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The Three Arrows Capital (3AC) & Su Zhu Contagion Has Spread – Voyager, BlockFi, Celsius In Trouble

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Hi Everyone! In this video, I discuss the large amount of trouble CEFI platforms are finding themselves in due to the 3AC insolvency. Those heavily effected including Voyager, BlockFi, and Celsius.

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  1. Best most hilarious financial “innovation” yet crypto is, watching it burn to the ground is priceless

  2. Company's rarely operate with the future in mind, it's all about the day. Corporations have all the rights of human beings and half the responsibility. They'll take the money they were paid when times were good and live large or start another irresponsible business model.

  3. Why do people use exchanges? I don't understand the logic. One of the purpose of crypto is to weed out the middleman and trust problems.

  4. It's not just a case of borrowing & lending. The basic model works if the companies run a strict policy of over collateralized loans. The problem was these companies were issuing under collateralized loans and in some cases no collateral at all. Lending out other peoples money with nothing backing it to companies like 3AC to gamble with. Crazy irresponsible idiots are criminals in my opinion.
    I feel sorry for the little guys who have their life savings tied up in all this shitshow

  5. If you can't sucker more people into investing fiat into the space, then it's just going to get worse.

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