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Tesla's Next CEO? Elon Musk Successor

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Tesla board member James Murdoch testified that Elon Musk has named a potential successor as CEO of Tesla. Warren reviews several possible candidates including Drew Baglino, Zachary Kirkhorn, Robyn Denholm, Ashok Elluswamy, JB Straubel, Gwynne Shotwell, Kimbal Musk, and of course Elon’s son X Æ A-Xii.

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  1. Interesting summary…didn't know much about Kimball. Thought he was running Solar, which has underperformed. The Musk Trust, is a point in his favor…I just don't know what caliber a manager he is ??? You surprised me. I was leaning towards Drew.
    Thanks for educating me on the Tesla Top Execs and other relevant players……

  2. If Tesla wins the Delaware Chancery case, he (Elon) will at some time between now and 2028, be exercising 304 million stock options, and he will most likely be selling about 150 million shares to pay the strike price and associated taxes. Let that sink in ..

  3. I see what you are doing, sending the focus on others so you can act surprised when Elon names Warren Redlich as backup CEO…. lol

  4. Another great candidate (who probably has zero chance) is Warren Redlich.

    Or maybe other youtubers like SMR or The Electric Viking or Farzad

  5. Mary Barra is the obvious choice. I remember when she made that dramatic announcement that by 2035 GM would be 100% electric Mary changed the whole story She electrified the ENTIRE automobile industry. I’m serious she led and it matters

  6. Glad you emphasized the context up front. I don't know why people are so drawn in by this contingency notion anyway, with all these videos flying around today about it – because even if Elon has a priority list of backup successors right now, these of course could still change, even from one month to the next, but certainly likely would change from one year to the next. The extent that today's sheep get emotionally drawn in by a snapshot scenario or sound byte – truly boggles the mind. But if the emotionally immature media and their sheep want to get trolled by it, I'll laugh at them a little but I'll continue focusing on Tesla fundamentals. This is such a nothing burger to be splitting hairs over right now.

  7. I’ll say JB cause Elon once said that his biggest regret was not have started Tesla with JB. Redwood and Tesla would be a perfect fit IMO.

  8. I think it's time for Elon to pass the Technocrown to someone else and focus his energies on being the Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh of Twitter, if that's what's motivating him these days. I think that his new political alignment as a conservative Republican will ultimately prove incompatible with Tesla's Mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. While the Democrats are also beholden to fossil fuels, they will just drag their feet on the Transition; Republicans will dig in their heels and fight tooth and nail for coal-rollin' pickup trucks. Those EV credits that got Tesla through its dark times weren't Republican policies.

  9. The thing about Elon is true of many serial entrepreneurs, routine tasks are innovation killing. Let me put this another way – he is a creator, the challenge of a seemingly insurmountable problem is his motivation. Tesla, and all of its other startups teams, are running and innovating just (relatively) fine. SpaceX is also running (relatively ) fine. Being CEO of these are the equivalent of garden tending. The challenge of Twitter makes Elon's juices flow. Leave him alone to do what he is best at .

  10. Kimble Musk hasn't demonstrated the same intellect or capacity to achieve that the others on the list have

  11. It's got to be X Æ A-XII. All the pther guys are way too old replacing Elon who is leaving to Mars.

  12. Drew Baglino ( love him and i hope so )
    Zachary Kirkhorn ( not ceo but i think give him a small PR team on top of what he's doin now to run ) if elons no longer with us
    Robyn Denholm (she's been a ceo before so she knows what it takes if she wants the job )
    Ashok Elluswamy (leave him where he is and make him head of all AI lol. so over the car, robot and agi when that starts to turn up)
    JB Straubel ( would be nice he can catch up with whats new and gone on at tesla so not much of a problem there but how will the others feal about this as you dont want them to feel pissed for been passed over is more of a concern there for me ) plus hes doing his own thing with redwood and i wish him all the best with it as would love to see more of him and what hes doin inside and stuff.
    Gwynne Shotwell (she's great but then you'll need to find someone like her to run spacex ) also i think she pulls alot of the best rocket enginers to spacex for who she is and how good she is. but maybe the same thing like jb will some people feel pissed for been passed over idk.
    Kimbal Musk (again doing his own thing with restaurants and his charity work ) and i cant see him pulling the best enginers from all over to work with or for him. but i can see him helping make/build fast food joints at charging centers tho and i do think thats where some of the cali restaurants have come from but i think they need to be made into a simple format tobe build/ made anywhere to see that grow tho i do think hes a great person to run things over with or bounce ideas off with all the people he's been around and seen.

    but remember who ever moves up the ladder someone under them has to take over from what they was doing. and no i have no long term wose about tesla and who might be the next ceo just from looking at the people in your list and some of the people at tesla that we might not know about as there all top notch.

  13. shivon zilis, super brilliant…idolizes elon…forward thinking…great goalie (so she can deflect all the fud and hysteria directed towards tesla.

  14. Elon has NOT named a successor. He POSSIBLY has a POTENTIAL candidate in mind. That is all that can be said at this point. That said, this is a good overview of some likely candidates

  15. I say JB cause he has the leadership to take big chances and he owns a business that is a success. I like to see a person not only with engineering but with a business sense to steer the company in the right direction. In his company, he has proven to be able to run a business make bold moves and win

  16. What you failed to hear from Elon is that he said that you can only get engineers to do their best work for an engineer and not a manager type.

  17. Kimble Musk makes a lot of sense to take over as you stated. He seems to be a great business person as well. And he’s best to handle the media appropriately!

  18. This speculation is pointless. Elon isn't CEO anyway, he's Chief Engineer and Head of Product Design – Technoking.

  19. Elon will continue to run Tesla despite him not being CEO imo. He’ll just have less clerical responsibilities.

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