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The Oasis Network's Privacy Layer: Learn About the Missing Piece to web3 and Blockchain

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Sapphire Paratime is a groundbreaking advance for Solidity developers empowering them to build confidential dApps and add confidentiality to existing dApps on other EVM chains.

Sapphire offers a solution to the blockchain privacy paradox and showcases the flexibility of the Oasis Network and its customizable ParaTime layer with the creation of a confidential EVM developer environment.

With the Oasis Privacy Layer, popular Web3 dApps, on all familiar EVM chains, can utilize Oasis’ privacy technology without having to migrate their entire application and user base to a different chain.

Read more about how Oasis Privacy Layer works: https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/the-oasis-privacy-layer-powered-by-sapphire-85079a2221f4

Start building with Sapphire at https://oasisprotocol.org/sapphire-the-confidential-evm-paratime


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