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The ‘Nostalgia for Infinity X’ crypto trading bot strategy. Is it profitable or not?

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I finally got the time to investigate the many requested NFI X crypto trading bot strategy that is available on the following website:

Trying to make sense of so much code for a strategy was pretty hard to do. Especially when there is not much documentation available on how the strategy works. This time I had to make a lot of assumptions about the way the strategy works.

Also backtesting the 5 minute timeframe is difficult to do if you do not have the hardware or the resources. Backtesting on this timeframe is heavy on the resources and only 1 year’s with backtesting data was able to give some backtesting results.

So see my video on how I finally got the results I wanted to score this strategy in my league of strategies…

ADDITIONAL INFO: I decided to make this series because the strategy video’s on Youtube are limited to specific forex or crypto pairs and/or timeframes. They provide a lot of information on how the strategy works. However they do not give any clue if the strategy works on more than one pair (especially other pairs besides the one that is used in that specific video) or on other timeframes.
There are literally thousands of digital assets (crypto pairs) to trade, so how do you know if a certain strategy works on more than one asset pair? And since crypto trading is a 24/7/365 business, there is no way to always react to every buy or sell signal…
Finally the strategy should work in a mechanical way so that there is no human interaction (read: emotions) involved. In other words a trading bot could make the difference between getting rekt trading or making a profit from trading…



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  1. Thanks for all your videos. Is it possible, that you share your excel templates with us? Best Stefan

  2. it would be possible to share the excel sheet you are using for the backtesting ? I have one but parameters like risk of ruin are missing and I have no idea if is in the final backtest report or if is something you are calculating on your own

  3. considering that the code is not documented (still as time of writing) you did a great and huge job here. As always i press the like button. Thanks for your effort

  4. @DutchCryptoDad, Hi, thanks for putting this channel up and sharing your thorough work that're doing . in fact , I've learned a lot from what you're doing!
    I have one question on this strategy which is the way you change the "timeframe" to do the back testing, any changes (either in config file or in strategy in "optimal timeframe for the strategy" section) that I make other than setting it for "5m" , I get the KeyError error: 'btc_pct_close_max_72_5m', not sure where to go by this.
    any help highly appreciated.
    With respect to the back testing which I did on 5m timeframe , I do not have any issues, as long as keep it around 100 days and 20GB RAM

  5. Hi, I think This strategy is overfitted to the historical data, if you do step forward test and works, try to do montecarlo simulation. Remember price is random, is a Brownian motion. But if you fit all parameters in past works because you are testing it with the same data that used for fit parameters. For that is good to cut the data in two pieces one for fit and another for test, and after that even try to simulate with random data composed with the volatility and mean of the data. Thanks for your videos.

  6. I have started to learn and use freqtrade thanks to your channel, having decided to backtest this strategy myself since the amazing winrate I have found some problems. I can't manage to find any entries during the backtesting, even if i make a "freqtrade list-strategies" the buy and sell params are always 0. Can someone help a noobie like me?

  7. Hi,

    Interesting strategy. Thanks for sharing. What is the unfilledtimeout in the config file?

  8. I ran this strategy for a few weeks and my experience is in line with the conclusions made here: 1. The lack of documentation can lead to frustration when the unexpected happens; however, the discord channel is very active and the main developer and others are very responsive. 2. The win rate is impressive and the drawdown is minor compared with other strategies. 3. The profits per trade, while frequent, are generally small.

    I decided to not make use of this strategy anymore because most of the mechanisms are a mystery to me and the primary reason it works so well is that the developer(s) update daily and sometimes multiple times per day. Rather than spend my time trying to understand the changes being made, I feel my time is better spent learning methods that I can control and customize without being very much dependent on the developers' support. I do highly recommend for anyone that uses the strategy to also join the discord server for information and troubleshooting.

  9. Thank you for the great videos, and how thorough you are!
    One question if you don't mind, any idea why when I try to hyperopt this NFI X strategy I get the error "freqtrade – ERROR – The 'buy' space is included into the hyperoptimization but no parameter for this space was not found in your Strategy. Please make sure to have parameters for this space enabled for optimization or remove the 'buy' space from hyperoptimization.

  10. Thanks for this video. I was surprised when you took up the challenge because the code here is extremely complex, as you note. I'm going to try some backtesting this weekend as well. I'm curious to see if the results are better or worse using only one or two open trades, while keeping the stake amount unlimited.

  11. Lol this shit is not worth even backtest it 🤭 No SL – undefined risk of each trade. Look at real people's results I don't understand why the heck someone still running it.

  12. The author said, NFIX strategy is based on Mean Reversion.
    The strategy eats a lot of RAM the wider the time bracket you set. My PC with 20GB RAM can handle its backtest wiithout error as long as I limit the time bracket to only 90 days or lesser.

  13. Tried to merge a faster timeframe to a slower timeframe."

    ValueError: Tried to merge a faster timeframe to a slower timeframe.This would create new rows, and can throw off your regular indicators

  14. This is fantastic! Thanks a lot for making this. Also, the production quality of your videos has taken a massive leap forward!

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