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The Most EXCITING Sports NFT Project Since Sorare! 🐎 | Silks Review 2022

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Today I’m talking to you about a new NFT project that excites me called Silks! Full transparency, this is an advert, but it’s for a project I believe in. Please consider taking a look into Silks but do so after doing your own research.
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❓ FAQs
What is Sorare?:
2022 Sorare Beginner’s Tutorial:
Sorare is a global fantasy football game, endorsed and partnered with some of the biggest names in football.

On my channel I explain how Sorare works, provide tips and create guides and tutorials for beginners joining the platform. If you have any questions I don’t cover in the video, feel free to drop a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

This is not financial advice, please do your own research before buying any players on Sorare.


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  1. My Colours would be blue/white if this is possible. It's for my hometown Football Club MSV Duisburg. Seems an interesting game but actually im not minting. Maybe in the future

  2. This was a crazy video, I did not think I was ever interested in this, great stuff!!

  3. My favorite colors are red and yellow (the colors of my favourite footballclub) so that'll probably be the colours mine should have

  4. Interesting concept, but you really should know your stuff about horse races I guess 🤔 I would like blue and yellow if I could choose:)

  5. Still trying to learn the rules of MLB and MLB Sorare ^^ You must stop tempting us to join all these platforms, John, there are not enough hours in the day ^^

  6. I would like them to be blue and red just as the colors of mi football team (Universidad de Chile 🔵🔴). Cheers!

  7. I would want to get red and white but this seems to me a bit expensive to start with.
    I am still learning the MLB in sorare and I think I’ll keep it there for now 😅

  8. I like the concept. But horse racing… I don't know man. 😉 But good promo video tho.

  9. great video, described the project very well. get into discord and get involved with the great community there already

  10. I would want to have either red and green 🇵🇹 or orange white and green 🇮🇳

  11. Absolutely love the fact that you're being paid to promote stuff on your channel. Congrats and keep up with amazing work!

  12. it's an intriguing project.. wouldn't mind getting the county colours blue and white

  13. Fair play John looks like it could be decent although I’m awful with horses 😂

  14. Tbh, I looked at this back in April and it didn't pass the smell test. The staking element seemed off as well as the fractionalized ownership on horses. Perhaps I didn't fully understand something but an avatar on it's own does nothing, you need a horse plus silks plus either pay staking on a stable or purchase your own. The DAO is in operation at least a year so might be difficult for new users to gain traction. The retired horses utility sounds familiar :). Avatars on the team members is always a bit of a red flag as well!

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