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The Axie Infinity Economy Will Fail

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The Axie Infinity Economy Will Fail

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  1. 👍👍Anyways I have been in lost for so long after my assets got hacked never think I can get them back but was wrong thanks to this man on my bio 👍name who was my life saver 💯.

  2. Sure, they can introduce those burn mechanisms and stuff, but the game ain't going to recover and we ain't going to see the same growth it had last year. The game is a shallow, RNG-based major disappointment that lost ALL and I mean EVERYTHING that made the previous version "okay". V2 as it is now called wasn't an amazing, addicting game nor was it "fun", unless you are a masochist, then yeah it might've been fun to you. The point is, V2 was an okay product. V3 was overhyped, and now that everyone knows it is a complete garbage, the next thing they got now that is at least close to being interesting is that land gameplay. That is the last chance for this game. V3 isn't going to save this shitshow.

  3. Ur such a joke,once slp pumps you will shill like crazy. It must be painful at the moment when you sold all Axie assets and moved to Pegaxy.

  4. See. Atty Libayan was right all along. And yet you made a video calling him a liar. If you want to make things right. You should apologise to him.

  5. Have a title of a video that makes me want to watch the video. This type of title makes me think oh this gloomy little dude is just going to say his one sided opinion and not think about the Builders program at all

  6. You look so stressed 😫.. don't worry your money is safe right now…soon SLP WILL PUMP.

  7. bro nice way to talk really, but you need help,all your followers for a long time realize how extreme you change your opinion in each of your videos, seriously I think you are intelligent but it seems to me that something is not right.

  8. I've been invested in Axie since around August of last year… honestly it's been going down hill ever since, and i think you are completely right on everything you say about the game. They killed it because they didn't listen or structure it right, it's not complicated.

  9. Axie is in a bad state…
    The ads are garbage, complete disregard for any sort of marketing standard, and actually look like fiverr and a cell phone were used to design them. Message is confusing, convoluted, and simply not encouraging in any way. On top of this Origin rolled out to a $600+ million dollar disappearance of funds, effectively shutting down any trading/investing on launch. Now we see over 75 changes (which were mostly nerfs, devaluing a good number of axie abilities) that are intended to balance a game that has an inherent design flaw in the amount of cards that constitute a deck (too few, easy to control and spam) by weakening a bunch of the harder hits and abilities. Basically, if the intent is to balance the game by taking away value in certain abilities and axies, you will be constantly chasing a meta that will forever lose value. A good number of folks I recommended v2 too lost money and faith in the game, I am in no way going to sacrifice more of my reputation trying to promote a poorly designed game with a failing ecosystem, and infinite timeline for releases. I mean, this is a Pokemon repackage with no RPG elements, or regular releases to keep anyone interested. I hate to say it, but it only got as far as it did because there was money involved. If axie v1/v2 was strictly a play for fun game, it would have died after 6 months. I held hope for ORGIN and a renewed game and play system, but it seems to be more of the same crap from previous releases. They will continue nerfing good axies in an attempt to balance a bad game, causing lose of value for investors and upsetting players who are constantly chasing the meta. The result will be it hits mobile to lackluster results and anyone who was holding out for a pump will quickly liquidate and move on before they completely lose everything…to an inherently poorly designed collectible card game.

  10. Yes, play to earn games are unsustainable in the long run. The only way for them to be economically sustainable is for there to be a constant inflow of money into the ecosystem no less than what comes out

  11. Axie and Pegaxy being leaders in the NFT game scene are tewching us that NFT games are not good long term investments

  12. Thanks, I earned $200 on a bet I made when you came back to Axie; I knew you'd start making cynical videos about Axie when SLP dips. How bout you release a video on Vis and help me earn another $200, that be much appreciated.

  13. guys is 0.02 or even 0.015 slp price bad ?? do you expect to be billionaires playing axie xD play the game to have fun guys

  14. summary of the story "the Devs gave us few dollars and made a ponzi investment where we could double the money and it really did so most people poured all their money the third time but this time it never came back instead it went to the devs pockets" that's how people get rich. The few clever one's fools the dumb majority.

  15. Crypto currency and NFTs will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. $28,000 just in two weeks Mrs Angela Cole Carr you are so amazing

  16. Would like to hear ur thoughts on Pegaxy as u are invvested a lot in this game as well when u sold all ur axies – what do u think about the next steps and the tokenomics over there – would be awesome if u would make a video about it as it is long time back the last one of this game to also see how u personally are affedcted by the meta changes !! Thanks and all the best

  17. Yeah in a couple days ull probably be praising something saying it's going to the moon. Lol

  18. If it was so obvious why not tell us that from the beginning? Why make another video about axie besides its going to die, don't put your money there.

  19. I think Pegaxy is different from Axie infinity. 80% of VIS are burnt overall. The main reasons for VIS token drop is due to panic selling and no major exchange.

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