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Terra luna classic is now live with 1.2% burn tax and the burns are about to get huge !

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  1. All binance users should tell binance that they have to saddly leave the exchange if they dont support off-chain soon

  2. Man, but what pump? With 20 millions a day will take 800 years to burn all.
    We need burn on trading!

  3. On-chain volume 49,5B Burn only 13M? 49,5B = 594.000.000M! Ok, the burn started half a day so it would be half.

  4. These past few days watching my crypto portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn't really profit much. Any ideas on how to earn better on the short run?

  5. We need to support the staking initiative. If people buy from exchanges and wish to stake…think about it, it will be on-chain! And come Oct 26, more validators will be available. Staking!!!

  6. oh my God stop with ur f bulshit how the f will burn billions at this rate it will burn 30m a day 1 billion a month wich still takes 99 years to burn 99% of the supply

  7. I really have good feeling about Luna but ain’t putting my money on just that, my new fav is $TAKE and I just don’t stake, I also earn which is very cool. Long term investment for me atm💯

  8. Investing on cryptocurrencies with expert Elizabeth crypto has really being a life changer and brought me good return

  9. So when are we going to pump?? I made sure to get 2 million Luna but I see there's no pump. I'm getting scared and might sell.

  10. I absolutely <recommend Mrs Elizabeth crypto to new trader who are struggling to make profits out of their crypto investment I was once in that situation until I was introduced to Mrs Elizabeth crypto who in fact change my life,I began to make good profits out of my trades till date, best trader ever

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