Luna Classic make that dramatic of a recovery as we would need some serious LUNC burns and utility on the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem.

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