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Thailand’s aeroplane graveyard spooks residents

Thailand’s aeroplane graveyard spooks residents. The generous driver sticks free snacks & masks to his pickup. 4 taxi drivers were fined for overcharging and refusing service. Plan to phase out importing plastic scrap by 2025.

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00:00 Intro
01:12 Thailand’s aeroplane graveyard spooks residents.
4:42 4 taxi drivers were fined for overcharging and refusing service.
18:06 Plan to phase out importing plastic scrap by 2025.
26:29 Poll (In Thailand, a typical conversation starter would involve a person’s appearance. Is it also in your country?)
30:44 Views & Comments

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  1. I have noticed for a long time that the beautiful people of Thailand do not see danger, like we do in the West. Health and safety does not exist in Thailand

  2. Did you mean that joke Jay? They wanted to make the area into an Entertainment complex, but it never took off 🤣

  3. sorry It was Bangkok Pat that who's utube video about the Bangkok Plane graveyard. But I see there are plenty of Utube videos.

  4. Unchained elephants is one of the best NFTs with real use case and real life application. Love this project. Can't wait to own my own NFT!!!

  5. What a beautiful project! Helping elephants to unchain from their miserable life in tourism and entertainment. Daniel and his team need more support! Get your NFT now! Thanks Daniel and all the other loving people involved!🙏🏼

  6. Thank you so much for having me guys! I will be sending updates on the project once we have reached milestones of the project. Thanks once again!

  7. j. i think you told a joke without knowing you did in regard to the abandoned airplanes.." plans to turn the area into an entertainment complex never took off"

  8. The airplane graveyard is famous! I have been there myself. Easy to get to, it's the last stop on the Saen Saep water bus. It is quite interesting to see how a 747 is put together. Hadn't heard anything about it being haunted, though. I think they charged me 200 baht to get in. The families live in a pair of Quonset huts in the compound, and they do have a lot of kids.

  9. Back home from my vacation in Thailand it was so much better watching the show live , great show today guys as ever 👏👏👏
    Don’t worry Sara I have done the same as you with my shoes 5555

  10. I always find the Thai people so very friendly and accommodating. I find they are always trying to start a conversation with me. Often I hear. " Hellooo Hansum Man, Bai Nai Na" If I have the time I always smile and answer "Mai Reuu" I am asked, How old I am, Where I am from, What I do for a job. In some places this can happen every 10 steps or so. Thai's are such good conversationalists. I must say I feel quite Hansum after my walk 😋

  11. I love how Natty whispered "Abdullah" into the mic several times during the plant naming discussion without Jay noticing! 😂😂😂

  12. Regarding the conversation starters in Thailand, many of the nicknames are also connected to some physical appearance. Such as Noi (for a petite woman) or the worst, Moo, which translates to "pig" but are often given to fat girls. I questioned the Moo name and asked if it had a different meaning in a name but was given the short answer, "No, she’s fat."

  13. The girls ask me if I'm pregnant and then I mention their small boobs and then uncomfortable silence follows.

  14. Among the terrific tuk tuk drivers there was one scammer I found; I was walking a few kms to a market and he stopped by the road offering a lift, I jumped in and showed him on google maps exactly where I wanted to go, about 2km away just a short trip but still a bit of a walk, I asked how much that would be he said twenty to fifty baht, no problem I was already planning to tip him and pay at least 120tb for the convenience, but then he turned down some completely unnecessary road and headed us in exactly the opposite direction. I was watching us go further away on Maps on my phone heading in the opposite direction and there was no reason to, it was on the same street and just a couple of kms away. So I've told him, mate you're taking us in the opposite direction, and showed him that I was watching us on my phone. So he finally turned around and took me where I wanted to go, but then wanted 200tb. Okay no problem, but did he have change for 500? Nope, no change, and he was getting irate or clearly trying to scam as much money as he could get by any means, a really shifty guy. Now I'm not a small guy, relatively speaking and I can surely handle myself pretty bloody well if it comes down to it, but the last thing I'm going to do is go to a foreign country and get in any kind of altercation or even an argument, it's just a bit of money so I gave him the 500 and tried not to take his obvious contempt for foreigners personally. But honestly, he was a little guy, if I felt like it I could've wrapped him up like a piece of paper and tossed him in the nearest bin. I don't really get that sort of mentality, suicidally criminal, but it's best to be positive and always be friendly and try to be a good Buddhist in a Buddhist country. I figure, if he's that desperate he's going to be an arsehole to scam foreigners, he's probably really broke and not such a bad thing to give him 500tb for a 50tb ride, it's still actually not very much money when you think about it. But people can't afford to carry all the world's impoverished individually, the universe will just have to forgive that. I mean I couldn't give money to all the street beggars outside the hotel either, except the lady with the newborn baby in her arms, I had to go back and give her something, it just disturbed me not to, but normally a person just can't pay for every stranger out there.

  15. There has been nothing left to see at the former airplane graveyard for about a month now. I did the last visit on a video.

  16. There's a bigger Thai Airways graveyard at U Tapao airport. It's referred to locally as 'the boneyard'! No access allowed!

  17. How can these people charge fees to view what they don’t own, steal pieces and parts from what is not theirs?

  18. Hope Bangkok police would pay attention to taxis that operate from Sombat Tours bus station at Sombat Tour Viphavadee 13, Bangkok. After arriving from Hua Hin, I tried to get a taxi to my hotel and all of them refused to travel on the meter. They quoted three times of the fare I paid for a meter taxi that I took from the main road after a few minutes walk. This thing happened in late April and I believe it is still happening.

  19. Thai naivety at its best. Get kids to run out at intersections to grab snacks off a car. So what could possibly happen 🤔😣

  20. If you don't want to go to the airplane graveyard, you can go to the airplane museum in Sai Mai. It was free years ago, and there was someone who could explain interesting facts about the planes.

  21. Natty if you use 'woke' in that manner you are starting to sound like a trump conservative… you might lose some of your audience with that.

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