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Watch the latest Promo of the Popular Telugu Serial #Thaali that airs on Gemini TV.

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Thaali is a family drama on Gemini TV. Smart and loveable, Rama Lakshmi comes from an extended rural family . She pursues her higher studies in the city, as the first stEpisode to achieve her IAS dream. During the course of her education she meets Anand and his sister Alekhia. Unexpected turn of events, leads to her sudden marriage with Anand, who loves her from first sight. The story unfolds how Rama Lakshmi gains the love of her husband’s hostile family and fulfils her ambition as well.

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  1. Artham chesukone time lo artham chesukokunda vedendhuku ippudu doubt paduthunnado papam I think e akash gadu ila avuthadhi ani thelise ila chesadu vadu marale act chesthunnadu anukunta

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