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The Axie Infinity Marketplace

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The Axie Infinity Marketplace

Axie Infinity has rapidly sped to the forefront of NFT Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming, boasting over $4 billion in revenue since launching. If you’re unfamiliar with P2E gaming, or have not followed any news regarding cryptocurrency and gaming integration, you may be wondering: What is Axie Infinity? It’s a card based game where players collect purchased NFT’s as playable characters, referred to as Axie Infinity cards (Axies for short), and then trade or battle those character cards to earn real world money. In short, it’s a great way for gamers to make money while they do what they love: gaming.

In addition to being a fun, rapidly expanding NFT gaming experience, Axie Infinity has also managed to create a thriving Axie marketplace, and economy through its Axie coins, its in-game currency SLP, Axie Card NFT trading, and scholarships programs.

Axie Coins, AXS, are valued at $50.53 USD, and are the backbone of the Axie Infinity Stock. Additionally, its in-game currency Smooth Love Potions (SLP) are valued at $0.01705319 USD per SLP. Axie Infinity users may earn or purchase both these currencies through the game, with the ability to earn a sizable sum of SLP simply by playing the multiplayer PvP game mode. The earning of SLP is easily the bread and butter of how players can make money in the real world while playing.

Axie Infinity’s competitive multiplayer is ranked similarly to other popular PvP games, wherein players can rise and fall in the ranked sections by winning or losing respectively. By increasing their matchmaking rating, however, players can earn more SLP per win. The following is the current amount per MMR rank:

  • MMR 0-999: 1 SLP
  • 1000-1099: 3 SLP
  • 1100-1299: 5 SLP
  • 1300-1499: 6 SLP
  • 1500-1799: 8 SLP
  • 1800-1999: 10 SLP
  • 2000-2499: 12 SLP

2500+: 14

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The combat is turn-based card combat game, and there are also item cards such as the aroma plant, which heal, players can utilize alongside their combat moves in order to best their opponents. Hearthstone users should be familiar with the PvP competition system.

In addition to Axie’s coin and currency, the Axies players make use of to even play are themselves worth real money; they are after all NFT’s . The average going price of an Axie card will be around $30.00 USD (with some going as high as $200k USD), players will firstly have to invest roughly $100.00 to play, because a team of Axie’s must contain three cards and a full team is required to participate in the game modes. However, there is the option of trading and breeding. The latter of which is an option to, literally, breed two of your Axie’s to “birth” a new Axie. Though this costs AXS and SLP to do it, and Axie’s can only be bred 7 times, it is not a substantial enough amount to deter players from doing so.

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So Axie Infinity players can first invest in NFT’s then use those NFTs to play a competitive video game, where they can then earn money and earn more NFT’s while doing so. It’s a fairly revolutionary idea, to say the least, and having made $4 Billion so far, one can see it’s catching on.

For those who may be struggling financially and don’t have the means to invest in the initial three Axies in order to play, there are scholarship programs available where experienced players may lend a team of Axie’s to a “scholar”, and in return share in the revenue earned by the scholar. Given that scholarships are mostly based on trust, it is generally a good idea to go through a reliable source such as companies such as Lfcarry to find them, because, as with any money based transactions, having some oversight is advisable.

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Axie Breeding

For players wishing to know how to breed Axies, it can be slightly complicated, but not impossible to understand. As previously said, breeding is done when a player chooses two Axie’s and breeds them to create a new offspring, like two parents would a child. Each Axie has six unique body parts which distinguish it from others, and potentially make it more valuable:horns, tails, eyes, mouths, backs, and ears. There are also 9 different classes of Axie:

  • Reptile
  • Aquatic
  • Bug
  • Beast
  • Plant
  • Bird
  • Dawn
  • Dusk
  • Mech

Not unlike Pokemon, these different classes have weaknesses and strengths to other classes. Each Axie has three types of genes: Dominant, Recessive, and Minor Recessive. Would-be breeders should be considering all aspects of these varying traits to ensure which will then be bred down to the offspring in order to breed the most valuable offspring they possibly can. As previously stated, every Axie can only be bred up to seven times for specific amounts of SLP and AXS. Once players have bred their Axies, they will produce an Egg after one day, and after four days the new Axie will hatch and become an adult. The current price per Axie Infinity breeding is as follows:

  • 1: 1800
  • 2: 2700
  • 3: 4500
  • 4: 7200
  • 5: 11700
  • 6: 18900
  • 7: 30600

For players wishing to know more regarding the Axie World or follow the latest Axie Infinity News updates, the value of NFTs, more insight on how to play, or what the best Axie team is, they can visit websites such as Axie Tech or LFcarry.


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