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Learn and grow in Crypto with interviews & content focused on a healthy form of RH maximalism. We lean into objective discussions for products like HEX, PulseChain and PulseX as well as community innovations, health, wealth, wisdom & the big fundamentals Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I buy Richard Heart stock, but I’m also a first principals thinker. That means I can promote his products, while still engaging in constructive criticism and objective reasoning around them, RH and the community. Join Team Win (really)!

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Also, I cannot recommend reading, podcasts and tweets of Naval Ravikant enough!

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  1. HEX, HDRN and ICSA are all valuable. Because Icosa's value is tied to the T-Share rate, it should go up and to the right.

  2. The more the HSI's are recycled the better the yield for each pool but its not really about that. Its about the fact that poly is going to delay the inflation of icosa. We dont really want icosa locked up now because if we do that we going to continue to have thin liquidity. Icosa is not an incentive token, eventually when the liquidity is thick enough, people will be able to easily swap their icosa over to HEX and repeat the cycle. If icosa is bought off market and someone pushes it above arb ceiling, an Hsi can be sold to icosa contract which keeps the inflation from going out of control in the long run because when price drops below ceiling it can be bought and does not need to get inflation from the Hsi buy back. Then it will only have it's inflation from the pools.

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